From the successful entrepreneurs to the biggest innovators in the world, all of them have turned their ideas into reality by taking their small steps earnestly. They don’t grow impatient or become overwhelmed with envisioning the final outcome, instead, they view each step as the final step in reaching their true vision.

However, in the pursuit of the vision, they confront two types of entities: one that simplifies their journey arming them the right tools and skills, and one that hinders them from achieving their vision. While they disregard these naysayers along the way, they are always grateful to the entities that help them turn their ideas into reality.

Expanse, a block chain solution provider, is one such ideal company that helps businesses to take their ideas from imagination to real-world use. Founded by Christopher Franko, one of the earliest block chain developers and crypto currency entrepreneurs, Expanse was created as the first stable fork of Ethereum.

Built as a community-based project without an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), Expanse uses cutting-edge block chain technology to build anything the community and team can imagine, with a self-funded design to keep it truly decentralized. Thus, the Expanse community evolves and grows while rewarding holders, partners, and investors.

Today, the company has a three-year history of consistent growth and stability. Expanse started out its journey with a small team, however, with big ideas and commitment to its customers, Expanse could nimbly establish its brand identity in the market. “Now our team is continually growing, and new projects are coming on board and each new community member and partner brings new ideas and visions for the future,” says Christopher Franko, CEO, Expanse.

Although considered as the fork of Ethereum, Expanse has made modifications that result in a more efficient and less expensive experience for dApps (decentralized applications) and miners. Unlike the other companies that are being criticized for compromising data, Expanse spares no efforts or expense in ensuring that there is no compromising data on the block chain. Also, “our new Gander application provides all of the business intelligence tools necessary to run and manage any dApp,” states Franko.

As a block chain solution provider, Expanse prides itself on its quintessential dApps built on trust, value, and practicality. Among its dApps, the most versatile ones are VoteLock and Tokenlab. While Tokenlab is a self-service ICO-creation platform that provides a variety of solutions for staging ICOs, VoteLock is a new block-chain based voting platform with the potential to change the dynamics of future elections.

“TokenLab has tools that lead customers through the process of taking a great idea from concept to token running on the Expanse block chain , whereas VoteLock provides a facility for voting on an immutable block chain, storing the votes forever, tamper-proof, all around the world,” explains Franko.

Over the past three years, Expanse has become the choice of customers across the globe. “Since it’s based on Ethereum, it evokes confidence and trust,” tells Franko. The company also has a very active community in its Decord that its team engages with 24/7.

With a team of seasoned and accomplished professionals complemented with many years of experience in this space, the company’s objective is to help its customers turn their dream into reality. Besides, keeping in mind the specific needs of startups, the company has designed a grand program—EXP Grants—to provide funds for projects that launch on the Expanse blockchain. Today, there is $1M in the grant fund to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

“The EXP Grants program is unique to Expanse. No one else out there has set aside $1M to help crypto upstarts. We also have a loyalty program, Expanse Rewards (EXR), which rewards Expanse participants.

Everything we do is translated to Spanish and other languages,” adds Franko. The company going forward intends to continue its journey serving its customers and helping them turn their dreams into reality. With seasoned professionals and quintessential platforms in place, we can say that Expanse is one of the fastest-growing blockchain solution providers in the industry.

QUOTE 1: “Expanse uses cutting-edge block chain technology to build anything the community and team can imagine, with a self-funded design to keep it truly decentralized”

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