The Promineros community was born in 2018 after spending a good time in the popular Minergate chat, we migrated the community to Discord and Telegram. The community has been growing since then and we have held several collaborative PoW mining activities and other events for the participation of PoS users, even if you are not a miner you are welcome to our community. 

The PRM Token By the end of 2020, Expanse gives us the opportunity to create our own ERC20 token for another stimulus to all participants of this amazing project. With a max supply of 10 million tokens, we have been conducting collaborative mining, raffles and a faucet to further encourage help on mining issues among users of the community. 

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How to get PRM tokens? 

  •  Participate in collaborative mining. 
  • Joining us on Discord and get Tips and Rains only for be cool with other users.
  • Participate in Giveaways and Bounties 
  • Earn PRM for helping and collaborating with other miners. 
  • Buy PRM in 

Coming Soon! –

  • We continue doing collaborative mining and PRM token rewards for participating miners, you must be aware of the announces.
  • PRM is now listed on the first Expanse Defi, where you can acquire PRM, swap or add liquidity to the farm where you can get EGGs token for future reinvestments. 
  • PRM will be listed on Expanse Cash, a new Defi created by other great users in the Expanse community.
  • Optimization in our Discord bot compatible with all Expanse tokens.
  • Constantly visit Promineros, we are mainly on Discord and Telegram, you can follow us on Twitter:


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**Expanse is not responsible for the outcome of the project, we are giving support to every project but It is important to be informed. We will always advise you to do your own research before making a decision, because the result of your investments is solely your responsibility.