Here’s an article submitted by Jitendra Rathod, newsletter contributing editor, that takes the discussion from the last article forward. The previous article concluded with the suggestion that Big Data can help banks stay relevant in these times. Lets see how. It’s difficult to imagine a world without banks. The traditional banking system has become so […]

Here’s an article submitted by Jitendra Rathod, newsletter contributing editor, that discusses his views about the future of banking. If what we are witnessing continues, banks will slowly, and almost painfully, go down the path of extinction. I am not saying that banking will come to an end; I am only referring to the paraphernalia […]

From the successful entrepreneurs to the biggest innovators in the world, all of them have turned their ideas into reality by taking their small steps earnestly. They don’t grow impatient or become overwhelmed with envisioning the final outcome, instead, they view each step as the final step in reaching their true vision. However, in the […]

In 2015, Christopher Franko, a full-stack software engineer and one of the earliest adopters of blockchain technology decided, that the world needed a better, faster and flexible blockchain that anyone can use to create apps on. He envisaged a platform that adhered to the original Satoshian vision of freedom and zero regulation. Christopher teamed up […]

Understanding PEX Token Utility

September 5th, 2018 by

As you are aware, the EXP team just airdropped a new token to the Expanse and Tokenlab community. In case you are new, or just unfamiliar with the terminology, an Airdrop is when an entity like the Expanse team identifies a set of people and sends them tokens. Airdrops are a straightforward way to bootstrap […]

Expanse Developer Grants

Expanse Grants Lifecycle

May 31st, 2018 by

The grant process is a linear lifecycle that starts at creating the funding opportunity, applying, making award decisions, and successfully awarding the grant. The specific actions along the lifecycle are grouped into three main phases. Each of the three phases has its own page that provides a more detailed look at the process: Pre-Award Phase […]

Create tokens for your ideas

“Crowdfunding” has gained quite a bit of momentum with the arrival and popularization of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

  Blockchain, in simple terms, is a peer-to-peer digital ledger of records, which is distributed and accessible to all nodes that are part of the ecosystem. The nodes may be in any part of the world, and the data shared on the ledger can range from contracts to payments to votes to accounts to transfer […]

Elections on a Blockchain?

March 28th, 2018 by

Elections may soon see an increased and enthusiastic participation from the voters owing to the convenience and transparency of Votelock and the confidence inspired by the blockchain technology.

One such process is known as the 6D approach to gamification. Here are the six D’s that comprise the gamification process.

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