Alex club token on Expanse

Recently on the Expanse Telegram our User Alex shared his experience with Expanse here is the conversation we had (you can look for it on July 17th 2020):

  • Omar: Welcome to all of our new users to Expanse. 

Alex: IMHO, as a user of our token based on Expanse, we like our currency for its efficiency and low cost of Tx. Compared to ETH where we’d have to spend a substance of money to pay for TXs and this is not desirable.

  • Omar: Yes!! We have low transaction costs.

— Alex:when we started tokenizing our club services in 2017 we’d agree to pay 1-2 cents for a Tx;  that’s why Expanse was a selection. Even cheaper now,  and even of course that we don’t run a scale of a million TX of our token, it’s still a reason why.

  • Omar: I will love to share your project in our next Newsletter. Will you agree on it?

— Alex: Sure, to share experience is great. We currently minted 41,600,000 mo’s and they are our club’s internal way of paying for the club’s services. So now around 160 people use mo’s. So our people have the smart contract to exchange their mo’s for Exp. That’s great thing because another way of liquidity is asking to pay money and that’s we decide say it’s ok or it’s not ok, but with a 24/7 exchange at the smart contract and perhaps a new Luna wallet our people wouldn’t need our consent for acquiring tokens and beginning use the club services.

  • Omar: That is amazing!! I will DM you so we can talk about it and thanks for this

— Christopher Franko: Man that is really awesome and heart warming to hear

— Speedrunner: [In reply to alex] Can you share contract address of your token?

— Alex: I will. First I want to say “thank you” to Chris . Never had a chance,  and being polite is better here and now. Thank you for the Expanse from all our club people. We will keep using it as our basic CC.

— Alex: var tok =“0x019d04fc548fb7813a4132082c5ce87998094ac7”);

— Speedrunner: Cool, thanks

— Alex: No sure if relevant as the Health App. – relevant to sports, anyway. That’s the club that uses “mo” token. People there are real recreational tennis players. The club services are a) creating an offer of a match on the club board  (600 mo) b) publishing a match result (600 mo) c) participation in a tournament (~10 kmo). Both money and tokens are acceptable with equivalent of US0.45 per one offer/match result, if paid in RUR,  – and 600mo=8Exp ~ US0.24 – so that its 40% discount per match if paid in tokens.

About the Franko’s Vision, Alex said:

— Omar Alvarez: This is our founder’s vision, what do you think?

— Alex:  I think that Expanse is great for tokenizing public services especially the same services offered to the public for money. 

Example, universities (U) may have begun already offering their own tokens for their students and staff to pay for the internal U services, at lower rate if compared to payments in money. I mean that a U can afford a discount to those students and staff members who chose to pay with tokens instead of money. 

This discount is based on ability to sell/buy tokens at a smart contract independently and individually, so when each person involved at U can choose whether to pay immediately with a card at 100% or buy tokens at a smart contract for Exp at 50% and then pay with tokens. 

Considering all  arising opportunities a U gets from both parallel payment methods and a low cost of acquiring crypto services with Expanse, this looks like a big new field.

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