Expanse has been listed on reputed exchanges like HitBTC, Graviex and Bittrex. It has now been listed by Accointing.

Accointing is an all-in-one solution that allows you to track, manage, and report your transaction from one single platform. Accointing is a multi-tool platform with and is available for desktop, Android and iOS. It is the most affordable platform in the market (on cost per transaction ratio).

Accointing allows you to add more than 300 wallets and exchanges to your portfolio dashboard and app. Accounting connects over 4500 cryptocurrencies from all exchanges and wallets with a very easy way to import your transactions. You can connect to exchanges like Bittrex, Coinbase, Ledger, etc., or import your transactions via a CSV file. You can also import from brokers and other tax tools into their platforms like Bitcoin Suisse, OSL, Cointracking, Delta.The Expanse listing is now live for tax and tracking on their apps.  

Accounting is a Switzerland-based digital assets management platform and it has now listed Expanse.