It has been a long way to renew our website, this time in our last redesign we tried to change our line of colors to refresh our image a bit, we went through a vote and in the end we arrived at a fresh portal with a new amazing look. We love our logo and we believe faithfully that it represents us and already has a place in the public and our fans.

Our site, besides from having important information for anyone who wants to know about our impressive technology, has super important information, here are some things that you will find new on our website:

  • General information about Expanse, our approach, team, a more direct and easy to access navigation. Exchanges and partners were updated with their respective references.
  • Download section: we are using the Mist Wallet V1.9.10, essential for anyone who wants to work with Expanse (we are no longer supporting Luna Wallet), but we also added third-party wallet download links that do an excellent job.
  • Updated content: we removed the news section from the blockchain world because we believe that there is a lot of content about it, but we are leaving our original content in addition to the publication of our newsletters. We added a unique editorial content called The State of The Network.
  • Updated documentation: We removed the profiles from the website and moved it to a portal dedicated to documentation using GitBook for both the Expanse website and, in this section you will find basic information for those who are starting in Expanse, but also for miners and developers. Visit for more information.
  • Ticket and support system: using Jira Service Desk we added a support ticket system where we will improve our customer service. Our official channel will continue to be Discord but we leave a link within our documentation system in order to provide support.
  • New and updated roadmap: we have added one of the most requested sections and that until today we have fulfilled in the order that we see the evolution of the market, in this section you will find the way forward and will have constant updates.
  • External Links: We add external links as references to all sections, tools, partners, exchanges, content that allow us to provide you with an ecosystem of useful and updated information.

We continue working on optimizing and improving so any comment is welcome. We hope it provides the information you need to fall in love, like we do, with Expanse.