The new kid on the block: Expanse Cash is the first full scale DeFi Platform ever to be created on the Expanse network. We strive to bring innovation to where anyone can access it.

Expanse Cash is offering daily staking rates of 0.5% on EXC only staking, 0.7% on EXC-EXP pair, as well as 0.6% on any other pairs. Our decentralized application at is built to be used by anyone, even if they aren’t familiar with the DeFi Space.

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A huge repository of guides is in the works and is set to release in just a few days in order to help newcomers join the platform. The initial supply will be created using a crowd-sale, which will be found at, and will have a base price of 25 cents a piece during the 10 days period from June 1st to June 10th. For more information and the EXC Litepaper go to!


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**Expanse is not responsible for the outcome of the project, we are giving support to every project but It is important to be informed. We will always advise you to do your own research before making a decision, because the result of your investments is solely your responsibility.