The most important thing for us in this new roadmap is to work on milestones that allow us to provide everyone with better tools, more information, best practices and, as always, innovative solutions from the mind of our team. 

Above all, we want to provide a flexible roadmap that can be adapted to the needs of the community but committed to each milestone. The Roadmap is presented with the following milestones:

  • Open Source Software Best Practices: in order to facilitate a more inclusive culture of contributors we will be combining open source best practices with a new communication strategy. So that we can all have a clear vision on what exactly it is we are building.
  • Treasury: The treasury is a democratically governed smart contract that’s distributes its balance to stake holders and spending initiatives. 
  • Proof of Stake: We will work on Phase 0 of this implementation, that will only give stake holders voting rights and stake holder rewards, however going forward in the later development phases a users stake will serve as the basis for a new consensus mechanism.
  • New Mining Algo: The new mining algorithm changes the keccak hashing functions out with sha512 an sha512-256, however going forward its probably better to go even further than that and take out the DAG functionality completely.
  • Incentivized Fullnode Uptime (Guardian Nodes): Being a full node operator is a huge responsibility and oftentimes a selfless expensive undertaking. If we can track and reward full node operator uptime, the network will benefit further from economic distribution as well as a wider network coverage.
  • Crosschain Transactions: Cross chain TX’s are the internet of blockchain. By facilitating cross chain transactions we can load balance to relieve congestion, expand the utility of smaller ecosystems by linking them to bigger ones. We have an alpha version that you can check on come and check it. If you want to read more about this evolutionary features you can read more here. 

We are working on every milestone and every other amazing thing coming our way is part of Christopher’s mine and vision of the future. Join the conversation on Discord.