Welcome to the fifth edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.


Just recently, the Expanse team has started doing live Twitch streams between the lead developer, Christopher Franko, and the community. Live stream session times are posted in advance in our Discord channel and on our other social media sites. Community members can link to the session and are able to ask any questions they like. Feedback has been very positive.  Right away, we could tell this was something the community has a great deal of interest in. There were lots of lively discussions that the community, and team, found informative and helpful.  In addition, viewers can earn Expanse by watching the stream. Every 10 minutes, viewers will earn 2 Expanse Bits (EXPB).  Expanse Bits can be redeemed at the Streamlabs store.
Due to the overwhelming popularity of this Twitch live streaming, the current plan is to continue this live streaming on Twitch about twice a week. Here are some more details from Omar Alvarez – “We are doing live Q&A with the community on Twitch.We take every question and answer. I was in one last Saturday, and the plan is to do it twice a week going forward.” Lastly, these events may be timed with some release, or can just be general questions and answer sessions.



We are excited to announce that Expanse (EXP) will be among the cryptocurrencies and tokens on the new Coinpayments exchange gateways. They are currently being brought on-line stage-by-stage. Once fully operational, EXP can be easily transferred into different cryptocurrencies, much like Changelly and Shapeshift exchanges do now. but with the specifically supported cryptocurrencies, like Expanse, listed on Coinpayments.
We chatted with the Coinpayments team at the recent Bitcoin Super Conference in Dallas, and this is part of an expected upgrade and expansion of Coinpayments. Expanse benefits by already being a part of the Coinpayments ecosystem. This expansion will increase the utility of the Coinpayments platform by creating a new exchange, that will also help lower costs for Coinpayments as a transfer system. As this is another exchange for Expanse, as well as a Bitpay like payment system, this greatly benefits our platform and community.




There is a contest by, “Altcoinfantasy” with dates for Expanse on the 18th and 24th. This is free, and you can participate and potentially win prizes and gain some attention for Expanse (EXP). Our very own Scott Williams has been working on getting Expanse in various contests like this, and you can help out by joining, upvoting, and sharing contests like this. The more attention we get, the better, Thanks!
Scott Williams – “EXP contest located on https://altcoinfantasy.com/
Dates are March 18th to the 24th.”


The team has built a discord tip bot that also tracks rank and has other fun features. This gamification of discord is a new fun way to interact with the community and incentivize participation. Here is a quick explanation of how it works from Omar Alvarez, “The expanse army is a way to talk to the community, and on the discord channel they will be earning new levels with a bots.”
Here are some examples of the ranks:
– General, Founders
– Recruit, Second Tier
– Private, Third Tier
– Sergeant, Fourth Tier
– Lieutenant, Ambassadors
– Specialist, Team Members
Right now when you go to the discord channel you will see these rankings applied.