Tokenlab v2.0 is Here!

The rumors are true. Tokenlab v2.0 is here. After rigorous testing, the upgraded system launched today.

Description of New Features

We’ve worked hard to build competitive advantage and ease-of-use into the Tokenlab functionality. We strive to offer a system that anyone can use fluidly. With the edition of many new capabilities and UI enhancements, we are closer than ever before.

Here are just a few of the new and improved 2.0 features, many of which evolved from community suggestions:

  • New Pricing. We have moved away from the two-coin payment requirement, landing on payment of only 1000 LAB to mint a coin. (There is still a 1 EXP requirement for gas―this we cannot control.) Using the system now helps to enhance the utility of LAB and incent more developers to choose the platform for their projects.
  • Platform Choices. Tokenlab users now have the option of choosing between two platforms: Expanse or Ethereum. After defining the token characteristics, users can choose to launch on either platform. We hope users choose Expanse each time, but having two options is a plus for our customer base.
  • Token Wizard Protocols. Tokenlab now supports four network protocols: ERC20, ERC223, ERC644, and ERC621.
  • Token Deployment Methods. Token Wizard now supports three methods of token deployment, including deployment through Metamask, Automated deployment and Manual deployment. Instructions for each method appear when you make your selection.
  • Manage Token Screen. A new module provides functionality that enables  you to manage your token once deployed onto the Expanse platform. You now have the ability to transfer your token to anyone, view the balance or supply, and generate Coupon Codes.
  • Coupon Code. The system provides the ability to generate a promo code to offer discounts (or free) use of Tokenlab features. This function is accessible on the Manage Token screen.
  • Tool Tips. Tool Tips appear when you move your cursor into a data entry field. Tips define the field requirements.
  • FAQs. Frequently asked questions and answers now appear on most screens to help you navigate and to explain complex concepts.
  • UI Enhancements. Many minor system enhancements are now in place to improve the overall user experience. For example, when the token is deployed, a user can now copy the ABI and token address directly from the manage or view screens.

If you haven’t minted a token for your project, now is the time. We think we’ve achieved a best-in-class status for token creation and management. We hope you agree. Give it a whirl, then tell us what you think when you visit our Tokenlab Discord channel.


This is where most of the development time was spent last week. Having made the decision to require only LAB as payment to mint coins, we have reworked the entire payment process and design. The next iteration of Tokenlab should be ready before the next newsletter. We are planning a bigger marketing push, given that our product is now very competitive and has more to offer than anything else out there. Watch for it.


As of today, the Quality Assurance (QA) testing is complete. This means that we will kick off beta-testing for this release within the next few days. The beta-test will last only a few days, followed by the public release before month-end. Enhancements include:

  • New token management dashboard features
  • More Admin panel capabilities
  • Token creation and payment process improvements

In preparation for this release, we are working on an aggressive marketing campaign. The product is now at a place where we can be a competitive force, and we will put more energy into getting the word out.

Developer Updates

Gander v3

A new project has been initiated to update Gander. In addition to tracking all transactions, among the enhancements are tracking of:

  • Double-spent transactions
  • Transaction fees
  • Every block

Other new features include websockets for developers, an API with the ability to submit transactions to the node, and multiple UI enhancements.

GEXP Update

GEXP is the GitHub for Expanse.You can access the latest version here:

The Luna wallet is the GUI that interacts with GEXP. Asim’s team has been very focused on GEXP enhancements, fixing bugs, enhancing the UI and rectifying a broken chain signal issue in Luna for Windows.

Expanse Hard Fork

Christopher Franko, Lead Developer, is working on a new hard fork for Expanse that will bring Expanse to Constantinople, change our proof of work algorithm to Frankomoto, and introduce reorg protection (Chain Aegis or block lock). It is scheduled for block 1,800,000 as of now, but if that changes, it will be 1,830,000 or about 35 more days, which is respectively EPOCH 61.


Given the number of enhancements and new features, Tokenlab is about to undergo a thorough QA process, followed by beta-testing. Our goal date for the new release is 4/15.

Also underway is the development of a Tokenlab video walkthrough for minting and managing your tokens.

Developer Updates

Luna Wallet

A new version of Luna Wallet is in now in beta-testing. Along with fixes for bugs identified through testing and feedback, the new version of the wallet has Tokenlab integration. Beta-testers can see and download the new files from the Luna Wallet Beta-Testing Discord channel.


A new version of Tokenlab is now available in the Tokenlab Beta-Testing Discord channel. Testers will see improvements in ease-of-use and expanded token management features.

Product Roadmap

There have been a few changes to our roadmap since last published. Note that, while we are hesitant to commit to exact release dates, (that rarely works), we have provided the projects in order of anticipated release timeframe.

  1. Token Creation Wizard (Launched): Using smart contract technology, create utility tokens for your project. Let the wizard lead you through creating, naming and setting parameters for your token. Launch your token on the Expanse blockchain.
  2. Tokenlab 2.0: Token Manager and coupon functionality
  3. UKYC™: Use the Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC™) Identity Verification module for user identity verification wherever it is required.
  4. EXPEX: Our new decentralized exchange, EXPEX, launches inside the Luna Wallet, allowing peer-to-peer trading services.
  5. Luna Wallet, 2.0: The next generation of the Expanse Luna Wallet with rich new features.
  6. Module Marketplace: Find useful utilities (dApps) to help you manage and market your token-based business.
  7. Tokenlab Crowdfunding: The Tokenlab crowdfunding platform provides a variety of solutions for crowdfunding. License our software to run on your own servers or use the self-service portal available from our website.

Developer Updates


Tokenlab 2.0 is about to be handed off to beta-testers. This version brings many updates and new features, including:

  • Additional templates/protocols
  • New deployment methods
  • Ability to use a coupon code for payment
  • New token management tools through the Admin Panel

Beta-testing begins this weekend, with deployment of 2.0 happening in time for the next newsletter, 3/1.


We could not be more proud of the progress made on the alpha version of Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC). Christopher Franko wrote the specifications, followed by wireframe design by Omar Alvarez and coding by @Bitjohn. It’s exciting to watch this BIG Idea come to life.

UKYC is trustless identity middleware. Customers can enter their identity information one time and receive verification badges that are transportable to other systems. This eliminates the hassle of inputting KYC information on multiple platforms and decreases identity fraud possibilities in that information is entered in only one place, with the information encrypted and verified by only one entity. Customers receive badges based on the verification results. Companies can then create gateways they can use to filter traffic based on badge identity criteria.

Exchange Listing Update

Expanse (EXP) and Tokenlab (LAB) are both now trading on Graviex Exchange, At press time, Beaxy Exchange has communicated that Expanse will be announced as a round-three listing next week. EXP will be available for trading when the exchange first launches later this month.

Tokenlab A – Z

Technology Expert Fills a Client Void – A Tokenlab Story

One of our esteemed community members and Expanse Army officer @AndrewKoski, started in technology at an early age and grew his expertise throughout middle and high school. Over time, he found he was able to monetize certain technology trends that were scalable / repeatable. Since then, he has focused on three distinct markets: cryptocurrency, rapid prototyping and project management.

By any measure, Andrew is an early adopter in regard to blockchain technology in general and cryptocurrency in particular. Back in 2011, a friend of his, Adam Fathelbab (owner of Southlake Computers), told him about his Bitcoin investment ($20 a coin). After doing his own research, he took on Litecoin, which was 50 cents at the time. It has truly been a roller coaster ride that continues for him today―even through the close of Mt. Gox and BTC-e. He continues his involvement in the blockchain community by managing projects, consulting with various businesses and participating in blockchain roundtables and discussions.


Andrew has followed Expanse for a while and is optimistic about the impact Tokenlab will have for his clients’ businesses. The ease with which he can now mint tokens for their projects promises to shorten the path to achieving their business aspirations. Plus, once he introduces clients to the Admin Panel, they have the ability to manage and share their tokens independently and to take advantage of the utility token dApps accessible through the Module Marketplace.

“TokenLab is a great resource, especially since it makes writing tokens to the blockchain so easy,” said Andrew. “There is nothing else like it out there.”

Developer Update

It’s been an eventful two weeks since the last newsletter:

  • Tokenab launched on 1/23.
  • EXP and LAB Listed on Graviex Exchange.
  • Beaxy Exchange recommitted to listing EXP, with the announcement coming next week in regard to which listing tier EXP is in.

Over the next few weeks, we will launch another version of Tokenlab, incorporating the feedback from community members and Tokenlab users. The Admin Panel is almost ready to go, and Chris is working on Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC) utility. Last but not least, EXPEX is also set to launch first quarter.

Tokenlab, A to Z

Down on the Farm – A Tokenlab Story

Michael is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a self-taught programmer. (He likes to say he knows just enough to be dangerous.) By day he works on his family’s farm. When he has time at night, he frequents the crypto forums to gain as much knowledge as he can and to keep up with new developments in the space.

Most of his evenings are spent doing paperwork for the farm. Believe it or not, it’s a complicated business to track, with his biggest challenges arising around taking his produce to market. For each food category, he must track the timing and path from harvest to table, with stops at graineries and farmer’s markets along the way.

Michael has an entrepreneurial mindset, and it did not take long for him to realize that there is a point where the two worlds collide: Blockchain technology is the perfect tech to leverage to track and verify his harvest from the fields all the way to the table, ensuring as little waste and product loss as possible.

He found a developer that agreed to take his current processes, using spreadsheets and various miscellaneous planning software programs, and develop a real supply chain management utility dApp  to track and validate his products throughout the stops required in the go-to-market process. Not only will it simplify his life, it can be marketed to others in the industry..

He knows from his exposure to the cryptocurrency markets that he wants to tokenize his new dApp.That’s where the ecosystem around Tokenlab comes in.The first step is to mint a token for his BIG idea using the Token Wizard. It provides the tools he needs to easily and inexpensively mint his own token to run on the Expanse blockchain. Not only that, the Tokenlab Module Marketplace is a one-stop-shop he can access to find other utility software dApps to help him market his new software and run his business.

Should he need to raise money to pay his developer and package his product,Tokenlab provides the administration capability for crowdfunding, as well. And he can list his token on EXPEX, the decentralized exchange, for frictionless peer-to-peer trading (launching 1st ‘qtr 2019)..

Michael can now go to to mint his token.Tokenlab asks him to enter the following information:

  • Token Name (Farm-to-Market Tracker)
  • Abbreviation (FXP)
  • Number to Mint, (Set by him)
  • Protocol (ERC20),
  • Address for his LUNA Wallet (to send the new tokens to)

Finally, to begin the minting process, Michael is prompted to send 1000 LAB and 1000 EXP to the address provided. After about 20 minutes, the smart contracts are created, the process is complete and the FXP tokens appear in his Luna Wallet.

Michael can hardly believe it! The mysterious and magical part of the process required to bring his BIG idea to market, creating his own utility token, was super easy and inexpensive through the use of the Tokenlab ecosystem powered by Expanse. (Available January 23 at

Note from the editor: This story is partially based on real facts. Do you have a story about your BIG idea and how Tokenlab can/will help bring it to fruition? Send it to me, [email protected]