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“Crowdfunding” has gained quite a bit of momentum with the arrival and popularization of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Hundreds of companies in the blockchain space have raised billions of dollars using crowdfunding in the last year and a half. In the simplest terms, crowdfunding means collecting funds for a business from the crowd, the general public. members of the crowd contribute small amounts so as not too much of a burden on anyone. Pooled together, it can become a reasonably large sum for the business.

Crowdfunding may be donation-based (participants expect nothing in return for their donations), reward-based (some rewards are expected in return for contribution), or equity-based (ventures offer a share in the business equity against contribution). There are certain conditions that have to be met in order to invest in a reward-based or equity-based crowdfunding campaign, and for the exchange of value to take place in a fair manner for all the parties involved.

Blockchain offers a perfectly automated platform that is ideal for crowdfunding, as smart contracts can be formulated with pre-defined conditions for the contributors as well as those seeking contribution. These contracts can be executed to issue either rewards or proof of equity to those who contribute to a venture.

Cryptocurrency combined with blockchain technology can actually be a great channel to connect those who have small amount of spare money and want to invest it but don’t want to deal with the complexities that come with investing in a business, with those who have some fantastic business ideas but don’t have enough money to fund those ideas.

Since more than half the population of the world has an internet connection, billions of people are connected and know about things happening all around the globe in real time. It is well known that small and medium businesses all around the world need more funds. Crowdfunding as a source of business funding is becoming increasingly popular and with the help of social media, it is easier than ever to circulate innovative ideas and attract investors. And since cryptocurrency is literally borderless, your business idea can get funded by people from any part of the world, provided there is mutual trust and consent. Trust comes embedded with blockchain, since no one can hack or freeze your crypto wallet or steal your crypto identity.

If you have an awesome business idea, or own a small startup that you want to expand, you can make use of blockchain technology to fund your business by creating digital tokens on a blockchain that allow you to pre-sell your products/services or grant equity in the business to the buyers of these tokens. Popular as ICO or Initial Coin Offering, the mechanism of raising funds with the help of crypto tokens on blockchain allows entrepreneurs to connect with resources that are secure and give them the much needed financial muscle, minus the inefficiency of traditional financial institutions. These crypto tokens can be purchased against cryptocurrencies, and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. So in essence, an ICO is as good as shares and securities that the traditional stock market deals in.

An ICO is the way for entrepreneurs to leverage blockchain technology to gain access to resources freely, without involving a third party, along with additional benefits of security and flexibility. There is some regulatory compliance involved and technical expertise required for this purpose, but you don’t have to worry at all, since Tokenlab is here to help you! You need not be a developer or a blockchain expert who is experienced in building ICOs or coding smart contracts. With Tokenlab’s safe and easy platform, all it takes is a few clicks to start a fundraising campaign for your business idea. You can even keep track of the performance of your campaign and helps you gauge public engagement.

With Tokenlab  users can start a new campaign by keying in some simple information like start and end date of the campaign, target amount that they intend to raise, and price of the tokens offered. The number of tokens will depend on the price of the token and the target amount. You can run staggered campaigns, like a pre-sale and then token sale, and once your campaign is successfully completed, you can issue tokens to those who have contributed to your venture.

Tokenlab has its own ERC644 token, LAB, which is the underlying token or standard token for all transactions. It is transferable and you need to burn some LAB tokens to create your own token for your campaign. Tokenlab is a utility exclusively meant to make the ICO creation process simple, safe and secure for entrepreneurs. It allows users to create assets on the Expanse blockchain platform.

Tokenlab is here to revolutionize the way business is done and to bring true democracy in equity investment, making it simple for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business while also allowing them to create their own tokens, having complete control of their venture.


Welcome to the seventh edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.


We have some very exciting news for our community: Expanse was accepted into Collision 2018! So we will be showing Expanse at our own private booth at this prestigious conference, April 30 – May 3rd. This is truly our time to shine, so please come join us if you can. If you want to go, make sure to get started with reservations now, as there will also be a Jazz Festival at the same time and Hotel space is quite limited.

The Collision Technology Conference in New Orleans will have a vast variety of technology companies that go well beyond Blockchain, so this means countless new opportunities for the Expanse project to show how we can provide them effective Blockchain-based solutions. One of our key partners, Gameboard, we met at Collision 2017, and now we are working together extremely closely, to the point they have a position on our team.

In fact, by far the most important conference we have attended, and we have been at a lot of them, was Collision 2017 — When we were accepted to present as an Alpha Start-Up. Now, Expanse is much stronger and in a way better position to really impress the people at the Collision Conference. Most of the team will also be there, and now we have a lot to show off with our brand refresh and accomplishments. This is a great place to meet us while we are presenting Expanse to the world.



Our team has been busy working on a new wallet with powerful and unique features, along with a cool look that fits with the Expanse colors and designs. Some of the new features of this wallet are that you can trade within the wallet and buy Tokens, almost like a decentralized built in exchange that could be expanded in the future. Beyond that, great features like ease of moving wallets to different machines with a QR code. Here is what the lead wallet dev Asim said about it. “Yes, I have 10 EXP accounts on a desktop machine. Now I want to import into my laptop; old way, I import all accounts one by one, With new wallet, I transfer all accounts from my desktop to laptop just by scanning a QR code.”

Below are some more of the screenshots of the Wallet under development, and it is really in the polishing up stages at this point; nearly ready as you can see:

He also provided shots of the new Block Explorer that can be accessed with the wallet, so here are those:

As for the exact release date, when it is absolutely 100% ready beyond any possible doubt, but it is on the way.


Expanse was added at through the tech of coinpayments, so you can now gamble with EXP on sports. Of course, assuming this is legal in your location and that varies around the world. Simply visit this site and sign up, and then follow the instructions, and you can place your bets!


Coinomi on itunes with Expanse

We have some very exciting news for Apple users, Coinomi has been added to Apple iTunes, which means you can now store EXP on all your Apple mobile devices! Simply go to iTunes at this address and download the wallet, Install and follow all the provided instructions they give you once you install the App. Please be sure to give Coinomi a great review if you like having EXP on your Apple device as well. If possible please mention Expanse in your review if you want to help the exposure, adoption, and the value of your EXP. Little things like that help more than you can imagine.



Expanse is the only crypto with a Baseball team! Yes, this is a team for kids and not major league, but it is very cost effective and it helps people out, and gives Expanse some real world exposure outside of the normal world of crypto. In the end, Christopher Franko just loves helping and charity, and this was something he really wanted to do. Here are a few photos of the Expanse team kids playing Baseball:


Expanse is growing rapidly in areas that speak Spanish, and we will really be kicking this into high gear shortly with even more locations. Omar of Expanse is now hosting Spanish Days for Expanse Stream mining, so if you speak Spanish, or don’t and just want to Stream mine and perhaps learn a bit, that is fine. The best way to find out more about this is to simply join our Discord channel and ask. Everyone will be glad to help. We also have a dedicated Spanish channel there to make it more convenient for those speaking Spanish to find help and our community quickly.







We recently launched Expanse Discord, Discord is a communication system much like Slack, but Discord has much better security and is safer for users. So due to greater security, we have switched from Slack to Discord for the community. To speak directly with the Expanse team or others in the Expanse community, we suggest signing up for Discord. Thank you.


The Expanse Ambassador Program is designed to provide support and guidance for those of you who would like to help us spread the word about Expanse by hosting local meet-ups—wherever you are in the world.

Getting involved is easy. Simply download and complete the Ambassador Program application at this link: Then email it to Scott Williams, [email protected]

Scott and his team are available to answer your questions and will also assist you by:

•    Providing Expanse-branded apparel for the meet-up host (the ambassador).
•    Guiding you through the process of selecting a location.
•    Supplying Expanse giveaways for drawings or contests.
•    Assisting with presentation materials.
•    Providing a small allowance for food and libations for your meet-up guests.

Expanse is thrilled to have you in the Expanse Army.  Be sure to join Discord if you are not already part of it at this link:  – and grateful to all who would like to join the Ambassador Program!


How we can create a frictionless society with the help of blockchain technology


Blockchain, in simple terms, is a peer-to-peer digital ledger of records, which is distributed and accessible to all nodes that are part of the ecosystem. The nodes may be in any part of the world, and the data shared on the ledger can range from contracts to payments to votes to accounts to transfer of ownership. Sharing and storing of data is completely secure and private. Since the data runs and gets recorded on multiple devices simultaneously, there is no chance of tampering, making the system transparent and immutable at the same time.

As more and more aspects of our lives have been taken over by the internet, like shopping, banking, travel bookings and plethora of other services, there is need for more secure platforms since there is a lot of information exchange happening online, and the internet has failed its users several times (data leaks, hacked and modified data, etc.). Blockchain technology, with its smart codes and contracts, is the perfect keeper of that information. The exchange of data is automated and hack-proof. What you put up on blockchain cannot be changed by anyone, and again, you cannot put up just anything on the blockchain since a transaction has to fulfill certain parameters and be verified before it gets a place on the blockchain.

What makes Blockchain so efficient that it can help create a frictionless society?

For one, it offers absolute data security, complete ownership of the data and enormous savings in cost and time in conducting financial transactions along with complete transparency for all parties involved. There is no chance of fraud, no doubt about authenticity and no need of intermediaries, and the cost thereof.  Smart contracts on blockchain are based on algorithms that run without human intervention, and are also error-free.

It is simple, without the need of elaborate documents like conventional institutions doing the same job, and thus, within everyone’s reach. With decentralization of data, there is no chance of bias or loss/theft/manipulation of data. This gives participants complete control of data/assets and makes the ecosystem trustworthy or more precisely, “trustless”.

Governments all over the world are entrusted with protecting their people, executing measures and plans to boost prosperity of their people and to provide a variety of services (legal and financial, for example) to their people. As the world moves ahead, business is happening between not just regions in a country but between countries too, and every country having a different set of rules and laws of doing business, more often than not, acts as a hindrance to global development.

Blockchain can help in conducting seamless transactions between individuals and businesses belonging to different countries, making the society practically frictionless.

Another divide that can be addressed with the help of blockchain is that between rapidly developing urban centers and underserved rural regions. Rural populations have little or no access to legal or financial services and as a result, are left to struggle for survival with meager means. Blockchain can help in better distribution of resources and can help the government take proactive measures to provide and deploy resources where they are needed the most.

Emergency services like disaster management can become more efficient with the help of blockchain technology. While bureaucracy has its constraints when it comes to aiding those who have been hit by natural disasters, blockchain can help overcome those constraints and gather help from all quarters with efficient monitoring of aid. Also, when people donate for those in need, they can be assured that their donations would reach the right people instead of landing up in the pockets of corrupt officials.

Cryptocurrencies can be the solution to all problems that are associated with standard fiat currency, and its now well-known salient features are making them more acceptable among people, without any interference from any government. Crypto transactions can happen based on smart contracts without any additional legal regulation. Corporates can also pay their employees, suppliers or shareholders in any part of the world without any hassle. The bank, as the trusted but not a very helpful third party, will soon become redundant and cryptocurrencies will replace more than 25% of world currencies.

Managing and storing identity records will become simpler and safer on blockchain. Once on the blockchain, they cannot be modified or stolen, and a single digital identity could be your global passport to access any service you need. Cyber security will become a reality, with authentic cyber identities.

Just as the internet brought information to our fingertips with platforms for sharing music, news, photos etc., blockchain will bring clarity and authenticity to all the information, be it about people, about money or about governments. People of the world, divided by political borders, can come together and progress together as a unified force with the help of blockchain technology, since it comprises of a global currency and honest dealings between autonomous networks of individuals.

Some broad applications of Blockchain

Blockchain is so versatile and adaptive, almost anything that can be expressed in code can be recorded on blockchain, and some examples are,

  • Birth and death records
  • Digital assets
  • Contracts
  • Educational records
  • Medical records
  • Insurance claims
  • Financial transactions


The bottomline

If there ever was a time for the common masses all over the world to be a part of something truly unifying and empowering, it is now. Blockchain, with its numerous benefits, is capable of paving the way for a decentralized governance system that is uniform and fair for everyone, where there is no need to pay exorbitant fees for simple services, and where getting connected to the right people for your business is not a distant dream, where voting will be simple, private yet transparent, and can be verified accurately and swiftly.

The best part of it all is that you need not be a blockchain expert or a technology geek to be a part of the blockchain ecosystem. has a platform ready for you for sharing and storage of data or conducting financial transactions. It is the world’s first stable fork of Ethereum and can be used to create any kind of project. If you have a vision, just hop onto Expanse and explore the endless possibilities of this revolutionary new technology.


Welcome to the sixth edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.


Our long awaited brand refresh and new website has launched! We are thrilled to report that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The past websites were functional and worked, but we really felt we had to take the time to make this the best we could. As we were making it, more features just kept creeping in and being added, to make it even better. The Expanse community now has a vastly superior website that is clean, simple, informative, and most importantly, engaging and unique rather than ‘blockchain-boring.

Another advantage of this refresh is that we can now quickly modify and improve it when needed, which can be often. Updating it is highly efficient and allows changes without wasting too much time or precious resources. Without a doubt, this is a night and day improvement to the site, which is the very first place most people will start checking out Expanse. Our website is essentially like an open home that we show to the world and then invite inside, so it makes complete sense to build it up the curb appeal and make it the best house on the block. That is what we are doing.

Please check it out for yourself if you have not already, and if you hold Expanse, remember that the community, that is all of us, is truly what will make Expanse grow or remain a hidden gem. Every like, share, tweet, even a simple emoji smile builds our community and project stronger, happier, more productive. More likely to actually make a real difference in our lives and the world. So please make sure and check out the new site and share with others if you really want Expanse to grow.


The Expanse team is proud to announce we have created ‘the world’s first’ stream mining system powered by the tech of tokenlab. This is a unique system for “mining” Expanse by watching our live Twitch streams. Disclaimer: This does not secure the blockchain. That is done with traditional proof of work mining, but this is a way to earn rewards akin to mining without needing all the hardware. Easy as it can be, you can use any computer or mobile device that can watch a Twitch stream to stream mine EXP. Here is a quick summary of how simple and easy this all is to earn your free rewards:

  1. Sign up for twitch.
  2. Go to
  3. Just have the stream open,

You earn 1 EXPB (Expanse Bits) per 10 min just for being in there lurking.
If you have twitch prime, you can subscribe and earn even more EXPB.

EXPB can be used at the to buy expanse and a T-shirt.

If there is any of this you do not understand, the amazing Expanse community would love to help with any questions. Simply join the Expanse Discord to chat with one of the friendliest and more helpful communities out there, link below:



Our Expanse Roadmap outlines our goals and strategic initiatives. There is no lack of mojo among the Expanse team members, who are brimming with creative and imaginative ideas for projects that just make life better. Subject to change as priorities evolve, our talented development team has plotted out about 18 months forward on the new roadmap.


Earn EXP through participation in discussions with Expanse team members.


Earn EXP through community participation.


Visit our new site at


Read our newly updated whitepaper.


Leverage our fully automated token-creation and management dApp for your ICO.


Store your tokens in our upgraded Mist wallet with a myriad of new features.


Use the Expanse Blockchain Explorer platform with a sophisticated new design.


Download the dApp to learn everything you need to know about your destination.


Benefit from rich content delivery across a variety of platforms.


Mine EXP on Twitch.


Earn rewards for experiencing your life goals and aspirations.

EXR 2.0

Earn and manage your rewards generated through holding EXP.


Use our second generation, Blockchain-based voting system


Join our Expanse mining pool redesigned for higher profits,


Track your EXP mining results using our enhanced statistics mechanisms.


Participate in decision-making for Expanse priorities through our Decentralized Autonomous Organization.


Protect your identity securely and immutably on the blockchain.


Exchange EXP for USD from one of our multi-location branded terminals.


Transact instantly and seamlessly across the street or across the globe.


Apply for grants for your favorite cause or for your own betterment.


Use our enhanced approach to mine EXP on Twitch.


Join our newly enhanced mining forum for networking and collaboration.


Implement a combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake processes.


Create your own Private Smart Contracts using EVMD.


Implement Atomic Swappable smart contracts on the Expanse Blockchain.


The Expanse Ambassador Program is designed to provide support and guidance for those of you who would like to help us spread the word about Expanse by hosting local meet-ups—wherever you are in the world.

Getting involved is easy. Simply download and complete the Ambassador Program application at this link: Then email it to Scott Williams, [email protected]

Scott and his team are available to answer your questions and will also assist you by:

  • Providing Expanse-branded apparel for the meet-up host (the ambassador).
  • Guiding you through the process of selecting a location.
  • Supplying Expanse giveaways for drawings or contests.
  • Assisting with presentation materials.
  • Providing a small allowance for food and libations for your meet-up guests.

Expanse is thrilled to have you in the Expanse Army.  Be sure to join Discord if you are not already part of it at this link:  – and grateful to all who would like to join the Ambassador Program!


Coinmonkey scans all exchanges to give you the best rates. This helps with finding the absolute best prices for arbitrage trading, and is simply a very useful tool for traders. Check it out if you like at the following link:


AIOMiner v.8.0 is now available for download on the AIOMiner Website. If you’re not familiar, check it out, AIOMiner is a /r/gpumining redditor-made mining tool aimed at making mining accessible to everyone, easy to set up, and easy to manage.

To read more about this new support please go to the following link:


New Meet-ups are starting in South Africa, If you live in the area, make sure to stop in and meet other locals interested in Expanse!

Saturday, April 14, 2018 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, and every Week on Saturday


Elections on a Blockchain? – Expanse

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Expanse (EXP): A Two Year Long Correction Coming to an End?

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The New and Improved Expanse Website is Here!

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Expanse Live Developer Update 1 – EXPLIST


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The 6D Approach to Gamification

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New Expanse Mining Pool South America

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New Exchange Supports Expanse

Posted March 4, 2018


Expanse Live Stream

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Papa Johns Supports Borderless Charity

Posted March 1, 2018


Borderless Corp., Inc. to Launch Expanse DAO

Posted Nov 7, 2017

Borderless Corp. Inks Deal with Compound Films for Multimedia Creation Services for Tokenlab and its ICO Clients

Posted Oct 13, 2017


















We recently launched Expanse Discord, Discord is a communication system much like Slack, but Discord has much better security and is safer for users, so due to greater security we have switched from Slack to Discord for the community. To speak directly with the Expanse team or others in the Expanse community we suggest signing up for Discord, thank you.


Be sure to follow Expanse on Linkedin. Additionally, our lead marketing director, Marcia, is now taking lead at expanding and improving our LInkedin presence, as she is the most experienced with fortune 500 companies and Linkedin standards.


If you prefer the Telegram platform you can follow and chat about Expanse here.


This is the channel for Tokenlab on Telegram



Expanse is one of the first Alternative Blockchain projects to join ILP, Interledger protocol of Ripple. There are a few “Internet of Blockchain” projects out there, but this is perhaps the most promising of them all. Expanse is staying ahead of the curve and ready, just in case this works out and is a success. It is an open source project and anyone can join, but the Expanse team was one of the first to sign up to be a part of it back in September 2016.


You can shop at many merchants right now using the Coinpayments Platform. We are one of the Alternative Tokens listed on Coinpayments, and they are a reliable trustworthy payment provider that works much like Bitpay does for Bitcoin.


Current features include Marriages, Status updates, Web Of Trust, Notary, Citizenship, and many more features on the way soon!








Elections on a Blockchain?

Casting of votes is an important aspect of democracy. The whole idea of democracy is based on every person getting a say in the decision making process or of electing their representatives to collectively govern them all. Voting means giving your approval to a person, decision or opinion of your choice. It may be in the form of oral voting, paper voting, electronic voting, or a combination of any of these.

Voting is integral to ensuring that anyone and everyone can exercise their right to choose what they think is best for themselves. Almost all the governments in the world have been elected by the casting of votes by the citizens of the respective country.

We all have, at some point of time in our lives, cast votes. Be it for the selection of a group leader to electing our presidents and ruling parties. Traditionally, votes have been cast using paper ballots wherein people have been given sheets of paper to write down, or stamp on, the name of the person they wish to elect. These sheets are then put into ballot boxes and on the completion of the voting process, these boxes are emptied and the votes are counted. Another way of casting votes is through an Electronic Voting Machine or EVM. The names of the people who are contesting in the election are listed on the EVM. Against their names are buttons which, when pressed, is registered as a vote for them. Each vote is stored in the machine itself and once the voting process is done, all the EVMs are collected and the votes are tallied by uploading the data on a computer. Nowadays, companies and other institutions are also using the internet to conduct elections and accept votes. A registered voter can log in and select the option that they want and submit their vote.

Unfortunately, even though the motive behind voting is to be democratic, fair, and transparent, it is marred by the unethical and illegal practices that have plagued the system of voting for ages now. People in power have always tried to influence the results of voting. They use their influence to employ certain people involved in the election process to cast fake votes or threaten the voters to vote for them. There were a lot of videos circulating around the internet which showed clips of polling booths in Russia supposedly during its recent Presidential elections. These clips showed the officials in the booths putting in extra ballots into the box. These videos cannot be verified. However, the point being that it is easy to manipulate the results when votes are cast through paper ballots.

EVMs themselves are not free from being tamper proof. Some countries such as Germany, England, France and the Netherlands have banned the use of EVMs because they lack transparency and the legitimacy of the votes cannot be established. Also, there have been cases of EVMs being hacked and the votes being directed to the desired candidate. And as far as the internet goes, it is safe to say that nothing is impervious to being hacked on the internet. The major underlying concern is that there is no way to know the tally of votes until the results are out. And the declared result too is subject to being influenced, because there is no way to verify the actual count.

Under such circumstances, it becomes difficult to trust any mechanism which will ensure complete fairness and transparency of votes and elections. But technology has always enabled us to find solutions and better way of doing things. And coincidentally, technology has the answer for this problem as well.

The blockchain technology is revolutionary. It has ushered in an entirely new way of data recording and management. The technology is, at its core, democratic in nature. This means that the blockchain is beyond the control of any single person or entity. It achieves this by decentralizing the storage of data and information on a number of computers on a network. The data once recorded on a blockchain becomes permanent and it is almost impossible to hack in and mess with the data.

The blockchain technology is the reason behind the immense success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Payments made through cryptocurrencies are extremely safe and there is no way that the transaction can be misappropriated or the currency stolen from the holder’s account. This technology can be very effectively used for casting and recording of votes without the typical concerns of traditional voting methods hindering the voting process ever again.


Votelock has therefore been created to harness the benefits of the blockchain technology for making the voting system secure and provide transparent tools for anyone to audit the results. Votelock enables anyone to cast their votes from anywhere, with complete secrecy and security. The convenience of voting from anywhere in the world as long as you are a registered voter is unmatched and desirable in today’s scenario. Imagine the time and costs that can be saved by avoiding the use of polling booths and the manpower required in managing them. The voters need not take time out of their lives and go to a specific place to cast their votes. Votelock also enables the creation of customized ballots rapidly which will ensure control and secrecy. The control refers to the control over who will be given the permission to vote and not on the result.

Votelock will also promote utmost transparency by publishing each vote anonymously. This will ensure protection of the privacy of the voter and allow anyone to validate the elections.Votelock will also facilitate quick and verifiable results. These results will be accurate as well as confidence inspiring.Votelock therefore promises a better future for the voting system. All the persistent problems with the existing methods of voting will be eliminated by the application of the blockchain technology throughVotelock.

Elections may soon see an increased and enthusiastic participation from the voters owing to the convenience and transparency of Votelock and the confidence inspired by the blockchain technology.


Welcome to the fifth edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.


Just recently, the Expanse team has started doing live Twitch streams between the lead developer, Christopher Franko, and the community. Live stream session times are posted in advance in our Discord channel and on our other social media sites. Community members can link to the session and are able to ask any questions they like. Feedback has been very positive.  Right away, we could tell this was something the community has a great deal of interest in. There were lots of lively discussions that the community, and team, found informative and helpful.  In addition, viewers can earn Expanse by watching the stream. Every 10 minutes, viewers will earn 2 Expanse Bits (EXPB).  Expanse Bits can be redeemed at the Streamlabs store.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of this Twitch live streaming, the current plan is to continue this live streaming on Twitch about twice a week. Here are some more details from Omar Alvarez – “We are doing live Q&A with the community on Twitch.We take every question and answer. I was in one last Saturday, and the plan is to do it twice a week going forward.” Lastly, these events may be timed with some release, or can just be general questions and answer sessions.



We are excited to announce that Expanse (EXP) will be among the cryptocurrencies and tokens on the new Coinpayments exchange gateways. They are currently being brought on-line stage-by-stage. Once fully operational, EXP can be easily transferred into different cryptocurrencies, much like Changelly and Shapeshift exchanges do now. but with the specifically supported cryptocurrencies, like Expanse, listed on Coinpayments.

We chatted with the Coinpayments team at the recent Bitcoin Super Conference in Dallas, and this is part of an expected upgrade and expansion of Coinpayments. Expanse benefits by already being a part of the Coinpayments ecosystem. This expansion will increase the utility of the Coinpayments platform by creating a new exchange, that will also help lower costs for Coinpayments as a transfer system. As this is another exchange for Expanse, as well as a Bitpay like payment system, this greatly benefits our platform and community.




There is a contest by, “Altcoinfantasy” with dates for Expanse on the 18th and 24th. This is free, and you can participate and potentially win prizes and gain some attention for Expanse (EXP). Our very own Scott Williams has been working on getting Expanse in various contests like this, and you can help out by joining, upvoting, and sharing contests like this. The more attention we get, the better, Thanks!

Scott Williams – “EXP contest located on

Dates are March 18th to the 24th.”


The team has built a discord tip bot that also tracks rank and has other fun features. This gamification of discord is a new fun way to interact with the community and incentivize participation. Here is a quick explanation of how it works from Omar Alvarez, “The expanse army is a way to talk to the community, and on the discord channel they will be earning new levels with a bots.”

Here are some examples of the ranks:

– General, Founders
– Recruit, Second Tier
– Private, Third Tier

– Sergeant, Fourth Tier

– Lieutenant, Ambassadors

– Specialist, Team Members

Right now when you go to the discord channel you will see these rankings applied.


The 6D Approach to Gamification

Gamification has been gaining steady ground in the businesses of today. What businesses are looking to do is to gamify the work processes performed by the employees so as to make their work more fulfilling and satisfying. The employees should feel a sense of achievement every time they finish their job and in the process, improve the productivity of the organization. Gamifying the business activities requires the following aspects of a process to enable gamification of the job or any work related activity. One such process is known as the 6D approach to gamification. Here are the six D’s that comprise the gamification process:

  1. Define business objective

This is a very important step in the process of gamification. Unless the business objective is defined, the business cannot survive for a long time. Any business must be absolutely clear about the goals and objectives that it wants to achieve through the gamification process. Some businesses aim for revenue maximization and profitability, some businesses want better exposure and increased social media visibility. By defining the objectives, it becomes easier to map the next stages of the process.

2. Delineate target behaviors

The next step involves precisely describing the type of behavior that is expected of the players. There are certain characteristic behaviors that would be the most beneficial for the business and the objective that is supposed to be attained. These behaviors may include updating your profile, sharing on social media, posting comments, inviting other people to join, and so on. Once these behaviors have been identified, the most important ones should be given more weightage and their completion should be marked by levelling up in the game or the activity.

3. Describe your players

It is also necessary to have in mind the type of players that are going to play the game. Is the activity for the younger or the middle-aged people? What motivates the people who will play the game? What drives these people? Are they going to be able to perform according to the expectations of the game? Are they used to the competitiveness or do they care about exploring and socializing? Various such questions pertaining to the players need to be answered and a general player profile needs to be developed.

4. Devise activity loops

The players of the game should be given motivation to continue playing. For this reason, activity loops should be devised so that the players can progress through the game as they perform activities of different kinds. The loops ensure that the players are engaged in playing the game and are also progressing in the game as they play longer. The sense of accomplishment that is brought along with a progression loop can act as a motivation for playing the game.

5. Don’t forget the fun

During the implementation of the process, it is quite possible that all the elements that make games fun might get pushed behind. It is imperative that the element of fun does not get lost or diluted. Finally, the core element of playing any game is for fun. The most important question that can be asked here is whether the players will voluntarily play the game. If the answer is not positive, then the entire process becomes futile. The players should have fun in performing the activities of the game rather than seeing it as an additional burden on themselves. The more fun that the players have, the better success the game is bound to enjoy.

6. Deploy the appropriate tools

What will your gamification system look like? How will the ability of the players be measured? What sort of a point system will be deployed? All such questions concerning the look and the elements of the game need to be answered. The experience that the players shall have in the playing of the game should also be considered. Tools like the PBL systems, achievements, avatars, etc., can be deployed which should be in tandem with the steps previously discussed.

This is not the only approach for a gamification process but it is surely one of the popular ones. Companies are using the 6D approach for improving employee efficiency and achieving business objectives.

This approach is also being used by in an effort to gamify our lives. aims to change the way we live our lives and share our experiences. has made use of the 6D gamification approach to make it possible. A detailed overview of how it has been done can be found in the whitepaper. The gamification approach can be very well applied to our lives and that is exactly what wants to do.


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.



We have some very exciting news. Expanse is growing in South and Central America, in places and countries that really need cryptocurrency alternatives now, rather than in some hypothetical future. Many things are in process down there, and Omar Alvarez of Expanse and Gameboard has been working on spreading awareness of Expanse in his home country of Guatemala. About six months ago, he contacted Payza to attempt to get Expanse added to this powerful company that is a major Paypal alternative, and recently, they added Expanse! Beyond that, a specific wallet for Expanse is also being developed now by Payza to add even more utility.

Payza was the one company Omar found after trying 19 others that finally allowed him to exchange crypto and fiat, which allows him to effectively work and be paid in cryptocurrency and buy crypto with fiat, which is essential for real adoption at this point until crypto is everywhere. Payza is very big in South America and covers 190 countries. This means Expanse is not only available for fiat exchange in Guatemala and other Central and South American countries but also many other places around the world. Payza has various business functions, shopping cart integration, and works as a fiat and crypto payments system, and cryptocurrency exchange with multiple fiat currencies supported.

Below is the list of the various popular Altcoins added. As you can see this is quite an exclusive list and a big win for Expanse.


To read up more on how this all works, you can see this blog post from Payza where they list Expanse.

Beyond that, Omar Alvarez has been invited to be a speaker with other entrepreneurs at an upcoming Central American Blockchain convention that is in the early planning stages now. This upcoming event will greatly help Expanse in Central and South America.



We are pleased to announce that LocalBitcoinCash has added both Expanse and Tokenlab to their exchange system. These additions mean that arranged online trades with escrow and arranged trades directly person to person for LAB and EXP can now be made through LocalBitcoinCoinCash. This is a great utility for Expanse and Tokenlab, and a means to physically trade Tokenlab and Expanse outside of normal exchanges.

“The LBCH platform has a lot of differences than its Localbitcoins counterpart. For instance, LBCH has a feature service where users can email BCH to a friend or family member. Trades can be done via escrow using methods like a bank transfer, or users can meet each other locally. The “meetup” option seems to be the most active trades on the platform right now.” – Jamie Redman

Of great interest, LocalBitcoinCash also plans to become an online service like Shapeshift, so once that happens, apparently, Expanse and Tokenlab should easily be tradeable for any of the other cryptocurrencies on LocalBitcoinCash, much like using Shapeshift. So this great news should only get better in the future for the options on LocalBitcoinCash like Expanse and Tokenlab.




As many of you have likely heard, MyEtherWallet and Mycrypto have split up and there are now two teams and two projects where formerly there was only Myetherwallet., one of the teams, has recently added Expanse so you can now use the Expanse Network on or as you prefer, as they now both support Expanse. Always use either service with care and make sure to use the correct website address, and use a hardware wallet if possible. Expanse is supported on the Ledger hardware wallet.

Additionally, Bestrate has added Expanse. Bestrate is like a priceline for cryptocurrencies that match the best rates and prices with various exchanges. This makes it easier for people to find the best prices on certain amounts of Expanse they might be looking to buy or sell.

The Philosophy Behind Great Games — The Octalysis Framework

Very few gamers ever consider the blood and sweat that goes behind making a great game. There are tens of people who are employed for the development and coding of a game to ensure that the players get the best experience and, of course, their money’s worth. Millions of dollars are spent on the research and development of any game. These dollars are spent to make sure that the players love the characters, enjoy the story, are motivated to complete the game and earn rewards and achievements in the process, and be simply amazed at the quality of production and creativity of the developers.

Good games have certain basic characteristics which attract the majority of the gamers to play them. Certain gamers want a great story. The intrigue or the depth of the story keeps them riveted to the game. Certain gamers want more control of their characters or the storyline. Certain gamers want amazing graphics and better body dynamics. The preferences are most certainly subjective. But it is important for the developers to consider what the gamers would like the most considering the type of game they are developing and the market that they are targeting. It would be a waste to create deep storylines for simple puzzle games meant for kids.

It is necessary, therefore, to understand what drives gamers to play games. These various drives have been classified by someone, and this classification has allowed for the designing of a gamification process. It is called the Octalysis Framework and was created by Yu-Kai Chow.

The Octalysis Framework is based on human behavior and it is a set of eight ‘cores’ helpful for designing a gamification process. Let’s take a quick look at these cores and see how they are useful when designing a gamification process.

  1. Epic meaning and calling

This is an important core. A player believes that there is a greater meaning to what he is doing or that he has been chosen for doing something important. A player is motivated by this core to dedicate himself to creating a better community or maintaining forums by contributing their insights and suggestions for the fellow players. A player may also feel the calling when they encounter beginner’s luck, which makes them think that they have better skills than other players and that what they are doing has a greater meaning attached to it.

2. Development and accomplishment

This drive is internal. A player plays the game in the hopes of developing better skills for the game so that he can progress better and overcome the challenges presented by the game with relative ease. The feeling of accomplishment is what compels the players to keep developing their skills. Also, the accomplishment is complementary to the challenges because without challenges, the desired feeling of achievement cannot be evoked. It is also pretty easy to design and where the stats of the players are most focused on.

3. Empowerment of creativity and feedback

A lot of players are creative in their way of solving the puzzles posed by the games. They also respond well to the feedback provided to them when they are unable to move ahead in the game. And in applying their creativity, the players also wish to see the results of the same. This is where the empowerment of creativity and feedback core comes in. The better the result of more creative problem solving, the better is the player engagement to the game. A game should ensure that the players are empowered for being creative and provide the right type of feedback to enable them to progress in the game.

4. Ownership and possession

Everyone likes to own certain things, be it in the real world or in games. The feeling of possessing something which is either rare or expensive makes for a great motivator. Players are always looking for more things to own or collect, be it points, or items, or in-game currency. Players also feel possessive when they spend a lot of time in customizing, be it their characters or their items. No player is content with what they have when they can have more of it.

5. Social influence and relatedness

This drive arises from the fact that humans are social animals. We live in a complex society and have various social interactions with multiple people. These people have an influence on us and we relate to other people based on shared experiences, likes and dislikes, etc. We have friends with whom we relate to and who are in our social circles. This drive motivates people to be like the other people that they interact with. If someone is highly influential, they can motivate others to buy the same things as them.

6. Scarcity and impatience

This drive motivates people to have something that they do not have. And because they do not have it, the desire for it becomes more intense. Also, when one knows that they can’t have something right now, it makes them impatient and keeps them occupied and thinking about the same thing all day long. And as soon as it becomes available, people lap it up more willingly than ever. Apple sees hundreds of customers line up outside their stores on the day of launch of their phones because they are impatient and want the phones as soon as possible.

7. Unpredictability and curiosity

Humans possess an inherent curiosity about things and our inquisitiveness has led to amazing breakthroughs. This drive is harmless, for the most part. Players are curious about what will happen next in the game and the unpredictability of the outcomes makes them interested and hooked to the game. This drive makes players think about the game more often. This drive also compels people to read books or watch movies.

8. Loss and avoidance

No one likes to incur losses, be it financial or any other sort. And the avoidance of any sort of losses takes priority. Players hate to lose any progress that they have made in the game and in a bid to avoid the same, they might continue to play the game.

This is how a gamification process can be designed, applying the Octalysis framework to understand what will drive players to play the game. And by using these aforementioned drives, aims to gamify the way we live our lives and make sharing of experiences a much more satisfying and rewarding activity.

This is how a gamification process can be designed, applying the Octalysis framework to understand what will drive players to play the game. And by using these aforementioned drives, aims to gamify the way we live our lives and make sharing of experiences a much more satisfying and rewarding activity.


Welcome to the third edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th (usually) of each month to share happenings within our community. Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.



Expanse hosted our first reception at one of the hotels for the Bitcoin Ethereum Superconference. This event happened in Dallas Texas on the 16th of March, 6pm-8pm, at the Westin Hotel. Drinks and food were available to visitors and guests, and for a few hours James Clayton and Omar Alvarez of Expanse met and chatted with various people interested in talking Expanse, Blockchain, and the future while enjoying the refreshments and company. We all had a great time at this reception, met some interesting people in the industry, and learned valuable lessons for the next conference and events for Expanse.


Above are some photos of the Expanse reception and some of our discussions. We talked about regulations, Expanse, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other related subjects.


Here is a photo of James Clayton and Mark Hilgenberg, a long time friend who is also one of the first admins of the cryptocurrency collectors club. Interestingly, Mark is now the Co-founder of Vault Logic, an ATM company for Bitcoin and Alts. So we certainly have a very good contact if we are interested in potentially getting Expanse on ATMs in the future.


Here is a photo of James Clayton and the list of sponsors, and sponsoring events is always an option for Expanse for more attention.


James Clayton and John McAfee outside the Westin Hotel


Coinpayments was at the event, and of interest, they are creating an exchange in the future. James chatted with the founders of Coinpayments, and Expanse will be a part of their future exchange along with the other coins they have listed.


James Clayton and the CEO of Changelly, Konstantin Gladych,long story short, Changelly will be doing some very cool things in the future and Expanse will be a part of it.


As for Tokenlab and an exchange addition, currently, Cryptobridge is in the process and we still anticipate they will add LAB and EXP to their exchange this month. “Our relationship with EXP and LAB is important and valuable to us. We are very excited to list EXP and LAB tokens with various pairs, including BCO. We are delayed, but no less sincere or enthusiastic about where we are headed together.” We are also excited as decentralized exchanges are the future, and Cryptobridge looks very promising, and we can certainly help them with lots of attention and traders that would love to trade LAB. The new Expanse website is also on the way, as it has been, but priorities are what they are and the most important tasks had to be taken care of first, but it is coming. As for more news, yes, more news is on the way and it will be shared as soon as everything is worked out.