Roadmap - Expanse


Our Expanse Roadmap outlines our goals and strategic initiatives. There is no lack of mojo among the Expanse team members, who are brimming with creative and imaginative ideas for projects that just make life better. Subject to change as priorities evolve, our talented development team has plotted out the first six month of our 2019 roadmap.

Token Creation Wizard

Using smart contract technology, create utility tokens for your project. Let the wizard lead you through creating, naming and setting parameters for your token. Launch your token on the Expanse blockchain.

Luna Wallet, 2.0

The next generation of the Expanse Luna Wallet with rich new features.

Module Marketplace

Find useful utilities (dApps) to help you manage and market your token-based business.


Our new decentralized exchange, EXPEX, launches inside the Luna Wallet, allowing peer-to-peer trading services.


Use the Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC™) Identity Verification module for user identity verification wherever it is required.

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