Secure your Expanse with OPOLO.IO

We are very happy to announce that The Opolo Wallet now accepts Expanse, this amazing hardware wallet works with 120+ Coins/Blockchains, has 6+ Certified EAL Secure Chip, with 200K+Tokens on 2 Crypto Exchanges. 

We will be announcing discounts specially for our community. 

Amazing Opolo Functionalities

  • Genuine Device Check: The OPOLO hardware wallet comes with a unique, private key that is known only to OPOLO and it can be used for genuine device verification. Don’t worry about dupes!
  • USB Communication: The USB communication between the OPOLO wallet and the desktop or mobile app is encrypted with one of the most secure encryption algorithms in use today i.e. AES CBC with 256 bit key length.
  • Coin Exchange: The OPOLO wallet app has two third-party coin exchange options integrated, so you can get the best conversion rates possible. Keep more of your money!
  • Anti Theft Protection: For the ultimate security and protection of your crypto assets, the OPOLO wallet gets bricked and deletes the wallet data if there are 7 or more password failures.
  • PCB Potting: OPOLO wallet PCBs are potted so that no-one can tamper with the device circuit and the chips, providing the most extreme protection available against any hardware-based attacks. Carry with confidence!
  • Seamless User Experience: A 3.2-inch touch panel with a TFT LCD gives the most intuitive user experience on the market today. The touch screen makes it very easy to enter mnemonics, passwords, and passphrases directly onto the secure device.
  • Randomized Keyboard: The keys always appear in a randomized order on the keyboard to protect and secure your password and passphrases. It also helps us to protect the device against a modification of the touch panel chip that gets data from the touch screen. This is an added layer of security you don’t regularly see on wallets.
  • Malware and Virus Free: OPOLO firmware is signed with OPOLO keys and encrypted when installed on the device. This helps us to protect the device from illegal firmware installations. The device will be bricked if any non-signed firmware installation attempt is made.

How to mine EGGs?

By Speedrunner

Welcome to EggsWorld 😉

Expanse has 2 Eggs related project: EggSwap and FarmEggs.

EggSwap — is like well-known Uniswap and FarmEggs — is like SushiSwap. This is two biggest and used dexs in crypto world ever build.

Some anonymous devs forked it and migrate to Expanse chain, which has much lower fees than ETH. And now, every member of expanse army can use it and mine some free EGGs, so let’s get started.

To mine EGGs, you need to pool some liquidity into ExpSwap, what does it mean? You need to have some EXP+PEX or EXP+LAB in equal shares and ‘lock’ them into ExpSwap, don’t worry, you can put it back in anytime.

Step 1

Open , click “Add Liqiudity” Select EXP + tokens that you have, it might be PEX or LAB.

Image for post

Click “Supply”

In the popup you will see the amount of Pool Tokens, rates, and % of your share in all pools, click “Confirm Supply”.

Image for post

Approve transaction in MetaMask and wait confirmation. Now, let’s go and finally mine some EGGs on farm.

Step 2 

Open , unlock wallet on go to ‘Farms’ on top menu, select coin the liquidity you added just now, it might be EXP or PEX, in my case — it’s PEX, so I selected PEX, in opened page click on tiny plus icon near “Unstake” button. And you will see popup like this:

Image for post

You can deposit all your LP tokens or just some of them, it’s up to you. But, as more you deposit — more EGGs you will get later.

Put the LP amount and click “Confirm”, approve the transaction and wait. Each block 200 EGGs generated and distributed among all liquidity providers based on LP amount tokens.

After some mins (some blocks mined), you will see how your EGGs balance is growing and you can harvest it, click “Harvest” to collect your EGGs.

Image for post

You can go back to ExpSwap and in the right top corner check your EGGbalance.

Also, you can convert your EGGs to xEGGs. You will earn a portion (0.05%) of the swaps fees based on the amount of xEgg held relative to the weight of the staking.

To do it, open ‘Staking’ and click “Convert to xEGG”, as always, put some value that you want in the popup and click confirm.

Image for post

After some mins, you will see your xEGG balance.

Image for post

You can convert xEGG to EGGs anytime.

So, that’s it, now any Expanse holder know how to mine EGGs or even xEGG. I hope, with my guide, it will be not as difficult as you thought.

10 steps to configure Expanse on Metamask

Metamask is the way to integrate your Expanse wallet to Eggswap and one of the most important questions is how to configure it, first you need to add the Extension on Chrome Browser. 

Step 1

Go to the 

Step 2

Click “Get Chrome Extension” to install Metamask.

Step 3

Click “Add to Chrome” in the upper right.

Step 4

Click “Add Extension” to complete the installation.

Step 5

Click on the Metamask logo in the upper right hand corner of your Google chrome browser, then read and agree to the terms and conditions or go to and click on Unlock Wallet

Step 6

Enter a password and click “Create” to create your wallet.

Step 7

You will see a set of 12 “seed words” for your vault. Please save them.

Step 8

Click “I’ve Copied It Somewhere Safe” once your seed words file has been secured. You’ll be taken into your Metamask wallet!

Step 9

Click on the Ethereum mainnet and then Custom RPC and enter this information for Expanse:

Step 10

Add your Expanse wallet, you can create one or add your own in 2 ways by entering your private key or import your key (json file in the keystore folder), click on the circle in the right top corner and click on import. 

How to get an Expanse’s Wallet Address

Many have asked for the best way to get a wallet address on Expanse, one of the most popular forms used to be Coinomi but since Coinomi stopped listing it there have been many questions. (By the way Coinomi started charging huge sums for being on their app, that’s not cool!). So we leave you here a guide on two platforms to obtain your Expanse Wallet Address.

1- The official way – The Mist Wallet

How to get your Expanse wallet address in 3 steps.

Step 1

First, we must download the Wallet from the official Expanse site and select your operating system and version. Download it here

Install it on your computer and wait for it to sync. This may take a while depending on your internet speed.

Step 2 

Press the Add an account button and enter a password that you can remember and confirm that password.

Make sure you backup your key files AND password! You can find your keyfiles folder using the main menu -> Accounts -> Backup -> Accounts. Keep a copy of the “keystore” folder where you can’t lose it!

Step 3

Click on the generated Wallet Address and you can change the name, copy the address and start using it.

2. My Ether wallet

How to get your Expanse wallet Address in a simple anonymous wallet

  1. Enter and click on Create new Wallet purple section
  2. Accept the terms from MEW and be aware that you are responsible for your keys and passwords.
  3. You will have to view the full wizard before you start.
  4. You will find 3 types of creating a wallet
    1. Download the app
    2. By keystore file: 
      1. You have to enter a password you can remember 
      2. Press Download the Keystore, save the file on your computer.
      3. Then press access my wallet button. 
      4. You will get 4 options to do it Mew Wallet, hardware wallet, Mew CX or Software
      5. Click on Software and then select the UTC file and enter the password you enter before.
      6. On the right side change the network to Expanse. 
      7. Then you can use the address to send your Expanse. 
    3. By Mnemonic Phrase
      1. You will get 12 words write them down (you can configure this as 12 or 24 words)
      2. You can also add an extra word for security, please write these 12 words without them you will not be able to access the wallet and you will lose your EXP.
      3. You will have to reenter some words to verify your wallet. 
      4. Every time you want to access your wallet you will have to enter these 12 words.
      5. Click on Software and then select the UTC file and enter the password you enter before.
      6. On the right side change the network to Expanse. 
      7. Then you can use the address to send your Expanse.

3. How to buy Expanse using Dove Wallet
  1. Enter
  2. Fill the form information 
  3. Check your email with the confirmation and click on confirm. 
  4. Click on the Wallet link on the header menu (besides the logo)
  5. On the right side go down and look for BTC press on Deposit
  6. Now get some Expanse by clicking on this link
  7. There are other options like Bittrex or visit for more exchanges. 

What’s going on with the EggSwap Team?

The EggSwap team has being working on setting the Stats system, this implementation of eggswap-info compromises of following action items: 

  1. Install the Postgress database
  2. Setup the IPFS
  3. Setup the graphnode with Expanse mainnet and integrate IPFS and Postgress database. 

Once everything was setup we tested the endpoints, after that we deployed 2 subgraphs

  1. Expanse Blocks
  2. Eggswap-v2-subgraph 

For deploying the expanse blocks we first deployed the contract registry data smart contract to Expanse mainnet and for eggswap-v2-subgraph we gave the starting block 4,000,000 in order to sync the data.

We deployed both the subgraph to IPFS integrated to graphnode. Both the subgraph started syncing the data and we continuously ingested the synced data to Postgress. After syncing we tested the graphql queries and populated the charts and tables of Eggswap-info.

The Future

As you are aware, public testing for EggSwap started last week at and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Now you’re probably wondering what the future holds for EggSwap and DEFI on Expanse because we admit, a uniswap fork on a network with just a couple tokens, though cool, isn’t super exciting. You know what is exciting though? A uniswap fork coupled with cross chain transactions, staking and the ability to close a sour chapter in Expanse history.  That’s why over the coming month we will be rolling out all of the above.

This Quarter’s EggSwap Roadmap

  • Yield farming
  • Profit Sharing
  • Crosschain TX
  • Burning LAB/PEX
  • Token Creation
  • Developer Fund
  • Governance

Yield Farming

As a way to incentivise growth and network participation we have adopted the SUSHInomics model and decided yield farming is an exciting feature to have. At launch, ELP holders will be able to stake their ELP tokens to earn EGGs. EGGs are tokens that can be staked to earn a portion of all the SWAP fees from the EggSwap Exchange. Currently, every block will generate 100 EGGs and for the first month there will be a 2x bonus to reward early adoption. Users will harvest EGGs every time they deposit or withdraw staked ELP tokens.

Profit Sharing

Another feature that is wildly popular in the world of DeFi is profit sharing. Rather than wait for a vote to activate the inevitable, we decided to just go ahead and enable that from the very start. Users will be able to stake their EGG tokens to earn xEGG tokens. xEGG tokens when withdrawn from the Chicken Coop (staking contract) will earn a portion of the fees earned via the Exchange.

Cross Chain TX’s

This is the most integral part of the entire project. We will be incentivizing the creation and management of numerous bridges to as many interoperable networks as possible. Thus, turning expanse into a sort of pressure release valve for the more congested networks like Ethereum. 

Burn To Mint

Lets face it, you’re tired of holding LAB and PEX. We are too. That’s why we think it’s best that we finally help the EXP dev team close that chapter in Expanse history. You will be able to burn your LAB and PEX tokens and like a phoenix from the ashes you’ll receive EGG tokens that can participate in profit sharing. 

Token Creation

To fill that void left by Tokenlab, we will be adding token creation functionality that will automatically list the newly created tokens on EggSwap for immediate trading. The more tokens, the more your EGG tokens will earn via the profit sharing functionality.

Developer Fund

Like SushiSwap we believe its a good idea to have a multisig, publicly governed developer fund. This fund will help promote research, development, growth and prosperity for everyone involved. We want EggSwap to be a community driven open source project and the dev fund is pivotal to that. However, unlike SushiSwap’s 10% guaranteed stake our dev fund will only receive 1%. We believe that is completely fair.


We will be exploring the various governance methods and proposing these to the community to select and implement the best one. In the interim, the launching account will stay dormant until we can make the hand off to the governance contract. From that point forward all decisions will be made by the stakeholders and be completely out of the hands of the developers. We look forward to that day with great hope and pride! The governance model we would like to adopt will be open, inclusive, incentivized but no bottleneck through lack of participation. Elections have consequences.

In Conclusion

We look forward to working with the Expanse community to generate a robust toolset that helps the ecosystem grow and benefit everyone for generations to come.

The DeFi team’s Journey towards EggSwap

As a team we have worked in development for a long time, mainly developing Backend platforms but this time we wanted to develop a functional blockchain solution, taking DEFI as a trend we decided to create our own version of Uniswap.

We recently developed EggSwap on expanse blockchain. Our journey towards development consists of a variety of challenging events. Some of you have been asking why we have chosen to remain anonymous during development and after. The truth is, because of regulatory uncertainty. Much like Satoshi Nakomoto we believe that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than seek permission. Some technologies disrupt and fracture the traditional order of things so drastically that their creators and maintainers need the protection of anonymity.

Why on Expanse?

We are avid traders and love uniswap on ethereum. Like everyone else, we began to notice how congested ethereum would become everytime a little hype would hit a new uniswap listing. After a little research we remembered the expanse network. To our surprise expanse was still alive and well after all these years and so we reached out to Christopher Franko with our proposal.

After looking into the history of expanse we discovered the Tokenlab and EXPEX projects and with a little persuasion we convinced Christopher to hand over the reigns. We are confident that we can create a product that breathes new life into the vestige of those projects. We believe LAB and PEX were just too forward thinking for the time and the work just hadn’t been done yet to realize them in a meaningful way.

Today is different though. There are new tools, technologies and software that exist in the ecosystem that we will take advantage of to realize old dreams in new, elegant and long lasting ways.

Our Journey Thus Far

  1. We started by cloning the uniswap repositories. First of all we deployed the uniswap factory, router and multicall contracts on Expanse blockchain. Since, the uniswap implementation is only for the ethereum base networks that is why we needed to do a couple of changes on uniswap sdk. We added all the deployed contracts and Expanse token addresses references to the uniswap sdk in order to support the Expanse blockchain.
  2. The last thing was to implement the EggSwap frontend, we cloned the uniswap frontend V2 and did the necessary changes like changing the contract addresses and adding the Expanse tokens list. To do that we used IPFS to add the list of expanse tokens and put a reference on EggSwap frontend.
  3. Once finished with all the required changes we tested the app by adding the liquidity of token pairs but we ran into some issues as uniswap supports only ERC20 tokens and Expanse tokens are ERC644 standard. 
  4. Once the V2 version was ready, the Uniswap V3 was released so we decided to update EggSwap with the V3 code in order to add the Egg Token as well. The V3 version also took some effort to change the references of contracts and tokens. Spending some quality amount of time we were able to run the EggSwap frontend V3 version with all the latest features.

It took us a little while to understand, unpack and test all of the concepts, softwares and methodologies, but with Christopher Franko and the rest of the team’s help we locked it down. We are extremely grateful for everything the team has done for us during the initial development process and look forward to providing expanse with such an important piece of the network’s ecosystem.

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Ethereum. More specifically, it is an automatic market maker for the provision of liquidity, allowing anyone to provide liquidity and / or make exchanges (“exchanges”) between tokens on Ethereum.

How is different from an exchange like Coinbase

Uniswap is a cryptocurrency exchange run entirely on smart contracts, letting you trade popular tokens directly from your wallet. This is different from an exchange like Coinbase, which stores your crypto for you and holds your private keys for safekeeping. Uniswap uses an innovative mechanism known as Automated Market Making to automatically settle trades near the market price. In addition to trading, any user can become a liquidity provider, by supplying crypto to the Uniswap contract and earning a share of the exchange fees. This is called “pooling”.

How did it grow so fast?

Uniswap was founded by Hayden Adams in 2017, after he was laid off from his job as a mechanical engineer. Inspired by Vitalik Buterin’s ideas on automatic market makers, he learned to code and began to build a decentralized liquidity market.

After growing slowly but steadily for the first year of its existence, Uniswap began to see much faster growth in 2020. Then, in July, its growth rate took off, taking the total capital locked up in Uniswap from $ 50 million to more. $ 150 million in mid-August.

At the end of August, before SushiSwap emerged, Uniswap had $ 200 million in liquidity locked into its smart contracts.

Which are its features?

  • Support for all ERC-20 tokens – Anyone can create a market for a token on Uniswap simply by providing liquidity. There are no centralized approval processes or wait times, which attracts followers from many smaller token communities.
  • Decentralization – Uniswap’s guiding principle is that it is decentralized and its contracts are open source. Users can confidently interact with the platform without the risks or identity checks of centralized exchanges.
  • Flash Exchanges: Similar to Flash Loans, this functionality allows users to “borrow” tokens from a Uniswap group, perform some transaction with external services, and then return the borrowed tokens to the group, all in one transaction. This has increased arbitrage opportunities and led to wider adoption.
  • Direct Token Exchanges: While Uniswap V1 only enabled exchanges between ERC-20 tokens via ETH (a process called “ETH bridge”), V2 supports direct exchanges from ERC-20 to ERC-20, essentially halving the gas rates.
  • Lower Gas Rates – By rewriting contracts, Uniswap switched from Vyper to Solidity, optimizing contract execution and further reducing gas rates.
  • Great Smart Contracts: Throughout Uniswap’s existence, you’ve never experienced a major hack or bug, leading to relying on the protocol that keeps people using and recommending it.
  • Thorough Audit: Uniswap maintained its excellent reputation by thoroughly testing and auditing its V2 contracts, including a ConsenSys Diligence audit. It also has a bug bounty program, but no exploits have been found so far, increasing trust in the platform.
  • Increased token support: V2 added support for non-standard ERC-20 tokens like USDT and BNB, opening up more potential liquidity pools for popular tokens.

Defi is growing so fast, but what is it and why?

DeFi or decentralized finance refers to financial services that use smart contracts, these do not need intermediaries such as a bank or a lawyer and use blockchain technology.

What is defi?

Decentralized finance is basically the fusion of traditional banking services with decentralized technologies like cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications (dApps). In a more technical sense, it refers to the amalgamation of all decentralized products and services such as digital assets, smart contracts, protocols, and applications.

Decentralized finance is trying to promote the principles of self-sufficiency, since its goal is to create a financial system that is open to all and does not ask its users to place their trust in it. This “trustless” functionality of DeFi is its main focus. It allows everyone to take charge of their assets and investments and have a direct voice on what to do with it. The central authorities and the members of the executive board do not decide for you, but the participants of the economic network control the dynamics of the system.

Maximum disruption

One area in which these decentralized applications (dApps) have taken off is trading cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges (dexs) like Uniswap. These are completely peer-to-peer, with no company or other institution providing the platform.

Although many of today’s dApps are niche, future applications could have a huge impact on everyday life. For example, you will probably be able to buy land or a house on a DeFi platform under a mortgage agreement whereby you repay the price over a period of years.

The deeds would be symbolically deposited in a blockchain ledger as collateral and in the event that you defaulted on your payments, the deeds would automatically pass to the lender. Because no lawyers or banks would be needed, it could make the entire home buying and selling process cheaper.

Defi advantages

Between September 2017 and the time of writing this report, the total value locked up in DeFi contracts has skyrocketed from $ 2.1 million to $ 6.9 billion. Since the beginning of August alone it has risen by $ 2.9 billion.

DeFi has been the talk of the town for the incredible advantages it can add to today’s economic system. More decentralization will mean that a user will enjoy greater autonomy. The accessibility of the funds and the commercial capacity between users will not depend on any third party. Above all, decentralized economic facilities will bring greater transparency compared to centralized authorities.

  • Everything is online and digital
  • Edge less
  • Everyone is accepted
  • Open source code
  • Decentralized 

Defi disadvantages

It is a well-established fact that cryptocurrencies and digital money are here to stay, and with them, DeFi will continue to grow and expand as well. As of this moment, DeFi products and services are already worth more than $ 500 million. Although very young, the world will see DeFi become a norm in the years to come.

While the advantages of a DeFi space clearly put it in a winning position, there are also some shortcomings of the system. Although these disadvantages are not very serious and are applicable on an individual level. For example, giving users full control of an investment can spell financial disaster and is often a risky idea. In addition, as with all online applications, it opens the doors to cyberattacks that can rob people of their legitimate assets, on the platforms.

Actually, there are some cases where a DeFi platform was hacked or had to shut down due to a bug.