This month has been very exciting for Expanse. With the introduction of cross chain transactions we have successfully connected Expanse to all the major blockchains and economic hubs in the industry. According to the Eggswap graphs that recently launched, this has led to a whopping 400% growth in liquidity and volume on EggSwap Exchange. The EXP price and market cap have also seen a 200% increase while community engagement as well as contribution has picked up noticeably. In other words, we are one step closer to the type of self sovereignty we have dreamed about for over half a decade.

It is important that we continue to focus on projects that attract, capture and preserve capital in the Expanse network. Projects that represent shared ownership and added value for the network as a whole. Eggswap is a shining example of such a project. To further promote that mission we will be focusing on creating more bridges, fiat pairs, yield farms, and tools that help facilitate the creation of value (NFT’s, Tokens, & more) on the network.

To further increase awareness about Expanse, it is also in our best interest to create EXP markets in all of the markets outside of the exp network. Such as but not limited to Uniswap, 0x, Pancake swap, Matic and more. We have built the bridges, now its time to use them to enact the second stage of our strategy. Expanse is the oldest Ethereum side chain and its time for us to remind everyone that we are still here, and still able to do everything Ethereum can for 1 million the cost.