Slips Update

We haven’t featured an update from the Slips team in the last few editions of this newsletter and it seems a lot has changed with the team in the last few months. When we previously spoke to them, they had just finished their tough three month stint participating in a San Francisco based incubator.

Since then, Husain has relocated to Bangkok to continue working on the project meanwhile Kyle as mentioned in the Discord previously has left Slips to continue working on his own projects. This change in structure was a big reason we have not heard from them recently but it looks like there’s a number of new developments.

First of all they have released a polished new deck which explains in further detail their new pivot which will help them launch the product we’ve been eagerly expecting in places where they cannot legally allow users to gamble. You can take a look at the deck which looks extremely polished here:

Secondly, they have a new concept which came about as a result of some of their marketing efforts. The idea which takes some rather early efforts by the likes of, Play2live and other blockchain based projects and adds a completely new dimension is an ambitious effort to launch a blockchain powered esports league. There is a nice pitch deck which gives a brief overview of the concept here: and a longer whitepaper which goes into detail about how the tokenomics of the project will work:

In addition to this, Slips has a new automated marketing system that is up and running and will allow them to increase their reach and attract streamers to the project. The system which was built completely in-house downloads a list of followers from Twitter and then sends canned messages directing people into Slips’ user acquisition funnel. Initial runs have yielded an impressive 30% response rate!

They’ve also managed to put on some exciting tournaments for gaming fans with many challenges being made using Slips. The biggest disappointment is that they weren’t able to offer real betting with Expanse as initially planned but the tournaments were still a resounding success and created some interesting content and clips which you can view here:

We look forward to seeing how these new ideas take shape in the next few months.

GameBoard Update

The GameBoard team continues to focus on their  platform designed to improve communication within a condominium community, BetterCondos. It improves with each iteration. The program consists of two main platforms The manager’s system and the tenant’s system. There are six modules:

  1. Registration module: management of properties and users.
  2. Reservations module: reservations of common areas and amenities.
  3. Account statement module: display of maintenance payment account status and points on the platform.
  4. Ticket module: facilitates the creation of tickets by category in a public or private way.
  5. Module of surveys: the system presents the user with a random form or survey that allows the user to earn points for answering it.
  6. Prizes module: presents the list of prizes for which users can choose to create public tickets.

The main basis of the BetterCondos application is in the gamified process. All of  the public work that the user completes is rewarded with gift cards in the platform, 

One of the most important things in the game is the Epic underlying theme, “Let’s work together to live in a better place.”

And last but not least, we’re having fun implementing Alexa for BetterCondos here in our office. So far, it enables the user to create a ticket or list your latest ones. Our first version is in Spanish.

The points management will be done with the GXP token on the Expanse platform. Watch for new features and news from BetterCondos and GameBoard in future newsletters.

We All Want a Better Place to Live

This article comes to us from Omar Alvarez, Gameboard Founder/CEO and Expanse Creative Director

The Gameboard team has been looking for new solutions that provide gamified experiences and are integrated into the blockchain. About 6 months ago, Andrés García, Gameboard CFO, traveled to Chicago for business and had the opportunity to meet with a very large property management company in the United States.

This company had a great challenge: “We need to give better service to our tenants and prevent the problems of the team in the building.” With the problem clearly outlined, Andres returned to Guatemala to discuss a working solution.

Our team analyzed the problem and came to the conclusion that we should improve the communication between tenants and administrators; but also, seek to motivate the tenants to work better together to improve their work space.

To accomplish this, we started the design of a game that involves the tenant in improving their environment using a collaborative tool that accomplishes the following:

  • The users receive notifications from the administrator to the tenants,
  • Tenants can easily reserve the use of common areas,
  • Generation of maintenance fee account statements, as well as a ticket system allow the tenant to report everything that happens around him and on his property.


With the desire that tenants work together to improve their place to live, we created BetterCondos, a gamified platform for the management of collaborative condominium organizations. Each action in the collaborative work platform gives points to users that they can exchange for prizes and also reap the rewards of enjoying a better place to live.

“BetterCondos is a gamified application that facilitates communication between residents, administrators and managers, where they earn points and rewards for specific actions, make communication fun and keep everyone informed about their community.”

BetterCondos has random events that allow you to earn extra points for filling out a survey, which also creates the possibility of doing geolocated market studies. The tool also gamifies the process of administrators, so that the management companies measure and reward their best administrators.

BetterCondos is mainly focused on the US market for now. This platform integrates Gamification and Blockchain generation of points and exchanges, registration of users (creating a wallet for each), and signing contracts — all of these actions will be registered on the blockchain thanks to Expanse.

If we focus on the Florida market, which will be our first playground, we have a total of 7.3 million properties of which 2.2 million are apartments and the rest are houses. We hope to capture 2 percent of that market to achieve 200,000 rents fixed monthly. Our alpha version development is scheduled to end in July and we will use our GXP token for the management of points and prizes.

Why should you use BetterCondos?

  • It’s an easy and fun way to manage all your properties in one place, and the best way to put your community experiences online.
  • It’s an accessible application, a simple way to register, share and create tickets.
  • You can select private or public tasks and assign them to an administrator or manager, reserve private spaces, review your monthly payments and inform your community what experiences you share with respect to the places you live and use. Everything happens in an interactive and playful way, and  you can receive points and rewards for different actions on the platform. This allows you to unlock new levels and obtain special features.
  • You will obtain efficiency measurements, with respect to all the different types of users in the application, being able to track all your actions with respect to your services, making sure that all players are satisfied. This allows you to save money, work on preventive maintenance and not forced to take corrective action regarding your properties.
  • You will see tenants and administrative staff happier and more informed about their properties and community.

The Gameboard team is excited about our recent progress and thrilled to be an EXPGrant recipient.

Slips Update

Demo Day

The last time you heard from us we were preparing for demo day in San Francisco. In under a week we had prepared a brand new pitch deck and rehearsed an absolutely dynamite pitch for a room of peers and potential investors. Along with the other six start-ups in the cohort, Slips shined and was able to impress everyone in the room.


We have designed and implemented a brand new feature into Slips. A calendar is about to be unveiled where Slips streamers can schedule and advertise their very own events and streams. It’s not just any old calendar; streamers can customize their posts with a range of colors and images and have their event or stream featured on the front-page of Slips!


You can now see who the high rollers are on the Slips platform. A leaderboard has been created to show the pecking order on a wide variety of braggable (or even shameful) achievements. Slips members can now see the top ten of who has the biggest balance of Slips, most bets won, most bets lost, biggest bets, most subscribers, and who has the most badge points. If a Slips member is at the top of the list, they will be granted an exclusive badge for the leaderboard achievements.


We are proud to unveil a new series of weekly Slips gaming tournaments. Eight lucky contestants will compete on a variety of games and stream the action live. The winners will rack up points and receive a slips bonus for their achievements. This week we are having an Apex tournament. If you are interested in joining, click on this link and sign up now:

Twitch Chat

We are always listening to our community to make the Slips platform even better for gamers and streamers alike. One of the key points for streamers using Slips is that they have to monitor multiple chats in order to engage with their audience. We reacted quickly and our MVP developer Emad created an ingenious solution to embed Twitch’s chat directly into the Slips channel. Now streamers monitoring Slips challenges can easily manage the two chat feeds on one screen.

Gameboard Update

Gameboard has made significant progress this month.The latest, in a series of exciting updates, is the introduction of GXP, (Gameboard Experience Points), which is the new Gameboard token for its gamified platforms.GXP has been deployed on the Expanse blockchain.

The goal of Gameboard is to build an API that allows you to apply game theory to a non-gaming application. It provides the mechanical functions of bringing points, levels, badges and rewards in a simpler way. So we leave the game design and the dynamics to the game designers.

Gameboard can not only be integrated into any system,  but it can also unify information from various systems to have constant and comprehensive feedback from its users.

Here’s an example use case:

In the case of  a logistics company, we could connect Gameboard to its’ access control system and record the arrival time, then integrate to the computer registration system and record the time an employee starts working. If we assign points to these actions and duplicate it, and if this time is less than the average, we will reward the execution of these tasks as follows: “If you go to work on time from Monday to Thursday, you can leave after lunch on Friday.” That would be cheaper for the company than if every day the employees arrive late and also take a long time to start working.

In this day and age where companies are looking to save costs, it pays to “reward” employees when you can motivate them to perform certain tasks in a game setting. In short, It is cheaper to reward them than to stop motivating them. This is based on the fact that 70 percent of the world’s workforce are millennials, and millennials work for rewards. Going back to the issue of points and prizes, the company will invest a lot of money in prizes used to change behavior or achieve goals, so that the actions become electronic values ​​that are of interest to the player (employee of the logistics company). This is an excellent use case for the Blockchain.

“Implementing a gamified platform makes the points become a financial cost, but they generate value by producing a higher productivity and measurement system,” said Andres Garcia, Gameboard CFO.

For this reason we use the Expanse technology so that the management of points gets registered on the Blockchain. When a user earns points, he receives GXPs, and they can be stored in his wallet (Luna allows the management of our token) and then he can exchange these tokens for prizes that are preconfigured on the platform.

For companies to implement a gamified system is an investment, and we want to manage it on the blockchain, so that it is secure, distributed and permanent. If you want more information, visit us at

Slips Update

As you may know, the Slips team is in the process of transitioning into the next phase of their project. The initial development goals are met, and they are entering the world of ensuring that legal and financing requirements are in place. Their key team members are relocating in order to maximize their exposure to get things done. It’s a very exciting time for Slips, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them and to provide updates about their progress along the way.

Lola prepares for moving to her new home in San Francisco with the rest of the Slips team.

Gameboard Update

“Let’s Give Tools to Families of the Deaf”

We are very excited to tell you that Gameboard.Tech in Guatemala continues to grow its network of alliances. We have a new partner, a young and dynamic company led by two young enthusiasts who want to change the world and achieve a more inclusive society. Charlie Galdamez and Diego Carranza have founded KitSord, an application that teaches sign language to people who live with and/or interact with at least one person with a hearing disability. With its accessible and easily understandable content, it helps those who live or interact with the hearing impaired to meet their communication needs.

Driven by our company mission to contribute to society and to improve the situation of the country, we made a commitment to help with the app. And because we love to play, we managed to integrate a Gameboard solution.

Working together for several weeks, we developed a game design document, which analyzes the application and its players, the type of players, and what motivates them.

We analyzed the strengths of the app and created game dynamics around them. These dynamics became the moves or plays of the game. We then assigned points and created levels. This way the player goes through a process in which he progresses and receives prizes. In this case, prizes are points or keys that can be exchanged throughout the course of or at the end of the game. This motivates players to keep  participating.

All of these game dynamics, and the analysis carried out, helped apply the different motivators to the app. The goal is for users to return and new players to come to use it. We want to inspire loyalty, while supporting the non-listening community throughout Latin America by teaching more people to communicate by sign language.

We are convinced that by working and promoting our values of ethical, fair  and transparent conduct in business, we will achieve a better and more inclusive world.