Tokenlab v2.0 is Here!

The rumors are true. Tokenlab v2.0 is here. After rigorous testing, the upgraded system launched today.

Description of New Features

We’ve worked hard to build competitive advantage and ease-of-use into the Tokenlab functionality. We strive to offer a system that anyone can use fluidly. With the edition of many new capabilities and UI enhancements, we are closer than ever before.

Here are just a few of the new and improved 2.0 features, many of which evolved from community suggestions:

  • New Pricing. We have moved away from the two-coin payment requirement, landing on payment of only 1000 LAB to mint a coin. (There is still a 1 EXP requirement for gas―this we cannot control.) Using the system now helps to enhance the utility of LAB and incent more developers to choose the platform for their projects.
  • Platform Choices. Tokenlab users now have the option of choosing between two platforms: Expanse or Ethereum. After defining the token characteristics, users can choose to launch on either platform. We hope users choose Expanse each time, but having two options is a plus for our customer base.
  • Token Wizard Protocols. Tokenlab now supports four network protocols: ERC20, ERC223, ERC644, and ERC621.
  • Token Deployment Methods. Token Wizard now supports three methods of token deployment, including deployment through Metamask, Automated deployment and Manual deployment. Instructions for each method appear when you make your selection.
  • Manage Token Screen. A new module provides functionality that enables  you to manage your token once deployed onto the Expanse platform. You now have the ability to transfer your token to anyone, view the balance or supply, and generate Coupon Codes.
  • Coupon Code. The system provides the ability to generate a promo code to offer discounts (or free) use of Tokenlab features. This function is accessible on the Manage Token screen.
  • Tool Tips. Tool Tips appear when you move your cursor into a data entry field. Tips define the field requirements.
  • FAQs. Frequently asked questions and answers now appear on most screens to help you navigate and to explain complex concepts.
  • UI Enhancements. Many minor system enhancements are now in place to improve the overall user experience. For example, when the token is deployed, a user can now copy the ABI and token address directly from the manage or view screens.

If you haven’t minted a token for your project, now is the time. We think we’ve achieved a best-in-class status for token creation and management. We hope you agree. Give it a whirl, then tell us what you think when you visit our Tokenlab Discord channel.

How To Launch an ERC20 Token on Expanse Blockchain

Unless you are new to cryptocurrency chances are you have probably heard of the term ” ERC20 Token” and today, you are going to learn what that means and how to launch one on the Expanse network! So lets get started. ERC20 is a software standard or set of guidelines for creating tokens. But why do we need a token standard? To make it easier for companies to build software that easily integrates. Imagine for a second there were no standard.. Every new token would take a new set of rules which means increased cost and resource to integrate. In other words it would be a huge nightmare. ERC20 solves that.

In this article you will learn..

  • What an ERC20 token is.
  • How to download Expanse Wallet
  • How to create an account
  • How to launch your ERC20 token
  • How to share your tokens with others

Now that you understand what an ERC20 is, lets launch your first one!

Download the code for this how to launch your own erc20 token tutorial.

Step 1: Download The Expanse Wallet

Expanse Coin Wallet Download Link

Step 2: Create An Account

Step 3: Fund your Expanse Wallet

Every action on the Expanse network cost “gas”, gas is basically the fee we pay for computational steps. Because you are launching an Expanse contract you will need enough gas to cover this. 2 EXP is more than enough and if you join the chat and ask nicely im sure someone will help you out! Tell them Christopher sent you.

Step 4: Go To Contracts Tab

From this tab you’ll notice a few buttons. “Deploy New Contract” “Watch Contract” “Watch Token”. You will be clicking “Deploy new contract”. Later we will talk about the other two.

Step 5: Paste ERC20 Code from Token Repo in Text Area

Download ERC 20 code here.

After clicking “Deploy contract you will be taken to this view. Scroll down and you will see a textarea that says “solidity contract source code”. To get the source code you need for your token you can go to ERC20 Source Code  . Select all (ctrl+a or cmd+a), then copy (ctrl+c or cmd+c), then paste the source into the text area (ctrl+v or cmd+v).

To change the parameters of your token you will go to line 100 and look for the “constructor function”.

Step 6: Select ERc20 Code from Dropdown Menu

Step 7: Set The Gas To Launch The Contract & Click Deploy

Step 8: Enter Your Password And Click Send Transaction

Step 9: Your token will appear here

Remember the Contracts tab we visited earlier? The one where you clicked “deploy contract” well that is where your token contract will show up once you deploy it.

Step 10: Friends can add your token to their wallet.

All your friends need to do to add your token to their wallet is your token contract address and to click “watch token” on the “contracts” tab in the Expanse wallet. And thats it!


With power comes great responsibility so use your new super powers wisely. Share your tokens in our discord channel.

Create tokens for your ideas

Create your own tokens and crowdfund your ideas with Tokenlab

“Crowdfunding” has gained quite a bit of momentum with the arrival and popularization of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Hundreds of companies in the blockchain space have raised billions of dollars using crowdfunding in the last year and a half. In the simplest terms, crowdfunding means collecting funds for a business from the crowd, the general public. members of the crowd contribute small amounts so as not too much of a burden on anyone. Pooled together, it can become a reasonably large sum for the business.

Crowdfunding may be donation-based (participants expect nothing in return for their donations), reward-based (some rewards are expected in return for contribution), or equity-based (ventures offer a share in the business equity against contribution). There are certain conditions that have to be met in order to invest in a reward-based or equity-based crowdfunding campaign, and for the exchange of value to take place in a fair manner for all the parties involved.

Blockchain offers a perfectly automated platform that is ideal for crowdfunding, as smart contracts can be formulated with pre-defined conditions for the contributors as well as those seeking contribution. These contracts can be executed to issue either rewards or proof of equity to those who contribute to a venture.

Cryptocurrency combined with blockchain technology can actually be a great channel to connect those who have small amount of spare money and want to invest it but don’t want to deal with the complexities that come with investing in a business, with those who have some fantastic business ideas but don’t have enough money to fund those ideas.

Since more than half the population of the world has an internet connection, billions of people are connected and know about things happening all around the globe in real time. It is well known that small and medium businesses all around the world need more funds. Crowdfunding as a source of business funding is becoming increasingly popular and with the help of social media, it is easier than ever to circulate innovative ideas and attract investors. And since cryptocurrency is literally borderless, your business idea can get funded by people from any part of the world, provided there is mutual trust and consent. Trust comes embedded with blockchain, since no one can hack or freeze your crypto wallet or steal your crypto identity.

If you have an awesome business idea, or own a small startup that you want to expand, you can make use of blockchain technology to fund your business by creating digital tokens on a blockchain that allow you to pre-sell your products/services or grant equity in the business to the buyers of these tokens. Popular as ICO or Initial Coin Offering, the mechanism of raising funds with the help of crypto tokens on blockchain allows entrepreneurs to connect with resources that are secure and give them the much needed financial muscle, minus the inefficiency of traditional financial institutions. These crypto tokens can be purchased against cryptocurrencies, and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. So in essence, an ICO is as good as shares and securities that the traditional stock market deals in.

An ICO is the way for entrepreneurs to leverage blockchain technology to gain access to resources freely, without involving a third party, along with additional benefits of security and flexibility. There is some regulatory compliance involved and technical expertise required for this purpose, but you don’t have to worry at all, since Tokenlab is here to help you! You need not be a developer or a blockchain expert who is experienced in building ICOs or coding smart contracts. With Tokenlab’s safe and easy platform, all it takes is a few clicks to start a fundraising campaign for your business idea. You can even keep track of the performance of your campaign and helps you gauge public engagement.

With Tokenlab  users can start a new campaign by keying in some simple information like start and end date of the campaign, target amount that they intend to raise, and price of the tokens offered. The number of tokens will depend on the price of the token and the target amount. You can run staggered campaigns, like a pre-sale and then token sale, and once your campaign is successfully completed, you can issue tokens to those who have contributed to your venture.

Tokenlab has its own ERC644 token, LAB, which is the underlying token or standard token for all transactions. It is transferable and you need to burn some LAB tokens to create your own token for your campaign. Tokenlab is a utility exclusively meant to make the ICO creation process simple, safe and secure for entrepreneurs. It allows users to create assets on the Expanse blockchain platform.

Tokenlab is here to revolutionize the way business is done and to bring true democracy in equity investment, making it simple for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business while also allowing them to create their own tokens, having complete control of their venture.