The WAGMI Think Tank has had explosive growth since its launch in January, onboarding an estimated 3k people to the Expanse Network in that time through its educational initiatives. The mission grows now with the launch of the Wagmi Life Paper and integrated tutorials that can take someone from no-coiner to defi in 2 hours. 

Within the first two weeks of June, Wagmi will also launch an exclusive nft platform on Expanse as well as an interoperable nft platform that will work with Ethereum, BSC, and Expanse. Included in this growth is the launches of Fish v1 and Fish v2 that took place in March and April. 

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Both of these seek to expose the integrated pair loop to create staking cycles that feed into other pools. This is set out as a low key proof case for cross chain loop pools for defi staking, feeding one chain by staking another. Once implemented, this could be seen as the next evolution of the Sushi Swap vampire attack but in this iteration; from chain to chain using staking loop cycles. 

Stay tuned, real work is being done in Expanse and Wagmi right now. Big changes are coming. 

You can download the Wagmi Life Paper in here

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-Dane Bennett Walter-

Founder of the Wagmi Think Tank

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