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GEXP Update

GEXP v1.9.13 is a scheduled maintenance release, focusing on polishes and fixes. The highlight of the release is that we’ve finally merged support for dynamic state snapshots, something we’ve been working on for some time now. For now it’s not yet enabled by default, but we’re hoping for big things to be built on top of this.

This release also switches over to GEXP (the first version in the 1.14.x family that is stable for Ethereum), resulting in about 10% block processing speedup.

A summary of the features we’ve been working on:

  • Implement dynamic state snapshots (behind –snapshot for now) 
  • Bump the propagated transaction size limit to 128KB, up from 64KB 
  • Support running the HTTP and WebSocket RPC on the same port 
  • Support keeping the ethash caches and DAG forcefully in RAM 
  • Deprecate –testnet in favor of –ropsten, but keep it for now 
  • Add a newaccount command to Clef, mostly for tutorial purposes 
  • Expose individual metrics for every RPC method call type
  • Add support for exposing/exporting metrics from geth import runs 
  • Add debug_accountRange RPC API to iterate over the accounts 
  • Write up the documentation for the checkpoint-admin command 
  • Change DNS discovery record TTLs to saner values 
  • General cleanups in the ecies crypto package used by RLPx


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