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Compelling Quotes

Here is a collection of compelling quotes posted over the last two weeks in our various Discord channels:

Christopher Franko shared, “Expanse has a clear purpose for creating the things we are creating. My purpose is I want to create a whole new infrastructure for the citizens of the world to use to transcend the nation state construct.

I want to create global citizens that all have access to the same infrastructure. Tools they can use to bootstrap themselves out of poverty and finally be able to fight our oppressors.Tokenlab marketplace and ukyc are two solid starting points to get where I want to be.With the marketplace people can launch their own nations, be their own Kings, share decentralized systems at will.”

A community member suggests,Create such an atmosphere that investors should feel like investing.  Reach those people, devise excellent RESULT oriented Strategies. Your coin is Good, so don’t finish it, take it to its desired position. Make it a leader again.”

Lastly, here’s a cartoon we love posted by @Bitjohn:


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