Recently and due to the growth that Expanse has had, we have had to improve our transaction explorers, we present the explorers available to the community, the statistics systems and the EggSwap information system.

Explorer Expanse

The Expanse explorer is at one of the most important functionalities of this explorer is its public API that gives super important information, new functionalities will be added to this API, these are the available endpoints :

  • Get total suply
  • Get Address Balance
  • Get block info
  • Get Transaction info.

It allows to verify and publish a contract, it shows information about the tokens created in the Expanse Blockchain, it has the latest information in the circulating supply and the wallets ordered according to the amount of Expanse in them.

One of the most important features is that any link that uses the previous url ( can be substituted for and it will work. It has some stats like the hashrate stats, miner distribution chart, difficulty chart, blocktime chart.

Guarda Explorer for Expanse

Guarda wallet provides users with a very interesting, simple and easy to access browser, you can see the status of transactions, contracts, blocks, wallets, etc … used to have more information for tokens and transactions.

This explorer has become one of the most complete and allows all the functionality of Expanse Explorer but presents these other functionalities:

  • • Presents an updated list of tokens and all their information.
  • • Shows a list of wallets by token or holders
  • • It has 3 endpoint formats for its API RPC, ExpRPC and GraphQl
  • • It has a search engine like the others and its transactions.

For each Token you have token transactions: all transactions made in a token, Token Transfers, logs, contract code, etc. You can browse the history of each Token in the Expanse list, there are more than 100 tokens currently created. & 2MIners

These systems present network statistics in a similar way, 2miners is more recent. Time since the last block, average block time, average network hashrate and a list of nodes available to connect. 2miners also provides an API to the state of the network. Both options present a map of the approximate location of the nodes.

Info EggSwap

This is’s statistics system and it presents the information about tokens in EggSwap, Tokens, pairs, Accounts. The platform shows statistics for each token and the current state of the Exchange.

In the dashboard we find the top tokens ordered according to their liquidity.

The top pairs are shown, which are the tokens that have the most liquidity from one token to another, the tokens will always have a relationship of at least the WEXP (Wrapped Exp) token and the token that has added liquidity.

A summary of transactions by date is displayed from most recent to oldest.

For each token its liquidity is shown, the top pairs, price and transactions, it has direct access to trade and add liquidity.

The system is the EggSwap reference and has all the necessary transactions and information.