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Expanse Fork

On Feb 26, 2020, a hard fork happened at # Blocknumber: 3,050,000 on the Expanse blockchain.

Basically GEXP 1.9.10 will introduce a handful of gas changes that will allow interoperability between EXP and zcash, etc and eth, as well as allowing for more access to privacy technology.

The Nebula Hardfork update brings Expanse up to date with Ethereum. The ETH Istanbul fork included six Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), specific code changes to the ethereum protocol, including EIPs 152, 1108, 1344, 1844, 2028 and 2200. This release also includes 10 months of GETH improvements into GEXP. Making GEXP more interoperable with ETH, ETC and the Zcash chains. If you use Mist or Luna, your binaries will update on their own. The public nodes for MEW and MyCrypto are already updated. And if you are using a ledger product it means you probably use mew or mycrypto to send your exp. We are in contact with our exchanges to get updated as well. Hardfork Block 3,050,000 Binaries https://github.com/expanse-org/go-expanse/releases/tag/v1.9.10

The hardfork mostly changes gas cost on certain calls that will allow for better scalability and cheaper privacy. When a member asked whether it will make easier to switch to POS and ETH Beacon Chain Validators, Christopher Franko responded by saying that it takes us one step closer.


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