Here is a collection of compelling quotes posted over the last two weeks in our various Discord channels:

Christopher Franko shared,ETH is really expensive to work on. ETH has testnets and stuff, but if developers wanted a good test bed to see how their ideas behave in the wild and in a less sterile environment than the ETH test nets, EXP is a solid choice.”.

In case you missed it, a loyal community member calls out another member who repeatedly posts complaints, Why are you even here? To criticize and/or complain about things? How many coins have had trading halted for wallet maintenance?? I lost track of how many times BTC and ETH have had trading or deposits/withdrawals halted simply over bad media and they were crashing. Try asking real questions and I guarantee you’ll get real answers.”

A new community member muses about crypto awareness, “I wonder how much of the population understands blockchain and crypto currencies? What companies are educating every day people about this stuff? More needs to be done to capture the wider market audience Gaming would probably be the ideal entry point to teach people and gain some kind of adoption because in game currencies have been about for several years now.”

Another opinion from the group, “Gaming IS the best way to achieve awareness. The real issue is making it mobile friendly. Blizzard already added crypto to WoW, and it did nothing. ANYTHING people can only do on a PC will not create awareness on a large scale. PC-only concepts simply will not attract an audience that matters.”