is growing at an impressive speed and there are many great new ideas in the tokens created with Expanse technology (not only because of its low fees but also because of how fast it is), although it is very easy to create a token in Expanse we believe that it is important to have a list of this projects so that users know about these great ideas.

The process is free (at the moment) and the process to be listed consists of entering the Token Listing section and filling out the registration form, once filled you must edit the list of tokens in its repository and request a Pull Request. But If you don’t get to do it, you can manually add the token in

In token lising section you will find a series of resources that will help you better manage your token: guides to create a whitepaper, size of images for social networks, frequently asked questions about basic concepts and all the tutorials of use so that they can share them with your followers:

  1. How to create your token?
  2. How to add your token to Eggswap?
  3. How to mine eggs?
  4. How to add your token to metamask?
  5. How to configure metamask and Expanse?
  6. And many more….

Once you complete the process, your token will be presented to the Board of Directors and upon approval your token will be listed, to be added to the Farms you must follow the following process.

HOW CAN YOU ADD YOUR TOKEN TO THE FARMS? gives us the possibility to add liquidity to our token and then that other users in the Farms can Earn EGG tokens by staking EggSwap V2 SLP Tokens. In order to be added to the Farms, your token must have $ 5k of liquidity and then request to be added.

To verify the liquidity of a token you can go to and it will show you all the information of a token, transactions, liquidity, etc.

We hope this guide is useful for your new great project in Expanse, you can always join the Discord channel for any questions you have, our community is ready to support you.