Doing Business in China

Jitendra Rathod, newsletter contributing editor, interviewed Alex Zhao, Expanse Ambassador and Business Development Director in China, on doing business in China, in regard to crypto and blockchain.

China, the most populous country in the world, is fast becoming an economic behemoth that by its sheer population can sustain awe-inspiring growth numbers. There is no sector in global economy that hasn’t been touched by the Chinese and the crypto market is no different. I spoke to Alex Zhao, our Business Development Manager in China.

JR – Every culture regards money a bit differently. The traditional values of what money means and the principles governing the earning of money are different for different people around the world. What’s the general culture regarding money in China and how do Chinese regard money?

AZ – China has had an ancient civilization that dates back centuries. Chinese people have a very strong traditional culture revolving around money, like most other civilizations. They are unabashed in their pursuit of earning money. They live by the adage “Like money, like to earn money, like to save money.” The pursuit of wealth is an integral part of Chinese life. And this has percolated quite strongly in today’s generation. Doing business and making a lot of money have become prime aspirations of many young people. We realize that money is what makes the world go round and we love to earn enough money to help realize our dreams. This culture hasn’t changed much. In fact, with the continuous enrichment of material life, people pursue money more strongly.

JR – What does a young Chinese aspire today? What has been the impact of an open, connected  world on the youth?

AZ – Young people today pursue economic independence through the Internet. Today, information is power and it is playing a vital role in shaping public perception to everything around us. The youth of today is, contrary to popular perception, very interested in what’s going around the world. Because those events will eventually shape their future by influencing their surroundings. Young people today have a very open mind, unlike any previous generations. At present, the attention spectrum of the youth, especially the teenagers, is very wide, and the traditional media can no longer meet so many interest points. The large capacity of network information satisfies the needs of teenagers to the greatest extent, and provides the most abundant information resources for teenagers. But there is also a bitter side to this. The Internet, which empowers, also makes many teenagers indulge in the virtual world and makes them lose touch with reality, and also makes many teenagers neglect their studies. Different from real social life, teenagers are confronted with a virtual world on the Internet, which not only meets their needs of possessing all kinds of information as soon as possible, but also produces dissatisfaction with reality. But that, I guess, is true for every technology that has ever appeared on the face of this planet.

JR – Let’s talk about crypto. When and how did interest in crypto began in China? How has it expanded? What is the current scenario among general people?

AZ – Bitcoin entered China around 2012. The  initial reaction of most people – the community was very small back then – was that it was a fraud, a pyramid scheme. Not a lot people accepted it. But in 2013, HUOBI and OKEX launched their services and this brought greater attention to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In 2015, I believe, after the launch of Ethereum, interest in crypto really took off. Then came the ICO craze of 2017 and many people literally made millions during that time. This was like fuel to the fire and more people started buying crypto assets. Now, I believe, the crypto market in China is more mature.

JR – With stringent governmental regulations, how do crypto enthusiasts in China find a way to be associated with this industry?

AZ – While there is a ban on ICOs in China, people still trade on exchanges like HUOBI and OKEX. These exchanges moved to other, crypto-friendly nations after the Chinese governmental crackdowns. The crypto community is pretty proactive here in China. They have a keen eye on the global markets and watch the prices and track news.

JR – What future do you see/wish to see for crypto in China? If you were to advise your government on crypto, what would it be?

AZ – The Chinese government has accepted the limitless capabilities of the blockchain technology now. There have been much news about governmental initiatives and support for blockchain technology. In November 2017, the Ministry of Public Security filed a patent application for a system based on blockchain that timestamps and stores data submitted to the cloud space to provide a more transparent and tamper-proof data preservation process. On April 9, 2018, China’s first ten-billion-scale blockchain industrial park was officially opened in Hangzhou, and the Xiongan Global Blockchain Innovation Fund was led and funded by Hangzhou Municipal Government. The credit asset securitization project of the central government Bond Registration and Clearing Co. Ltd., based on blockchain technology is seen an important innovation in the exploration of blockchain technology in the field of asset securitization. I believe the Chinese government needs to review cryptocurrencies seriously and create a clear regulatory landscape governing its trading, taxation and the legalities surrounding crypto-based ventures. So although a blockchain-based venture has a better chance of being welcomed in China, cryptocurrencies are still a no-no. But you never know!

Behind the Tech – Alex Zhao

In this edition of Behind the Tech, we are featuring Yue Zhao, better known as Alex, our China Community Manager, who also heads our brand new Expanse office in China, which we mentioned in the last newsletter.

Alex holds a Masters Degree in Technology Management from the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, CT. Alex fondly remembers his days at the university where he made many friends, enjoyed all of the diverse activities he participated in and more importantly, learned from some of the best teachers and mentors during his degree program. “I think it is vital that we develop an open mind and a receptive attitude during our education years, because once we enter society as an accountable and contributing member, we are constantly learning from our surroundings and the people we encounter. If we are always in the “learning mode” it helps us to adapt to society faster and better. It also helps to use our knowledge to innovate.”

Alex was fascinated by technology during his formative years and has witnessed the transformation that technologies like the internet have brought to our lives. “We are in an era of rapid advances in science and technology. This progress is promoting the overall development of the entire human society.”

A true technocrat, Alex believes that the value of science and technology has been fully demonstrated and it has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on human
civilization―product development, economic reforms, social progress, national military strength and ecological well-being. “The development of science and technology has changed the face of the whole society and affected the destiny and future of mankind.”

Alex came across blockchain technology in late 2014. It caught his attention and he decided to learn more about it. He became a crypto miner. Asked about his first encounter with Expanse, Alex tells this story: “Because I am an ether miner, I was constantly checking out I found EXP, and when I learnt more about it, I found it attractive. I did some more research and found that the Expanse project was great! I joined the Discord channel four months ago and it’s been a whirlwind ride since.”

Alex was made the China Community Manager and Ambassador of Expanse. He handles a small team of five people, and together they manage a large Chinese community that has swollen to in excess of 5000 people. At the beginning of the new year, they set up the Expanse office in Handan City, Hebei Province, some 275 miles south of Beijing, China. Alex hopes that he can invite more IT companies from Chia to visit them and get to know more about what Expanse can offer them. His team will also participate in a few blockchain events which, he believes, will be a good opportunity for some much needed brand publicity.

His paramount responsibility, and challenge, is to get as many IT start-ups to join the Expanse ecosystem. He goes about achieving this mandate in step-wise and strategic manner and is confident that he will have exciting news about new alliances and partnerships in the days to come.

When asked about his views on the future of Expanse, Alex seems pretty confident. “I think with Tokenlab, Votelock and some other great Dapps, Expanse is doing splendidly in demonstrating its worth and value to developers around the world, convincing them that they can build better apps on the Expanse chain.” He is confident that in 2019, Expanse will get at least 10 great Dapp projects in China. “As far as the cryptocurrency market is concerned, I believe that the bear trend should pass soon and we would see good consolidation now.

Alex works closely with Marcia, our Expanse CAO. “Alex is a joy to work with,” said Marcia. “He continues to delight and surprise us with his BIG ideas and enthusiasm for Expanse.”

EXPANSE NEWSLETTER Vol. 3, No. 15 – 08/15/2018

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Here are a few highlights in this edition:  

  • PEX Airdrop update
  • New Chinese Community Manager
  • Tokenlab Update
  • New Exchanges:,
  • Luna Wallet Beta-testers Wanted
  • Exchange Dev Update
  • Borderless Bedlam
  • Compelling Quotes

PEX Airdrop Update


The PEX airdrop is right around the corner. Be sure to move your EXP and LAB into a wallet where you hold the keys by August 31. (PEX will be airdropped to exchanges, but we cannot guarantee that the exchanges will distribute them to you.) The blockchain snapshot will take place at 9 a.m. UTC on August 31. The PEX will arrive into your wallets within 24 hours. For more information, visit the PEX website at

If you participated in the final token sale for Tokenlab and do not know how to view your LAB, please send an email to [email protected] for assistance. You can also submit a help ticket at Visit out PEX discord channel to network with the community.

New Chinese Community Manager

We are thrilled to introduce Alex Zhao as our new Community Manager for the Chinese community. Alex is an experienced technical project manager with a history of working in the media production industry. He is skilled in cross-functional team leadership, troubleshooting, product management, integration, and electronics.

Alex holds a Master of Science (M.S.) in Technology Management from the University of Bridgeport, CT, and he is fluent in English and Chinese.

“It is my goal to make Expanse and LAB very successful in China,” said Alex. “My goal will be to build a China community of between 10,000 and 100,000 participants and to increase the number of miners. I also plan to get Expanse and Tokenlab on large  Chinese exchanges.”

Alex will bring on two bilingual colleagues over the next few week to assist him in meeting his ambitious goals. You can learn more about Alex here:

Tokenlab Update

In addition to securing listing commitments for two new exchanges, (see below), the Tokenlab project is meeting many development goals, including:.

  • EXR and Lab had been integrated into the dev environment.
  • Tokenlab modules for KYC are complete.
  • Tokenlab modules for Token Creation are complete.
  • The Tokenlab,Airdrop Module is complete and will be used for the PEX airdrop.

Take a look below at the sample screens Asim has provided to demonstrate our Tokenlab progress.

Tokenlab KYC


Airdrop Integration


New Exchanges for Expanse and Tokenlab

We are pleased to announce two new exchanges for EXP and LAB:

  • – Bitexbay is a fairly new exchange, with roots in China and offices in Los Angeles, CA. The listings will activate within a few days. The fees have been paid and the development is complete, with just final touches needed on the mobile version. Watch for an announcement as soon as we get the word!
  • – Beaxy aims to create the ultimate all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, with more tools at your disposal than ever before, and a user experience that is unmatched. Among the features are:
    • Lifetime referral rewards
    • Coin staking
    • Loyalty program
    • Instant FIAT deposits
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Robust charting tools on exchange
    • Mobile app functionality with custom alerts
    • Unique trading pairs
    • 4 layers of security architecture
    • Enhanced transaction throughput

We reached agreement with Beaxy last week, with an active listing scheduled within a few weeks for EXP and soon thereafter for LAB.

Wanted: Luna Wallet Beta-testers

The Luna wallet apha-testing is complete. We are now setting up for beta-testing. We are inviting our community members to participate.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the participation form available on this link: Beta Testers Form
  • Receive and complete a non disclosure agreement (NDA) via email.
  • Receive an invitation to the private Luna Beta-testing channel in the Expanse  Discord.
  • Receive a promotion in rank in the Expanse Army.
  • Asim and his team will deliver the latest builds to the software.

Although the initial assignment is beta-testing the Luna Wallet, in the future it will be the PEX and Expanse exchanges and Tokenlab—anything we need people to test.

Exchange Developer Update

As we reported in the last newsletter, we have secured the services of an outside development team to build our exchanges. There will be two:

  • The decentralized exchange, EXPEX (PEX).
  • A centralized exchange, Expanse Exchange,

The development team is adhering to a strict development schedule, and today they provided the screen sample above.

Slips Project Update

The design work for the Slips project is almost all done (desktop and mobile). Take a look below at some of great design work already completed.  

Borderless Bedlam

A while back, Christopher Franko had an idea for a book set in a Blockchain world. The book is complete, and is called Borderless Bedlam. It can be downloaded for free for a limited time here:

The book answers the question, “What would a world dominated by blockchain technology look like?” It explores the question in the most campy way possible, featuring technobabble, a feud between friends and factions, a very mysterious mystery, the antics of Gubrick, and more…

Proceeds for the book go to Borderless Charity,

Compelling Quotes from Our Discord Community

Here is a collection of compelling quotes posted over the last two weeks in our various Discord channels:

I imagine Slips to be a platform offering new ways to gamble, specifically on streams. The large focus of sports gambling will most likely focus on large sporting and e-sporting events.. but with the rise of gaming streams.. I see so many ways of creating new and fun ways to challenge the streamer, their viewers, and the larger video game community.. not only that, but the frequency of gaming streams offer a greater volume of events than say a season of NBA Basketball or Football. And the audience of gaming streams is growing at a steady rate.”  Posted by a Slips team member..

OK guys, so the crypto market is getting totally rekt, but don’t worry short term chart-gazing. It’s no big news, just scammy ICOs dumping their ETH and tokens from their treasury to extend their runways. Real projects are busy building exciting, cool stuff.” Posted by a community member.

In regard to the Twitter war between Expanse and Binance, a community member posted this: “Good job, Franko, on the Binance listing fee issue, This will definitely bring Expanse to the limelight and show the Expanse team’s integrity and transparency. It’s a plus for Expanse.”

“I’ve seen projects hold 48-hour hackathons building apps/dapps with prizes in crypto.Is this something Expanse would consider, which would help with awareness?You could give PEX as the prize for best apps/dapps for each category.” This great suggestion was posted by a very active (and much appreciated) community member.

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