Welcome to the twenty first edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Here are a few highlights in this edition:  

  • Tokenlab – Away We Go!
  • Developer Update
    – Luna Wallet 2.0 Upgrade
    – EXPEX Beta-Testing
  • Slips Update
  • Behind the Tech – Ana Belén Resplandor
  • Compelling Quotes

Tokenlab – Away We Go!

We are very excited to announce that Tokenlab will begin beta-testing in the next few weeks.Given the uncertain regulatory environment and the diminishing popularity of ICOs, we have broadened the product scope to include a variety of applications, while keeping the original goal of crowdfunding management intact.
Asim and his team have a mandate to deliver as many of the applications as possible by year-end. Here are brief descriptions of what we will release under the Tokenlab umbrella:
Token Creation
Using smart contract technology, create utility tokens for your project. Using an automated system, follow the instructions on the screen to create, name and set parameters for your token. Launch your token on the Expanse blockchain. You pay for these services with LAB.
Module Marketplace
Find useful utilities to help you manage and market your token-based business. In our Module Marketplace, find dApps that help you manage airdrops, run advertising campaigns, and much more. Use LAB to pay for licensing these dApps.
Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC™) Identity Verification
Use the Tokenlab Universal KYC module for user identity verification for your products or for members of your organizations―anywhere validating identity is required. Here’s what’s new: Tokenlab UKYC creates a profile for each user that signs up and completes the KYC requirements. Once approved, the profile is assigned a “badge” in the form of a qr code. This badge can then be swiped wherever KYC is required.
The profile information is securely maintained in one place and there is no need to complete the cumbersome KYC process ever again. Simply scan your badge anywhere the UKYC symbol appears. Companies everywhere will leverage our UKYC database for a nominal fee. (UKYC is a proprietary technology/process and this published description is proof of prior art. Patent pending.)
Tokenlab ICO
Tokenlab is a blockchain-based software platform that provides a variety of solutions for staging ICOs. You can choose to license our software to run on your own servers or use the Tokenlab self-service portal available from our website. Select solutions to employ, like the Airdrop or UKYC utility, from the Tokenlab Module Marketplace. Tokenlab ICO is designed so that anyone with a great idea can launch an ICO. Once you start your campaign, sophisticated tools track performance and report results. At the end of the campaign, you as the owner, issue tradable tokens to ICO participants. (Legal opinion confirming your idea does not represent a security is required.)
Call for Beta-Testers
Recently we put out a call for testers to try out the beta versions of the Luna wallet and EXPEX. These same testers have access to the private channels for Tokenlab beta testing. If you did not apply and want to test Tokenlab, complete the application form here. Beta-testers receive a promotion to 1st Lieutenant in the Expanse Army.

Developer Updates

Luna Wallet Upgrade

Asim has provided the following detail about what we can expect to see in the release of Luna Wallet, Luna 2.0. He has committed to releasing it on November 19:

  • All contracts work complete
  • Automatically get notification of new Luna version
  • Gexp log like we have parity
  • Can configure Luna with remote gexp
  • Can add peers manually

EXPEX Beta-Testing Update

Thank you to all of you who spent time beta-testing EXPEX. We received a lot of very useful feedback and had some big success stories based on your testing. Next, we are working on enhancing the UX and UI based on your valuable feedback. More news to follow.

Slips Update

We almost didn’t get to to feature a Slips update in this newsletter, as they were unable to send us a report until very late. Apparently the team has been working extremely hard around the clock towards their upcoming launch, so we’ll let them off the hook this time.
The last time we checked on them, they were working on the final parts of their product – the actual interface that allows users to challenge each other.
They actually completed the backend APIs for this in record time. and since then the team has split into two to work on different parts of the product.
Two of the devs were working on getting challenges up and running. Some of these screenshots come from the live version of Slips:

They tell us that this work is almost completed, but since this is the most crucial part of the application, additional care is taken to make sure that the final code is robust and covers all edge cases.
While this work was on-going, the rest of the team were busy rounding off the Slips site by building a help desk and support center (in 4 days flat!). These efforts included coding all of the backend and frontend software, handwriting over 90 FAQ questions and producing a series of videos, the first of which can be seen below.
This video explains how Slips users can buy Expanse:

They also completed an about page which also houses the new Slips blog which is a cornerstone of their marketing efforts to bring streamers and gamers onto their platform:

So I guess with all this progress, the biggest question we have is… when is Slips launching?
It doesn’t look like the big day is far away now but for the time being the team have decided to take a few days off to recover from a “two week round the clock” burst. They’ll return to action fighting fit for in time for another big push shortly.

Behind the Tech – Ana Belén Resplandor

Hey guys! It’s time to introduce to you all another special member of Team Expanse for our Behind the Tech series. This time, we are featuring Ana Belén Resplandor. Ana helps manage the Somos Expanse magazine and also helps with managing our social media.
Ana is an industrial engineer who graduated from Andres Bello Catholic University (UCAB), one of the largest universities in Venezuela. After her graduation, she had plans to do a postgraduate course in industrial security but motherhood arrived and she had to put those plans on hold. Now that her daughter is old enough, she plans to resume pursuing her dream of getting a postgraduate degree soon.
Ana was always fascinated with technology while growing up. “Since I was little I always wanted to know how things worked. My parents gave me toys and all I wanted was to dismantle them to know how everything moved inside and how it worked, much to the consternation of my parents,” says Ana. She always had that curiosity and inherent taste for technology. She believes that it is only because of technology that we are where we are today. “At home I was always better at fixing things and making them work again. Or not!” laughs Ana at the recollection of her younger days.
After finishing university, she aspired to work, to make a career in her chosen field, like all freshly minted graduates. “You want to start achieving things for yourself and in my case I was lucky because I got my first job even before I graduated,” says Ana. She worked in the administration department of a dental clinic. While the job was not exactly cutting-edge, like her chosen vocation, it did help her financially. “It was a good experience, but I wanted more.”
After a few years, a chance meeting with a few friends from her University days brought with it an opportunity to work with them in a security project company. She did not hesitate for a moment to take up that offer. “From the very first moment, I fell in love with my new job. There was technology everywhere and I couldn’t get enough of learning about it!” exclaims Ana as she talks passionately about her first “tech” job. She learned a lot about the use of different software and special programs to carry out the projects of the company. “It was great!”
Unfortunately, the economic conditions in Venezuela worsened and people were staring at a looming crisis. Everyday living became difficult. Security needs of customers, which were paramount some time back, became secondary. “We had to literally reinvent ourselves. We had to come out of our comfort zones, out of our established expertise and start working in areas that would help sustain us,” says Ana. That is how she was introduced to the world of crypto. It is now more than a year in this field and she sees great potential in it. Her perspective, however, is different. “Many people in this field who are from other countries see cryptocurrencies as an asset class that will help them earn some extra income. But for many of us, it has become a means to support our families. We look at crypto differently,” explains Ana.
On how she came across Expanse, Ana’s eyes light up. “I got to know about Expanse through a highly reputable Hispanic crypto community called MinandoAndo. I must say that what I found out about this project and its community was overwhelmingly positive. The entire thing gave off incredible vibes and I decided to join the Expanse community.” Ana says that she loves the great community support and the environment at Expanse. “There are so many people who are actively involved who have a lot to give and that is admirable.” She got “stuck,” in the best sense, to Expanse. “I would like to mention the tremendous support and encouragement that Omar gave me. He got me into the Somos Expanse team. I could not be more grateful.
As far as Ana’s role at Expanse is concerned, her prime responsibility is to bring all the advancements of Expanse and its various projects to users who follow Expanse, from Spanish-speaking countries, and to be a liaison between Expanse and anyone who needs support for developing a project. She also answers questions regarding Expanse on the Spanish Discord channel.
Talking a bit more about Expanse, Ana says that Expanse is the first project that she knows about where the developers and the people involved at the top are completely accessible. “Everyone is always willing to welcome you with the right attitude and with the best positive intentions. That, for me, is priceless,” says Ana. She believes that Expanse still has a long way to go on its chosen path and she is excited to see that there is so much more to it. “Oh, there will always be the naysayers. I’ve heard it so many times from people that it’s the end of Expanse but I’m far from believing these silly words of people who just want to bother us or simply haven’t taken the time to really understand what we do here. They haven’t gone further and right now they sure aren’t seeing what we see.”
On talking about the everyday challenges she faces while working for Expanse, Ana says that she faces them with a positive attitude. “Every challenge, for me, is a learning experience. So why would I be bothered by it if I am the one who has to gain so much out of it?” She faces many people who have negative remarks to make but her positivity keeps her going. “I only have love and good wishes for them and I pray that they rise above their petty thoughts and see what Expanse is really all about. I want them to see further, to see what is in front of them. I am sure they would be mesmerized!”
Looking forward, Ana is very optimistic about the future of Expanse because she sees great potential in it. “Expanse has tools that I honestly believe would make this world a much better place. Look at the limitless potential of what we can do on Expanse. Take VoteLock, for instance. The reality of my country would be very different if we used VoteLock for voting. I am sure many people in many countries will agree with me.” She believes that when more people find out about Expanse, they will realize how much could be achieved using this technology. “The DApps that the Expanse team have created give an idea as to what is achievable.”
Ana is an eternal optimist, considering she lives in one of the most difficult regions of the world. “I have always believed in my heart that the future is now. I would love to see developer teams make exciting applications on Expanse because I’m sure they would make things much more transparent, simpler, more fair for all.” Ana is aware of the power of technology. “Technology is the savior, it is the greatest enabler. A few years ago we did not know about the Internet and look at how the world is today, how the Internet has changed the global scenario. In my opinion, humble or not, in a few years the same will happen to cryptocurrencies. We will not be able to live without them and without the blockchain. And I believe that Expanse will become even bigger and better and will play a defining role in that future, which, I feel, is not far away,” prophesizes Ana, as she signs off.

Compelling Quotes

Usually this section of the newsletter is reserved for a collection of compelling quotes posted over the last two weeks in our various Discord channels. This week, none of the interesting Discord entries re market speculation, predictions, etc., seem relevant, given the recent drama in the cryptosphere. So I decided to share a beautiful photo that my partner, Soyal, (@Smomin75) sent to me for all to see.  This is Soyal and his wife on their wedding day.

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