The idea of life being a game is not new to us. But if all the statistics could be represented in the same way as in a game that could be viewed by other players and be used as a verifiable overview of the person, it would be both very useful and convenient. Every experience in the form of a photograph or a video or a blog post will result in gaining points. The more points one has, the better their chances of being an expert in their particular field. The players will be able to both play the game and do what they regularly do with greater motivation and energy. And to facilitate this much more enriching way of recording and sharing of our experiences by gamifying the entire process, comes into the picture. looks to make the experiences of the people verifiable and more value-adding than they already are. It aims to gamify the lives of the players and enable them to record and upload their experiences in a way that makes it both genuine and authentic, which can be relied on by other people. The experiences that they wish to upload could have a permanent record, thanks to the application of the blockchain technology. Incentivizing is an important aspect of ensuring that there is increasing and continued participation of the involved parties. will actually transform the ‘game of life’ as we know it into a game-like structure which can be recorded and documented and will permit authentic sharing of experiences, while also rewarding the players for the same. It is bound to make people think twice before they upload anything on the internet and undertake challenges only if they actually are capable of completing them. will certainly make this game a little more rewarding and worth playing. 

The first piece of the Exp.Life multiverse is Quest.

Quest is meant to be a blockchain-powered storytelling and task incentivization platform. It’s the first tool in a suite of tools that we will use to build out the Exp.Life multiverse. With Quest, adventures can be created, and “players” can find and consume user-generated quests to earn achievements, badges and, of course, loot! This tool will aim to attract storytellers, travelers, gamers and developers.

The Quest platform will support developers and “quest” creators to create engaging content to attract individuals. The platform is also envisaged as a micro employment platform where quests provide employment opportunities for people looking for a quick task to earn an honest wage during an uncertain economy.

Quest – Travel, Discover, Experience!

Stay tuned as we unravel more exciting updates about this grand vision.