The long awaited FRKhash will finally be live at block 8,500,000.

It makes Expanse the WORLDS FIRST dagless proof of work EVM network.

Removing the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) from the proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm in Expanse has several potential benefits, especially in terms of addressing certain challenges associated with the current PoW system. Here are some advantages:

Reduced Storage Requirements: The DAG in Expanse’s Ethash algorithm contributed to the storage requirements for mining nodes. By removing the DAG, the storage demands on mining hardware could be significantly reduced. This will make mining more accessible to a broader range of participants, as they would not need to maintain and update large DAG files.

Improved ASIC Viability Long Term: The DAG is one of the components that attempted to make Ethash “ASIC-resistant”, meaning it was designed to resist the development and use of specialized mining hardware (ASICs), however that proved to be ineffective. Removing the DAG could potentially create the conditions suitable for an industry to pop up around mining Expanse improving its long term viability.

Lower Hardware Requirements: The memory-hard nature of the Ethash algorithm, facilitated by the DAG, has implications for the type of hardware that is most effective for mining. Without the DAG, mining might be possible with less memory-intensive hardware, potentially lowering the barriers to entry for miners.

Energy Efficiency: Changes to the mining algorithm have been explored to make the overall PoW process more energy-efficient. Reducing storage and memory requirements contributes to lower energy consumption.

PS. Graviex please update your node.

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