On September 23, Guatemala launched its Token T502 on the Expanse network through its ambassador in Guatemala Blockchain Latam, the token was the subject of much controversy because it is one of the first tokens created in Guatemala.

Blockchain Latam is founded with 5 important partners, including Omar Alvarez, a member of the Expanse team.

The objective of Blockchain Guatemala is to help organizations to have control, traceability, and automation of their key processes to make them more efficient, fast, and reliable through Blockchain.

The founding team is made up of professionals with experience in different areas from Personal Finance, Business, Management, and Technology, we find in the Blockchain a facilitator to financial management in a transparent, perennial, and secure way; That is why we anticipated what we learned and we know that there is much more to learn and as this association grows we will learn much more.

Its philosophy is based on these points:

They believe in the adoption of new technologies that benefit the user and give them the freedom to choose and the security of sharing, we believe in the Blockchain.

Each new member and partner of the community brings new ideas and visions for the future. Blockchain Latam is a platform for growth, sharing, synergy, which seeks to give participation to each person affiliated with us.

Its mission is to facilitate the adoption of Blockchain as a technology and to be an important part of this great moment in history.

They are aware that the Blockchain is the future and it is the internet 3.0. Is inclusive

Shorten the knowledge gap for all people on the implementation curve

Within its business lines we can mention:

  1. Creation of a platform to obtain financial returns through the token and the yield farming at the moment.
  2. Projects you are looking to develop using Expanse technology:
    1. Benefits card
    2. Smart contracts
    3. NFT
    4. Blockchain-based networking and recruiting
  3. Education and consulting

One of the important tools to seek adoption is their token launching on the Expanse network, the T502 visits the Tutorials section, they have already done two lives and are present in the Abra community for the local Expanse purchase.

This growth in the region is causing more and more people to buy Expanse, the Abra App that is the most widespread in the region and on the list.