Developer Update

Our development team, managed by Asim, has been off this past week celebrating Eid al Adha. This is a Muslim holiday celebrated around the world that lasts for several days.  Asim and team will be back hard at work on Monday. Asim purchased this bull for the celebration.

Slips Update

We haven’t featured an update from the Slips team in the last few editions of this newsletter and it seems a lot has changed with the team in the last few months. When we previously spoke to them, they had just finished their tough three month stint participating in a San Francisco based incubator.

Since then, Husain has relocated to Bangkok to continue working on the project meanwhile Kyle as mentioned in the Discord previously has left Slips to continue working on his own projects. This change in structure was a big reason we have not heard from them recently but it looks like there’s a number of new developments.

First of all they have released a polished new deck which explains in further detail their new pivot which will help them launch the product we’ve been eagerly expecting in places where they cannot legally allow users to gamble. You can take a look at the deck which looks extremely polished here:

Secondly, they have a new concept which came about as a result of some of their marketing efforts. The idea which takes some rather early efforts by the likes of, Play2live and other blockchain based projects and adds a completely new dimension is an ambitious effort to launch a blockchain powered esports league. There is a nice pitch deck which gives a brief overview of the concept here: and a longer whitepaper which goes into detail about how the tokenomics of the project will work:

In addition to this, Slips has a new automated marketing system that is up and running and will allow them to increase their reach and attract streamers to the project. The system which was built completely in-house downloads a list of followers from Twitter and then sends canned messages directing people into Slips’ user acquisition funnel. Initial runs have yielded an impressive 30% response rate!

They’ve also managed to put on some exciting tournaments for gaming fans with many challenges being made using Slips. The biggest disappointment is that they weren’t able to offer real betting with Expanse as initially planned but the tournaments were still a resounding success and created some interesting content and clips which you can view here:

We look forward to seeing how these new ideas take shape in the next few months.

GameBoard Update

The GameBoard team continues to focus on their  platform designed to improve communication within a condominium community, BetterCondos. It improves with each iteration. The program consists of two main platforms The manager’s system and the tenant’s system. There are six modules:

  1. Registration module: management of properties and users.
  2. Reservations module: reservations of common areas and amenities.
  3. Account statement module: display of maintenance payment account status and points on the platform.
  4. Ticket module: facilitates the creation of tickets by category in a public or private way.
  5. Module of surveys: the system presents the user with a random form or survey that allows the user to earn points for answering it.
  6. Prizes module: presents the list of prizes for which users can choose to create public tickets.

The main basis of the BetterCondos application is in the gamified process. All of  the public work that the user completes is rewarded with gift cards in the platform, 

One of the most important things in the game is the Epic underlying theme, “Let’s work together to live in a better place.”

And last but not least, we’re having fun implementing Alexa for BetterCondos here in our office. So far, it enables the user to create a ticket or list your latest ones. Our first version is in Spanish.

The points management will be done with the GXP token on the Expanse platform. Watch for new features and news from BetterCondos and GameBoard in future newsletters.

Gander Enhancements

As we reported last month, Expanse Founder and CEO, Christopher Franko, defined the specifications for Gander v3. The specs include a slew of enhancements and new features. As this newsletter reports, we’ve had a few other things on our plates. Plus, we did not want to take Gander offline for any length of time. As a result, we’ve taken the approach of adding enhancements as we can. Asim outlined the following Gander additions since the last newsletter article:

  • LAB and PEX balances are now displayed.
  • Users can view miner distribution.
  • Many other performance improvements are in place.


This is where most of the development time was spent last week. Having made the decision to require only LAB as payment to mint coins, we have reworked the entire payment process and design. The next iteration of Tokenlab should be ready before the next newsletter. We are planning a bigger marketing push, given that our product is now very competitive and has more to offer than anything else out there. Watch for it.

Gander v3

The best laid plans. A whole slew of enhancements and new features comprise Gander v3. However, there was some urgency expressed to get it back online, so we did. The portion yet to come includes:

  • An API that (enables us to submit transaction to the node via the website.
  • Web sockets developers can connect to.
  • Ability to submit raw transactions.
  • Ability to track complete blocks and transactions.

This project was one of two primary focuses for the developers last week. Everyone helped, including some design work by Omar and content from me.

Luna Wallet

Honestly, for the first time in the life of Luna Wallet, I am using it and love it. When it was first introduced, the Windows version didn’t work for me, and I needed the Windows version due to lack of knowing how to use anything else. I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been any development since v2 was released three weeks ago. For you Windows guys who commiserated with me, come back. To download the new Luna wallet and take advantage of the great new features, go to


This product haunts me. I literally want to scream on an almost daily basis that it is not yet ready for market. This week I stopped dead in my tracks the second time I was asked for a copy of my passport, etc., to send in with exchange applications. My identity is literally floating aimlessly around China and Singapore for all I know. Who are these people that I am sending my most sensitive information to? Chris and I agreed this stops now. (I know he agreed since he tweeted it out.) UKYC takes care of this issue with encryption. Chris is the developer on the project. He had to put it on the backburner to address some tasks more pressing, like the Bittrex issue and new algorithm. Back to UKYC next week, I hope.