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Why Allergy Finder?

Something we see a lot on twitter and even in our discord is “no one cares about the allergy finder app, no one will use it”. That’s a fair assumption from a cryptocurrency centric viewership but it’s also very nearsighted. Something we have learned in the last 5 years with Expanse is that the crypto industry has a painfully short term memory and an even shorter attention span that moves in cycles. In order to hedge the draining bear markets and provide an external revenue stream of USD, we have focused on a non crypto project. We landed on Allergy Finder because millions of people annually suffer from some form of allergy or food sensitivity. Oftentimes these allergies and sensitivities go under-diagnosed and under treated leading to a decreased quality of life and a dependency on harmful medications. 

Americans spend on average $2B/year on antacids alone. Our research has concluded that is just the tip of the iceberg. Americans spend another $2B/year on anti inflammatory nsaids, and $42B on treating hypertension. The allergy finder we have developed could not only treat these patients but cure them. We are offering a potential cure that could disrupt a $100 billion dollar a year industry. Imagine if we capture just 5% of that industry. What would that do for Expanse? Imagine the allergy finder app in every home in america, helping people consume the RIGHT medication at the right time. Imagine preventing others from eating foods that could give them a heart attack, and lastly saving lives in numerous ways while improving billions of people’s quality of life. What is that worth? What could that sort of cash flow do for Expanse?

Below is an article further highlighting why we have decided to disrupt this specific industry.


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