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Understanding PEX Token Utility

As you are aware, the EXP team just airdropped a new token to the Expanse and Tokenlab community. In case you are new, or just unfamiliar with the terminology, an Airdrop is when an entity like the Expanse team identifies a set of people and sends them tokens....

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Elections on a Blockchain?

Elections may soon see an increased and enthusiastic participation from the voters owing to the convenience and transparency of Votelock and the confidence inspired by the blockchain technology.

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Path to $100

The New Mining Algorithm

by Chris Franko

XIP 5 achieves this goal by eliminating a costly mechanism known as the DAG. DAG stands for Directed Acyclic Graph, and in ethash (the predecessor to Expanses new Frankohash, it serves as a mechanism for increasing the amount of memory it takes to perform a hash. In theory, adding a DAG to the hashing algorithm would prevent the creation of class of novel processors known as ASICS. ASICS or (application specific integrated circuit) was the big boogey man at the time of Ethereum and Expanses release.


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EXPANSE NEWSLETTER VOL. 6, NO. 4 – 10/31/2021

Welcome to the 5th Expanse Newsletter of 2021. We are in a new moment for Expanse. After 7 years in the blockchain world we have learned a lot about our community and its needs, today we are growing in Latin America along with this new great trend. Today we have a great participation in this market.

EXPANSE NEWSLETTER VOL. 6, NO. 4 – 08/15/2021

Welcome to the 4th Expanse Newsletter of 2021 a lot of things have happened in Expanse. The new mining Algo is on the way and we are working closely with the recent Central America movement and have already launched 2 tokens for 2 countries on our platform.

EXPANSE NEWSLETTER VOL. 6, NO. 3 – 05/31/2021

Welcome to the 3rd Expanse Newsletter of 2021 a lot of things have happened in Expanse. The token projects are growing fast and communities around EggsSwap, we had a Live with the growing Spanish Community, and much more. Well we invite you to read this impressive Newsletter and we hope to continue publishing it once a month.

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