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“Crowdfunding” has gained quite a bit of momentum with the arrival and popularization of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Hundreds of companies in the blockchain space have raised billions of dollars using crowdfunding in the last year and a half. In the simplest terms, crowdfunding means collecting funds for a business from the crowd, the general public. members of the crowd contribute small amounts so as not too much of a burden on anyone. Pooled together, it can become a reasonably large sum for the business.

Crowdfunding may be donation-based (participants expect nothing in return for their donations), reward-based (some rewards are expected in return for contribution), or equity-based (ventures offer a share in the business equity against contribution). There are certain conditions that have to be met in order to invest in a reward-based or equity-based crowdfunding campaign, and for the exchange of value to take place in a fair manner for all the parties involved.

Blockchain offers a perfectly automated platform that is ideal for crowdfunding, as smart contracts can be formulated with pre-defined conditions for the contributors as well as those seeking contribution. These contracts can be executed to issue either rewards or proof of equity to those who contribute to a venture.

Cryptocurrency combined with blockchain technology can actually be a great channel to connect those who have small amount of spare money and want to invest it but don’t want to deal with the complexities that come with investing in a business, with those who have some fantastic business ideas but don’t have enough money to fund those ideas.

Since more than half the population of the world has an internet connection, billions of people are connected and know about things happening all around the globe in real time. It is well known that small and medium businesses all around the world need more funds. Crowdfunding as a source of business funding is becoming increasingly popular and with the help of social media, it is easier than ever to circulate innovative ideas and attract investors. And since cryptocurrency is literally borderless, your business idea can get funded by people from any part of the world, provided there is mutual trust and consent. Trust comes embedded with blockchain, since no one can hack or freeze your crypto wallet or steal your crypto identity.

If you have an awesome business idea, or own a small startup that you want to expand, you can make use of blockchain technology to fund your business by creating digital tokens on a blockchain that allow you to pre-sell your products/services or grant equity in the business to the buyers of these tokens. Popular as ICO or Initial Coin Offering, the mechanism of raising funds with the help of crypto tokens on blockchain allows entrepreneurs to connect with resources that are secure and give them the much needed financial muscle, minus the inefficiency of traditional financial institutions. These crypto tokens can be purchased against cryptocurrencies, and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. So in essence, an ICO is as good as shares and securities that the traditional stock market deals in.

An ICO is the way for entrepreneurs to leverage blockchain technology to gain access to resources freely, without involving a third party, along with additional benefits of security and flexibility. There is some regulatory compliance involved and technical expertise required for this purpose, but you don’t have to worry at all, since Tokenlab is here to help you! You need not be a developer or a blockchain expert who is experienced in building ICOs or coding smart contracts. With Tokenlab’s safe and easy platform, all it takes is a few clicks to start a fundraising campaign for your business idea. You can even keep track of the performance of your campaign and helps you gauge public engagement.

With Tokenlab  users can start a new campaign by keying in some simple information like start and end date of the campaign, target amount that they intend to raise, and price of the tokens offered. The number of tokens will depend on the price of the token and the target amount. You can run staggered campaigns, like a pre-sale and then token sale, and once your campaign is successfully completed, you can issue tokens to those who have contributed to your venture.

Tokenlab has its own ERC644 token, LAB, which is the underlying token or standard token for all transactions. It is transferable and you need to burn some LAB tokens to create your own token for your campaign. Tokenlab is a utility exclusively meant to make the ICO creation process simple, safe and secure for entrepreneurs. It allows users to create assets on the Expanse blockchain platform.

Tokenlab is here to revolutionize the way business is done and to bring true democracy in equity investment, making it simple for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business while also allowing them to create their own tokens, having complete control of their venture.


Welcome to the twenty-third edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2017. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.



This is the last chance to pick up Tokenlab (LAB) before the sale ends on December 3rd. The final days for participation are happening right now, so make sure to check out Tokenlab while there is still time. Tokenlab is not just some idea, but a working product with clients, original code and new ideas, along with powerful features that help clients to launch ICOs in a simple and easy to manage way.

Tokenlab Website:

Tokenlab White Paper:



Borderless Corp., Inc., creator of Tokenlab, welcomes the entrepreneur and investor, whose previous successes include Alibaba and Lyft

December 1, 2017

Key Facts:

  • Tokenlab™ is a token-creation and ICO management services platform that runs on the Expanse.Tech™ blockchain.
  • David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital, brings a wealth of industry experience to the Tokenlab/Expanse team.
  • As Tokenlab wraps up its ICO, and commences several ICOs for its prestigious group of crowdsale clients on its managed services platform, Drake will provide counsel on critical issues and access to his network of international business investors.

David Drake Bio

David Drake is a well-known entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. Through his family office, LDJ Capital, and his partners, David’s investments currently have over fifty global directors that maintain relations with institutions and family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets. He has represented the US Commerce Department at the Transatlantic Forum with the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome, as well as in the UK Parliament as a speaker.

“David Drake, through his family office LDJ Capital, has acted as GP & LP investors with his partners in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds & hedge funds. Mr. Drake’s investments currently have 50+ global directors that maintain relations with institutions & family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets.

Mr. Drake’s family office manages & co-invests in alternative assets with the top 30 family offices out of his 5000 family office & institutional investor reach. These top 30 are 40% from Asia, 20% from Europe, 20% from the Americas, & 30% from the Middle East.

Mr. Drake’s access with 100,000 investors is maintained through his media asset, The Soho Loft Media Group, which has produced & sponsored over 1100+ finance conferences since 2002 like the events with institutional media leader Thomson Reuters & sponsors from Nasdaq, NYSE, KKR, & the Carlyle Group.”





DropD, one of the clients for Tokenlab, has started their private sale. Initially, they will only be accepting Ethereum but will add other Tokens and cryptocurrencies at a later date. To participate, access their white paper or find out more about the DropD crowd sale, please check out the link below:



Binance is a new exchange that has quickly grown in popularity. Binance Coin is a token the exchange uses to offer trading discounts for users. Adding BNB to Tokenlab does not mean Tokenlab or Expanse will be on Binance, but we are working on getting Expanse added to the list for voting in the future (and we will later for Tokenlab).

For Expanse or Tokenlab to be added to Binance itself, the team and community will need to work together. However, adding BNB to Tokenlab is an important step that can help us move in that direction. So we are now offering (BNB) as one of the options for Tokenlab, and this should increase attention from the Binance exchange and community as it creates another use case for the BNB Token.



As announced previously we have hired Axia Public Relations to help increase the popularity of the Expanse brand to the general public. All good things take time, but there has been a great deal of progress with Axia. The first press release we issued with Axia, “Borderless Corp., Inc. to Launch Expanse DAO” was viewed by far more people than our previous press releases, so that was a good start. We have also had meetings with Axia discussing the situation and how we can gain mainstream attention.

After those meetings, they later came back with three different concepts for pitching Expanse and Tokenlab and how to get lots of attention from the press. These are very clever ideas for getting attention, so we have green-lighted the proposals and they are being shared out to the press now. If all goes well, Expanse and Tokenlab could end up in major publications and with lots of attention. So we will continue to work with Axia and monitor how the brand grows over the coming months, as we believe they have the talent and connections to help Expanse grow and get the attention we deserve.