Product Roadmap

There have been a few changes to our roadmap since last published. Note that, while we are hesitant to commit to exact release dates, (that rarely works), we have provided the projects in order of anticipated release timeframe.

  1. Token Creation Wizard (Launched): Using smart contract technology, create utility tokens for your project. Let the wizard lead you through creating, naming and setting parameters for your Token. Launch your Token on the Expanse blockchain.
  2. Tokenlab 2.0: Token Manager and coupon functionality
  3. UKYC™: Use the Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC™) Identity Verification module for user identity verification wherever it is required.
  4. EXPEX: Our new decentralized exchange, EXPEX, launches inside the Luna Wallet, allowing peer-to-peer trading services.
  5. Luna Wallet, 2.0: The next generation of the Expanse Luna Wallet with rich new features.
  6. Module Marketplace: Find useful utilities (dApps) to help you manage and market your Token-based business.
  7. Tokenlab Crowdfunding: The Tokenlab crowdfunding platform provides a variety of solutions for crowdfunding. License our software to run on your own servers or use the self-service portal available from our website.

Developer Updates


We continue to make progress on the alpha version of Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC). Although we’ve made some new decisions about the programming language that has resulted in some delays, we still project its release 1st quarter.


We have expanded the scope of Tokenlab 2.0 features. The result is a  delay in the new version hand-off to beta-testers. Among the new features are:

  • Additional templates/protocols – ETH is added.
  • Deployment options now include Ethereum.
  • Ability to use a coupon code for payment, defining a percentage discount amount per token distribution.
  • New token management tools through the Admin Panel that allow you to manage distribution of your tokens.

Beta-testing should begin this week. Testers will receive a message with instructions when it is time to get started.  

Exchange Listing Update

At press time, Beaxy Exchange has again affirmed that Expanse (EXP) will be announced as a round-three listing.  EXP will be available for trading when the Exchange first launches.

The Equicex Exchange announced that they listed EXP on Twitter last week. We do not have confidence in them as of yet and cannot yet recommend them to our community. We will let you know if anything changes, and we welcome any feedback you may have on your experience with them.

Bitstickers added Expanse as a payment method recently. This basically means you can buy or pay for any product or service in their system with Expanse. Bitstickers is a  group of bitcoin enthusiasts trying to promote the utility of bitcoin to the world. Read more here:

Gameboard Update

“Let’s Give Tools to Families of the Deaf”

We are very excited to tell you that Gameboard.Tech in Guatemala continues to grow its network of alliances. We have a new partner, a young and dynamic company led by two young enthusiasts who want to change the world and achieve a more inclusive society. Charlie Galdamez and Diego Carranza have founded KitSord, an application that teaches sign language to people who live with and/or interact with at least one person with a hearing disability. With its accessible and easily understandable content, it helps those who live or interact with the hearing impaired to meet their communication needs.

Driven by our company mission to contribute to society and to improve the situation of the country, we made a commitment to help with the app. And because we love to play, we managed to integrate a Gameboard solution.

Working together for several weeks, we developed a game design document, which analyzes the application and its players, the type of players, and what motivates them.

We analyzed the strengths of the app and created game dynamics around them. These dynamics became the moves or plays of the game. We then assigned points and created levels. This way the player goes through a process in which he progresses and receives prizes. In this case, prizes are points or keys that can be exchanged throughout the course of or at the end of the game. This motivates players to keep  participating.

All of these game dynamics, and the analysis carried out, helped apply the different motivators to the app. The goal is for users to return and new players to come to use it. We want to inspire loyalty, while supporting the non-listening community throughout Latin America by teaching more people to communicate by sign language.

We are convinced that by working and promoting our values of ethical, fair  and transparent conduct in business, we will achieve a better and more inclusive world.

Slips Update

The  Slips team spent the last week working on a project plan to outline what they want to do over the next two months. As mentioned in the last update, they managed to raise a seed round a few weeks ago (in addition to the pre-seed funding they received from Expanse through the EXP Grants program). So now with added funds, the team wants to create a plan for how they will spend the money. They intend to build the shop, add voice chat and some other cool features, but they are now looking on an April timeline, during which time they are also hoping to raise their Series A round of financing.

Kyle recently moved to San Francisco and has been speaking with investors and other potential stakeholders about Slips. Husain is currently sorting his arrangements for the move and will be joining Kyle next week. The reaction they have received so far has been amazing, and it seems that there’s a lot of appetite in Silicon Valley for a product like Slips.

The team has also finalized deals with a number of parties, e.g., the developers they were working with last year are on board again, (which was a big deal for continuity’s sake!), and they’ve also got some marketing lined up so people will start to use Slips in the next few weeks.

Slips also plans to introduce Tokenlab to the community they are working with to promote Slips, so this is definitely good news for LAB stakeholders. The team is busy with lots of behind-the-scenes work, which is extremely complicated (legal, shop compliance, etc.). This is primarily what is holding up the official release of Slips.

The Slips team has still not sorted all the bugs out, but it’s getting closer. They need more volunteers to do test sessions on Slips and report issues. The more times they can test Slips, the quicker they would be able to spot and fix problems, which is hampering their launch. They request interested individuals to help them in testing Slips. Please contact them on the Slips channel on Discord.

The entire Expanse community has been asking about when Slips will be released. The team knows the excitement that is surrounding their progress and launch, but they have had a slow start to the year. Trying to raise funding was a complicated process and they also had to factor in big moves (new state for Kyle, new continent for Husain), which slowed them down further. But, the team is finally building up momentum, and lots of interesting things will start to fall into place.

We need to appreciate that while many people in blockchain fall into the anarchist camp, unfortunately, a gambling-related platform like Slips cannot be non-compliant to existing regulations. And getting all the legal and regulatory boxes ticked is lot of work, that is both time- and resource-intensive.

One major issue the team is concerned about is the fact that although the Slips user experience is quite nice, it also means they might be seen as a money transmitter since they directly handle user funds by having access to the private keys. So they will need to do a lot of re-working their existing code for the sake of appeasing the country where most of their userbase will reside. If you are interested, this document is fascinating reading about Virtual Currencies and Online Gambling in the US:

So on the whole, the team is doing a lot of uninteresting work at the backstage to lay the foundations for a successful fund-raise and release in the next few months. Stay tuned, and thanks for the support.

Developer Updates


Tokenlab 2.0 is about to be handed off to beta-testers. This version brings many updates and new features, including:

  • Additional templates/protocols
  • New deployment methods
  • Ability to use a coupon code for payment
  • New token management tools through the Admin Panel

Beta-testing begins this weekend, with deployment of 2.0 happening in time for the next newsletter, 3/1.


We could not be more proud of the progress made on the alpha version of Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC). Christopher Franko wrote the specifications, followed by wireframe design by Omar Alvarez and coding by @Bitjohn. It’s exciting to watch this BIG Idea come to life.

UKYC is trustless identity middleware. Customers can enter their identity information one time and receive verification badges that are transportable to other systems. This eliminates the hassle of inputting KYC information on multiple platforms and decreases identity fraud possibilities in that information is entered in only one place, with the information encrypted and verified by only one entity. Customers receive badges based on the verification results. Companies can then create gateways they can use to filter traffic based on badge identity criteria.

Exchange Listing Update

Expanse (EXP) and Tokenlab (LAB) are both now trading on Graviex Exchange, At press time, Beaxy Exchange has communicated that Expanse will be announced as a round-three listing next week. EXP will be available for trading when the Exchange first launches later this month.

Slips Update

The SLIPS team is currently busy with testing and bug-fixing. There is a “bug bounty” where people can join the SLIPS Discord channel and help with the testing and in turn, earn some EXP in rewards.

The team has decided to add voice chat to the app as it makes a huge difference and a lot of people mentioned during testing that this would be a great and a very helpful feature.

Husain is also busy talking with lawyers about the shop functionality and whether it can be a workaround for the betting issues, until they get a license to run a full-fledged betting platform.

SLIPS was also successful in raising a small seed round and they will be moving to SF as a result to try and raise another round in a few months’ time.

The arbitration and smart contract development has been delayed until they can go live and their focus right now is on fixing existing bugs and improving UI.

Developer Update

It’s been an eventful two weeks since the last newsletter:

  • Tokenab launched on 1/23.
  • EXP and LAB Listed on Graviex Exchange.
  • Beaxy Exchange recommitted to listing EXP, with the announcement coming next week in regard to which listing tier EXP is in.

Over the next few weeks, we will launch another version of Tokenlab, incorporating the feedback from community members and Tokenlab users. The Admin Panel is almost ready to go, and Chris is working on Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC) utility. Last but not least, EXPEX is also set to launch first quarter.

Slips Update

The good news – SLIPS is ready! Check out The team has burnt the midnight oil to create an awesome platform we are all proud of.

Next step? To be able to function as a full-fledged gaming site, they need a gaming license. Now, in the last newsletter, as also in Husain’s Medium post, we had informed you that the process of acquiring a gaming license is a time-consuming and costly affair. From setting up a company in a gaming regulations-friendly country (Malta, preferably) to hiring legal assistance and paying fees for a license, it is a tough way ahead.
However, the team has found a clever, albeit temporary, workaround that would still allow you to play and bet on SLIPS. They have created a shop which they call the WarChest. They have just finished working on the design for the WarChest.

This is SLIPS’ brand new shop that will be bolted onto SLIPS and lets you spend all your EXP and Slips Lite balances to buy cool stuff like clothing, hardware, games, etc.

We hear that it was Christopher’s idea. While the team works its way around the gaming license problem, they needed a sink for people who buy and bet on the SLIPS platform with EXP (you can’t yet withdraw it) so this shop concept was created.

There are some items in the store you can purchase with crypto and mark up. There will be other items that will be bought by SLIPS and offered to players in very limited stock (e.g., gift cards). Gaming fans will love things like crates, which give you a random probability of items. So hopefully this little feature will give SLIPS a way to go “live” and test the product out without running a full gambling shop.

There is obviously a lot of work to be done – building the CMS, APIs and the front end, etc,. – but the design, as always, looks great! Check out and do not hesitate to ask questions on the SLIPS Discord channel. We hope SLIPS gets all the regulatory licenses and starts a full-fledged gaming platform soon.   

EXPEX Update

As you know, EXPEX, our decentralized exchange for peer-to-peer trading, has been through beta-testing.The feedback from the testers was very positive, with just a few outstanding user interface items left to be addressed. With Tokenlab about to launch, it is more important than ever that we deliver EXPEX so that the newly-minted tokens can be listed on it.

Subsequent to the beta-test, the decision was made to have EXPEX reside within the Luna Wallet. This will require some additional programming, but it will allow for more frictionless trading.

At the same time, our founder, Christopher, is creating another Tokenlab component, UKYC, which will be made available.on the Module Marketplace. Universal Know Your Customer provides user identity verification for your products or for members of your organizations―anywhere validating identity is required.

Here’s how it works: Tokenlab UKYC creates a profile for each user that signs up and completes the KYC requirements. Once approved, the profile is assigned a “badge” in the form of a barcode. This badge can then be used wherever KYC is required. There is no need to complete the cumbersome KYC process ever again. Simply scan your badge anywhere the UKYC symbol appears. Companies everywhere will leverage our UKYC badge system for a nominal fee. Watch for the release of UKYC late in the first quarter.