EggSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Expanse blockchain.

Currently in the Farms we have some default tokens such as Eggs that serve on the platform for staking prizes, all the staking of the farms generates Eggs. Tokenlab one of Expanse’s projects since its inception that allows people who bought Tokenlab at the beginning to easily exchange them for Exp or another token.

PEX the first token sent in an Airdrop to users who stayed loyal to Expanse, T64 the highest value token in due to its low circulating and high liquidity, Love our first token oriented to marketing and the first that we distribute to users inviting them to participate on EggSwap, Love has excellent Eggs rewards.

After these tokens that were part of the initial process and today are of great value to the community, we started with the processes of listing the tokens on our platform, we shared the projects added so far:

  • Wagmi: WAGMI holders will be airdropped new tokens before crowdsales. By holding WAGMI you support DApp development on Expanse while also being first in line for everything that’s to come. No more FOMO, no one left behind. WAGMI.
  • Svit: The svit (saving token) is a token created for the savings project, which also has its own cryptocurrency. With the token we made our way through the expanse network towards this form of digital currencies in the defi environment.
  • PRM: A token by the hispanic community of crypto miners they support and help novice and professional miners in the different types of PoW and PoS mining. The PRM token is an incentive for participation and collaboration in their social networks especially at Discord and Telegram.
  • Vaultz: It uses 4% fees of which 2% is permanently added to liquidity and 2% redistributed among holders. Use 5% slippage when trading on eggswap and use Wexp instead of exp when withdrawing liquidity.
  • Autoburn: A deflationary token designed to passively reward holders by their proportion of supply growing over time. Daily burn feature which moves current spot price by 3% once daily regardless of volume traded. AutoBurn utilizes 6% fee on transactions, 3% is burnt and 3% is added to EggSwap liquidity pool.
  • ALYM: ALYM is a revolutionary coin in the expanse blockchain. Our mission is to provide an open, efficient and scalable token for the Expanse Blockchain and slowly expand our project into other blockchain applications to launch Expanse to the moon!
  • Steak: Every BBQ is a piece of art – After a few years sharing with family and friends on the grill, I realized that fire unites people and that each recipe is unique, why not register each one as a work of art? That’s why we created The Grill App so you can share your great works of art !!
  • Emporia (EMP): To make a NFT marketplace based on Expanse network, So people can buy and sell NFT on lower rates and it’ll drive more people on Expanse blockchain, People will be able to deal with their choice of Crypto to buy NFT .

There are some tokens that are used for the Expanse Bridge such as UBQ or eBNB if you want to know more about these tokens visit this link.

Every week we have new applications and impressive projects, be sure to visit and learn more about these projects that have already discovered the advantages of our technology.

This is a project run by the community and with the support of the Expanse Team. There are a few core products for EggSwap’s ecosystem: