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Compelling Quotes

From a community member:The price is not going to go up “just because it has been higher before” it is, as you basically quoted me, going to go up because Tokenlab is launching. And it is not based on the launch itself, but the resulting influx of users. This is groundbreaking. A platform where you can create Tokens and List them on an exchange. And for little or no initial investment. It costs hundreds or even thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to create an Ethereum Token (see Rocket/Rocket FUEL on BitcoinTalk, which is basically Tokenlab but costs $30,000 to use). EXP is about to be hot, I saw PeerCoin, LiteCoin, FeatherCoin, DOGE, etc as they happened, I was there to see the beginning and growth of each. EXP is about to explode.”

From a Tokenlab Beta-tester: “My token successfully minted!.From start to finish took about 22 minutes……Using a 2009 iMac,Safari Version 11.1.2….I will also try to mint a token with Google Chrome. Well done, Team!”

From a Tokenlab beta-tester: “I love the interface, looks great. Good job, Asim.”

Posted by Founder, Christopher Franko, “I’m also working on updating Expanse to a unique version of ETH hash to protect us from 51% attacks.”

Posted by Christopher Franko, “So the other night I couldn’t sleep. And i started thinking about what tokenlab can allow.  When we get the process for launching batches of interconnected contracts we can pretty much make anything.”


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