10 steps to configure Expanse on Metamask

Metamask is the way to integrate your Expanse wallet to Eggswap and one of the most important questions is how to configure it, first you need to add the Extension on Chrome Browser. 

Step 1

Go to the https://metamask.io 

Step 2

Click “Get Chrome Extension” to install Metamask.

Step 3

Click “Add to Chrome” in the upper right.

Step 4

Click “Add Extension” to complete the installation.

Step 5

Click on the Metamask logo in the upper right hand corner of your Google chrome browser, then read and agree to the terms and conditions or go to https://eggs.cool and click on Unlock Wallet

Step 6

Enter a password and click “Create” to create your wallet.

Step 7

You will see a set of 12 “seed words” for your vault. Please save them.

Step 8

Click “I’ve Copied It Somewhere Safe” once your seed words file has been secured. You’ll be taken into your Metamask wallet!

Step 9

Click on the Ethereum mainnet and then Custom RPC and enter this information for Expanse:

Step 10

Add your Expanse wallet, you can create one or add your own in 2 ways by entering your private key or import your key (json file in the keystore folder), click on the circle in the right top corner and click on import. 

What’s going on with the EggSwap Team?

The EggSwap team has being working on setting the Stats system, this implementation of eggswap-info compromises of following action items: 

  1. Install the Postgress database
  2. Setup the IPFS
  3. Setup the graphnode with Expanse mainnet and integrate IPFS and Postgress database. 

Once everything was setup we tested the endpoints, after that we deployed 2 subgraphs

  1. Expanse Blocks
  2. Eggswap-v2-subgraph 

For deploying the expanse blocks we first deployed the contract registry data smart contract to Expanse mainnet and for eggswap-v2-subgraph we gave the starting block 4,000,000 in order to sync the data.

We deployed both the subgraph to IPFS integrated to graphnode. Both the subgraph started syncing the data and we continuously ingested the synced data to Postgress. After syncing we tested the graphql queries and populated the charts and tables of Eggswap-info.

Compelling Quotes

Here is a collection of compelling quotes posted over the last two weeks in our various Discord channels:

From Christopher Franko:
“I’ve just kind of come to realize that we HAVE to treat development and crypto in general as a marathon instead of a sprint. We can only sprint for so long; we have been sprinting as an industry for nine years. Now that we have the co-opting of crypto happening from big industries like facebook, the stress to sprint is even higher. But maybe it’s better to just go back to our origins and focus on what made crypto great originally. It seems like a lot of our early adopters forgot. Because they got all that money and just stopped caring about the mission.”.

From a Community Member:
“Agree with @frk. No one really cares about privacy and financial freedom in 2019. Most of crypto anarchists are gone.”

From a Community Member:
“…this is where you have no choice but to admit you’ve got at least a pocket of libertarian ideals, if you truly care about it. What happened with the ICO phenomenon and the previous “moon” phase is a conundrum―global access (virtually), yet individual free choice of participation.

All the ETH- and EXP-style stuff is still very young, and we really don’t know exactly where it’s going. Any route any of this takes, and its clash with government desire to impose regulations (unless it benefits them economically–as it may the institutions the technology is “intended” to “circumvent”), at all, would be hard to argue ethically about. This dilemma is the reason it came about. The fight over its intent is happening and will continue to happen at every stage.”

Behind the Tech Featuring Dania Ilmas

Jitendra Rathod, newsletter contributing editor, interviewed Dania Ilmas, Expanse Project Manager. in regard to her new role with Expanse.

Dania Ilmas is the latest addition to Team Expanse. She is from Islamabad, Pakistan and works alongside Asim and his team from our Islamabad office.

Dania holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from COMSATS University, Islamabad, ranked amongst the top 10 universities in Pakistan.  

Thanks to her mother and uncle who both worked in the IT industry, growing up, technology was a big part of Dania’s life, ever since she was a little girl. “My family is very tech savvy and I had the opportunity to play around with computers from a very young age.” Dania regards her mother and uncle as the guiding light behind her interest in IT.

After finishing university, Dania started working as a .Net developer for a while and then shifted to Software Quality Assurance since she loved finding bugs and getting good quality software delivered to clients. Working in QA eventually exposed her to the crypto industry as she got involved in blockchain projects. She has been working in this field for the past one and a half years. 

Dania recently joined Expanse through a referral. “It’s been only a while but I am already enjoying my time here. The entire team is highly motivated and very encouraging.” She will be working for Expanse as a Project Manager and also in the quality assurance department. “My work is related to ensuring fixes, updates and newer versions/improvements in the project.” She also looks forward to getting involved with the community to understand its aspirations and deliver a better experience from her and her team’s end.

On being asked what excites her the most at Expanse, Dania says that it is the immense potential for growth. “It is always amazing to create new things and to add value to aspects that improve the existing project. Since Expanse is an Ethereum fork, I see a lot of potential there along with the ability to customize that can make this network unique.

Dania says that she looks forward to start work and getting her hands dirty with some exciting projects. “I am up for the challenge and hopefully I can find solutions to the things that will come my way.

Talking about her view of the crypto industry, Dania feels that the future of currency lies in crypto and blockchain. “Expanse can contribute greatly to this technology with the help of its dynamic community and will be able to innovate solutions that help us grow in the world of crypto.

Dania looks forward to working with Expanse and she feels that this is a turning point in her yet nascent career. She believes that this is a big opportunity for her to be part of the Expanse community that will be growing in the future as well.

Behind the Tech with Maryum Saeed

Here’s an article submitted by Jitendra Rathod, newsletter contributing editor.

Hello dear community,

In this edition of “Behind the Tech” we are featuring Maryum Saeed, Expanse’s Project Manager, who is based out of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Maryum has completed her post-graduation in Project Management from Bahria University, Islamabad, with specialization in Innovation and Technology Management. Prior to that she did her Double Majors (4-Year Bachelors Degree Program) in Software Engineering and IT from Forman Christian College University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Coming from an academically-inclined family, Maryum was always fascinated with technology. Growing up in an age that has gadgets around everyone, she wanted to learn what drove those gadgets. While everyone else her age were content using their gadgets, she was more interested to know what was inside them and how they worked.

After graduating in 2016, Maryum started working at the head office of the prestigious Beaconhouse School. She worked on one of the school’s projects on Simulated and Immersive Environments. “That project was the actual beginning of my tech career. I worked there as an intern for 3 months and learnt as much as I could.” At exactly the same time, she had planned to start her Masters in Management Sciences so she started her job and her studies, both at the same time. “I used to work from Monday to Friday for eight hours and on weekends, I had my classes for the whole day. So for the entire duration of my course, i.e., one and half years, I hardly got any time for myself. But I believe those years were crucial to my fledgling career as I got a taste of what it was like to be working in an organization, pretty early in life. And I was still studying. I believe I got a great, early head start.

Maryum worked with two organizations before joining Expanse and since both of these jobs were of a general managerial kind, she had to stay away from technology for some time. After completing her post graduation, she had planned to switch jobs and that is when Expanse happened. “Initially, I found it pretty challenging, but I sort of slipped into the role easily. It was what I have been trained for – technology and project management. After all, challenges are what motivate you to learn more and make you a better professional. And at Expanse, I am working on projects based on cutting edge technology. Maryum has been with Expanse since eight months now and she is “loving every moment of it.”

Maryum’s role at Expanse is of a Project Manager on the various ongoing projects. Her major responsibility is to plan, assign, monitor and deliver the projects on time. She has daily meetings with the developers to assign and monitor their tasks and goals. “Although I am not directly involved in the project from a strict tech point of view, I am accountable for almost everything pertaining to the project. Project managers are the spearheads of a project and they ensure that the project is completed within the specified deadline and gets delivered to the client without any flaws.” Maryum believes that the most challenging part of project management is keeping the client, developers and all the stakeholders on the same page and maintaining the near-perfect balance of time, cost and scope.

When asked about what excites her at Expanse, Maryum is quick to note the constant buzz of anticipation and the sweet sound of creativity in the air. “Ever since I came here, I find something new happening every day.” She feels that there is always something new to learn and that is what keeps one moving ahead.

For Maryum, being focussed on one’s learning curve is vital to individual progress. “For me, this is an almost perfect job as I am involved in managing projects that are based on current technologies – something I am academically trained in. And I constantly keep myself involved in learning as much as I can about new technologies through a lot of reading and by also learning from the developers as they work on the projects.”

Maryum is quite positive about the future of the blockchain technology. “Personally, I believe that blockchain as a technology and all of its its varied facets will play a huge role in the development of both public and private sectors in the coming decade and no matter what people say, cryptocurrencies are here to stay.” She believes that Expanse is working splendidly on some great projects and it is going to have a brilliant future ahead.

Maryum is thankful to the Expanse Management for giving her this opportunity and providing her a progressive environment that is conducive to so much learning. “Everyone is so cooperative and full of encouragement. I couldn’t have asked for a better workplace.” Maryum plans to pursue her studies after a few years of work experience and she is interested in getting her PMP certification. We, at Expanse, look forward to her expertise during her time with us and wish her a great future ahead when she goes about chasing her dreams.

Chinese Community Update

Our team in China has taken the Expanse show on the road. Over the past few weeks, the team has attended more than a few meetups and conferences.

Huobi Exchange Meeting in NANJING

Community manager, @Alex_China recently presented to the Huobi Club.  In addition to reinforcing messages about Expanse, his presentation covered a variety of topics, including:

  • Guidelines for running a crypto community
  • How does the media survive in crypto?
  • Blockchain game design
  • Introduction of Nanjing, the first blockchain restaurant
  • How to earn money in 2019 in the blockchain industry

The team is currently putting together a plan to host their first meetup. More about that to follow.

New Project Management Office

In an effort to achieve more efficiency and tighter monitoring of projects, Expanse has opened a project management offices (PMO). Farwah Aizaz will run the PMO, reporting to Chris Franko. .

In this new role, Farwah is responsible for setting, maintaining and ensuring standards are in place for project management across the organization. Under Chris’ direction, she will establish and monitor best practices, project statuses and direction. Key to the role is facilitating effective communication between teams about projects across the organization.

“Now that Expanse has staff in six countries, keeping up with everything going on across time zones and in several languages has been a significant challenge,” said Christopher Franko, Expanse Founder. “We have high hopes that the PMO will help us be more efficient and transparent across projects.”

Compelling Quotes

From a community member:The price is not going to go up “just because it has been higher before” it is, as you basically quoted me, going to go up because Tokenlab is launching. And it is not based on the launch itself, but the resulting influx of users. This is groundbreaking. A platform where you can create Tokens and List them on an exchange. And for little or no initial investment. It costs hundreds or even thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to create an Ethereum Token (see Rocket/Rocket FUEL on BitcoinTalk, which is basically Tokenlab but costs $30,000 to use). EXP is about to be hot, I saw PeerCoin, LiteCoin, FeatherCoin, DOGE, etc as they happened, I was there to see the beginning and growth of each. EXP is about to explode.”

From a Tokenlab Beta-tester: “My token successfully minted!.From start to finish took about 22 minutes……Using a 2009 iMac,Safari Version 11.1.2….I will also try to mint a token with Google Chrome. Well done, Team!”

From a Tokenlab beta-tester: “I love the interface, looks great. Good job, Asim.”

Posted by Founder, Christopher Franko, “I’m also working on updating Expanse to a unique version of ETH hash to protect us from 51% attacks.”

Posted by Christopher Franko, “So the other night I couldn’t sleep. And i started thinking about what tokenlab can allow.  When we get the process for launching batches of interconnected contracts we can pretty much make anything.”

Behind the Tech – Bitjohn

Greetings, dear friends. This time around, we are featuring a very active member of the Expanse family, Mr. John Molina, popularly known as “Bitjohn.”

John graduated in Digital Graphic Design and Multimedia in 1998. It was the time his country, Colombia, like many Latin American countries, was experiencing a transition from traditional design to the era of digital design powered by the boom in desktop computers. John realized the importance of this trend and later focused his energies to also learn web programing, while working in digital design companies.

After finishing his studies, he found that there was great demand for graphic designers, but companies required a combination of designers and programmers. This prompted him to start learning programming.

From the very beginning, I realized that learning new technologies was not going to be possible in traditional centers of learning, like Universities, since the rate at which technology was progressing was way faster than what Universities were able to cope with and come up with new courses and programs.” John started attending seminars and training groups with other engineers in his city and participated in chats with experts and specialists from other countries to learn programming skills.

Today, John is a Senior Front-End and Back-End Developer, with proven skills in web design. He works for several companies in the United States and Spain.

John remembers his earliest days working in digital technology companies. He says that digital technology at the time was progressing with leaps and bounds and within only months, there were advances and updates in software/hardware they had to be constantly informed of for their clients. It was a fascinating time for us. I believe I belong to an exciting generation who has seen the coming of technology that is the precursor of all that we see today. The transition we experienced still raise fond memories,” says John of the time he witnessed during the beginning of the new millennium. “Earlier, everything was based on a desktop computer; later I had to keep myself up-to-date with mobile technology and now with tablets and Smart Watches! Everything has turned smart,” says John with a chuckle.  

Technology allowed entrepreneurs and developers to break geographical barriers and work for clients across the globe. “I saw this happen to my city, too. Many software companies started during those times and have now consolidated their markets across the United States, Canada and Europe.”

When asked what when and how he entered the crypto field, John says, “I’ve been in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies since just over two years, but I’ve been reading about Bitcoin since 2010, like many other crypto enthusiasts. I made several faucets that allowed me to have my first digital coins.” At the end of 2017, John started mining ETH on his MacBook using the popular Minergate App. He signed up for the chat and had the opportunity to meet and chat with other miners who helped him in optimizing his mining activities.

Within a few months of his tryst with active mining, John set up his first rig assembled with two GPU’s to mine several alt-coins like XMR. “It was fun but I didn’t see it as a serious way to make money; the minimum payouts seemed to take an eternity!”

On being asked about his earliest experience with Expanse, John fondly remembers the day when he met a moderator in the Minergate community who wouldn’t stop talking about the Expanse project and how interesting it was. “He always told us that Expanse had a low difficulty of mining. I was already finding ETH harder and more complicated to mine. So I thought ‘let’s see what this Expanse is all about!’ ”

John performed some tests together with other miners and started mining Expanse. They were able to mine some EXPs so later they entered the community on Telegram, and then on Slack and finally on Discord.

John says he was surprised to find the open and transparent nature of the entire Expanse community. “It was fantastic how we could talk directly with Chris (Christopher Franko) and other Expanse team members. They kept us constantly informed of the progress of the various Expanse projects. The discussions were extremely informative and insightful. It was like traveling inside the brains of some of the brightest minds in the crypto and tech world!”

Today, as you all know, John is an active member on the Expanse Discord channel as a collaborator for, what he feels is, an “amazing community.” He is particularly active on the Spanish channel, where he offers help to new users who want to know more about the Expanse projects or to fellow miners who are interested in EXP.

John is also in charge of the “ProMineros” community that aims to promote and perform Expanse Collaborative Mining. He is in constant communication with Omar so that this ‘Collab Mining’ can be done effectively.

On being asked what is it about Expanse that excites him the most, John is quick to answer, “The Expanse Army community is the one that I am excited about the most. I have seen firsthand how many of them are constantly following the progress of each project, how they collaborate and how they make sure that everything goes well with seamless collaboration.”

John has high hopes for Expanse in this new year. “I’m looking forward to the launch of Tokenlab as I’m sure the entire community is! I am also excited to see how “Gameboard” progresses and the “Guardian Nodes” that Expanse is developing.”

Lately, John has been receiving a lot of complaints and negativity from members, mostly newcomers, about the low price of the EXP cryptocurrency. He is constantly barraged with questions on when the team is planning to launch new projects. “All I say to them is to have patience and, more importantly, to have faith. I have seen closely the involvement and dedication of the Expanse team as well as active collaborators. I am sure they will adhere to their developmental plans and roll out exciting new projects very soon.”

As far as the price of EXP is concerned, I tell people that it is not just about Expanse, the entire crypto space is undergoing an important transition. This is a phase of consolidation and the coming months will show which projects survive. Expanse is not just an idea on a paper; it is a living, breathing ecosystem of tools, developers and some really stunning ideas.”

John says that he loves reading Expanse Newsletters as they provide clear, succinct information about new developments and gives a sneak peek into things to come. For other queries, the Discord channel is a great place to ask questions and get quick answers.

When asked about his outlook for the future, John says, “In five years, I think cryptos will have greater stability in price and in terms of blockchain projects, we will have many of them. In ten years, many of the big companies will be rolling on the blockchain technology. I am experiencing a feeling of déjà vu, if you understand what I’m saying. I have experienced this kind of tech transition before and it is so exciting that I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

John says that he loves being a part of the Expanse community. “I take this opportunity to thank the entire Expanse team for their dedication during these turbulent times of worldwide instability and the indecisive regulatory landscape. The confidence they have in themselves and the work they are doing rubs off on the entire community and fills them with hope. We expect many good things from Expanse in 2019,” he says, signing off.