Here are a couple of compelling quotes posted over the last two weeks in our various Discord channels:

Open Source Software – Two Sides of the Coin

Why must work be shown on GitHub??? Y’all might believe that everything should be open source, but if you REALLY feel that way, never ever complain about price again. If the Expanse team puts everything they are working on out to the public before it’s complete, they risk larger/more funded groups running ahead with the work. I watch people in here ask for improvements, and when the team goes to work on it, I see impatient chatter.


Oh, I’m just trying to say, I don’t know why it’s giving that error. When I tried to find out, it seems everyone is keeping stuff like that to themselves. I’ve searched for a whole day just to figure out how to add eth stratum 1.0.0 and its literally nowhere to be found. Some people are doing it but won’t share how. I’ve asked pools that have it how they did it, but they just ignore the request.”