This month we had the opportunity to do a tournament together with Hora Games in their famous game Crypto Iddle Miner, the platform was transformed to include graphic objects from Expanse.

During 3 days the players could participate in the event and would have the possibility to win prizes in Expanse.

Crypto Iddle Miner is an awesome game to learn about cryptocurrency mining. It is an idle clicker simulation game, in which you learn how to create wealth by mining and trading Cryptocurrencies. The game is free for its users, it is famous for educating the basic principles of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The game allows you to win while you are not watching the game, you can create an encryption company, it allows you to level up, in an educational way to learn about crypto.

In total we had 6,298 users play the event. Over 200 of them qualified for the prize pool. This gives Expanse a good presence in other communities and they are the type of events that we like to do, where we not only invite everyone to play but to get to know Expanse.

The prizes were distributed as follows:

  • 1st place $ 200 in EXP
  • 2nd place $ 100 in EXP
  • 3rd place $ 50 in EXP

In order to win debian share your Champion badges with us in the comments put hashtags #expanse and #cryptoidleminer, we leave you the results of the selection of finalists.

We hope to make more and new alliances with these platforms to spread knowledge in a creative way. This week of the event we had a lot of exposure and Expanse grew in the number of early adopters and Expanse holders.