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ExpFaucet Update

A message from its creator SpeedRunner:

First of all, I wanna say Thanks to everyone, who download and use ExpFacuet, we try to fix any bugs and add new features as fast as we can.

How to use ExpFacuet?

1. First of all, you need to download app from Google Play


2. Open it, click on register button and fill all fields

3. After successful registration, go to your email box and find a message from ExpFaucet, open link for confirmation.

4. Go back to the app and login

5. Now you are on the main page of the app, click “Claim” to get your first reward.

6. After getting the reward, click on balance (right top corner) to view how many Exp you collect.

More claims -> more Exp you will get.

7. After some claims, you will get a chance to withdrawal your coins from app to personal address, to make it, you need open Settings page

and set your withdrawal address like this:

8. Now you can come back to the Home page and click the Withdrawal button. If everything is good, go to the History page and check your withdrawal request status.

9. Also, you can view ratings to understand how far you are from ‘topClaimers’ guys, this is a gamification part of the app, we will use it later.

All your withwards will be here. We process payments every 3 days. So, some will be in pending mode, some will be finalize.

So, that’s it, now you know how to use ExpFacuet 😉 We will add more features in near future, stay turned.

Short Financial Report:

  • Earned from Ads – 11.75$
  • Spend Exp – 9$
  • Spend on Server – 10.61$
  • Current Lost – 7.86$
  • Number of Txs ~ 100
  • New Wallets Generated ~ 15

Just for now, app has negative ROI. Why? The main reason is that from 22 june to 6 august AdMob devs blocked the ExpFaucet  account, and we cannot show any ads. But now we’re back.

Mostly, users set their exchanges wallets for rewards. But, also, we have 15-20% users, whose create new wallets and hold Exp.

To view all txs that ExpFaucet made – you can go to https://explorer.expanse.tech/addr/0x8ae9f5103171cc0a7f93efc37919bdb18840e8ae.

ExpFaucet Roadmap:

  • Add Firebase notifications
  • Add Phone Auth
  • Add Goole Auth
  • Add OnBoarding Pages
  • Port app to iOs and deploy
  • Add Tasks Page

Also, if you wanna see any new cool features in app, you can contact @speedrunner in Expanse discord. 


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