By Speedrunner

Welcome to EggsWorld 😉

Expanse has 2 Eggs related project: EggSwap and FarmEggs.

EggSwap — is like well-known Uniswap and FarmEggs — is like SushiSwap. This is two biggest and used dexs in crypto world ever build.

Some anonymous devs forked it and migrate to Expanse chain, which has much lower fees than ETH. And now, every member of expanse army can use it and mine some free EGGs, so let’s get started.

To mine EGGs, you need to pool some liquidity into ExpSwap, what does it mean? You need to have some EXP+PEX or EXP+LAB in equal shares and ‘lock’ them into ExpSwap, don’t worry, you can put it back in anytime.

Step 1

Open , click “Add Liqiudity” Select EXP + tokens that you have, it might be PEX or LAB.

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Click “Supply”

In the popup you will see the amount of Pool Tokens, rates, and % of your share in all pools, click “Confirm Supply”.

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Approve transaction in MetaMask and wait confirmation. Now, let’s go and finally mine some EGGs on farm.

Step 2 

Open , unlock wallet on go to ‘Farms’ on top menu, select coin the liquidity you added just now, it might be EXP or PEX, in my case — it’s PEX, so I selected PEX, in opened page click on tiny plus icon near “Unstake” button. And you will see popup like this:

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You can deposit all your LP tokens or just some of them, it’s up to you. But, as more you deposit — more EGGs you will get later.

Put the LP amount and click “Confirm”, approve the transaction and wait. Each block 200 EGGs generated and distributed among all liquidity providers based on LP amount tokens.

After some mins (some blocks mined), you will see how your EGGs balance is growing and you can harvest it, click “Harvest” to collect your EGGs.

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You can go back to ExpSwap and in the right top corner check your EGGbalance.

Also, you can convert your EGGs to xEGGs. You will earn a portion (0.05%) of the swaps fees based on the amount of xEgg held relative to the weight of the staking.

To do it, open ‘Staking’ and click “Convert to xEGG”, as always, put some value that you want in the popup and click confirm.

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After some mins, you will see your xEGG balance.

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You can convert xEGG to EGGs anytime.

So, that’s it, now any Expanse holder know how to mine EGGs or even xEGG. I hope, with my guide, it will be not as difficult as you thought.