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EXP To be Listed on Abra.com

We are pleased to announce the coming soon listing of EXP – on Abra.com. Abra.com is disrupting the disruption. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. Abra is the “world’s first global investment app” it allows users from almost 150 countries around the world to invest in hundreds of cryptocurrencies through a single app. The app also allows users to buy, sell, hold and exchange their digital assets and also transfer them anywhere, anytime. In short, Abra is a digital wallet and cryptocurrency exchange – all in the form of one single, powerful mobile app.

Through the Abra app, US users are able to trade over 90 cryptocurrencies, while international users can trade over 200. Abra also allows trading in popular stablecoins like Tether, Paxos, DAI and TrueUSD.

Once the Abra app is downloaded and the wallet set up, users can fund it with bank account, credit card or a crypto wallet. Users in the Philippines can also convert cash to crypto through Abra’s authorized partners.

With EXP’s listing on Abra, it will be available to a bigger customer base due to the rising popularity of Abra. This can only mean good times for the EXP.


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