We have recently been in communication with Dove Wallet, one of the wallets that Expanse lists and they have surprised us with this excellent Tipping functionality to be able to reward good content on social networks, we will tell you more in this quick guide to use, you can do it with Expanse de Very simply, start by downloading the addon for Google Chrome in this link:


Tipping is a simple and easy-to-use product through which users can reward content creators for their dedication and hard work. These rewards are in small portions of cryptocurrencies. Rewards are for the content creators on Social networking sites like Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, etc., as a part of the appreciation.

Once the user is signed up on the Dove Wallet platform, then by adding a web extension and integrating social profiles they can send or receive tips over different platforms.

Tipping product has three different and important sections:

1. Trend :

Tipping’s Trend is a feature where the top trending ( highly rewarded) content will appear. In this section, the most tipped content can be explored on the platform.

2. Live :

This feature shows the recently tipped content over the platform. This way users can check the newly arrived content based on their feeds.

3. Explore :

This feature is to explore new content and creators on the platform. Users can search by using the content creator’s name.


Anyone can be a content creator regardless of how many followers they have. If someone has shared valuable information or a funny tweet or may have posted a creative video on youtube they may get paid by the viewers who like it.


After signing up and by adding a web extension of Dove wallet, users can send tips across social media platforms to any content creator’s social profile by clicking the tip icon. The minimum tipping amount is 0.01USD.

The amount can be changed anytime by clicking the expand option which pops up on the page while tipping. Users can set the default price or just simply tap multiple times to increase the tipping amount for a particular post.

Here, the increased amount by tapping will not become the default amount further. Also, users can copy the links after tipping and let the receiver know by sharing them.


Receivers or Content owners have to register and need to link their social profiles to their wallets in order to receive the tips sent by users. Previously tipped coins will be retrieved in creators’ wallet once they signup and authorize their social profiles.

With a couple of clicks, users can directly link their Social Media accounts to the Dove wallet.

After selecting the type of wallet, platform, and then authorizing the social accounts, tips will reflect in their wallet right away. Tips can be checked on Wallet’s history page.


While working on tipping we also had an idea of using it as a fundraising platform for the events or anyone needy. Dove wallet’s Tipping would be a reliable solution for that, with no third-party involvement the funds donated will directly reach the user’s wallet.

Youtube content creators are looking for subscribing audiences of their particular niche all the time, but the advertising methods on youtube are quite limited. So our Tipping page is a good resource to make those creators tip his/her channel to advertise.

Other than this Tipping service is the best way to convert or utilize the crypto dust that is leftover in the user wallets. As of now Youtube, Twitter and Reddit are included in the Tipping service, We are planning to add more platforms.

Thanks and super happy!!