Some blockchain and cryptocurrency firms have pledged to help victims of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance pledged to donate 10 million Chinese yuan ($1.44 million) to the effort. In a tweet on Jan. 25, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that Binance made the pledge but did not make any announcements after a […]

The year 2019, for a short while, raised expectations that stablecoins would bring about mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. 2020, however, seems to be dousing those hopes with ever-tightening regulation that is putting pressure on investors and companies alike. The first complication came only 10 days into the year. In early January, the European Union’s landmark […]

Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie Lee proposed mining pool donations as a new funding method for cryptocurrency development.   “I think a better way to fund development is mining pools voluntarily donate a portion of the block reward,” Lee said in a tweet on Jan. 24, adding: “How about Litecoin pools donate 1% (0.125 LTC) of block […]

Bitcoin (BTC) skeptic and gold bug Peter Schiff is unwittingly advertising the cryptocurrency’s virtues over other investments, says the CEO of exchange Binance. In a tweet on Jan. 25, Changpeng Zhao (known as “CZ” in crypto circles) argued Schiff was failing in sewing distrust of Bitcoin among social media followers and beyond. CZ: We need […]

Bitcoin’s (BTC) risk-return is a “different beast” compared to even the darling of the stock market of the 2000s, Amazon. That was the conclusion drawn by one of the cryptocurrency industry’s best-known analysts and the creator of a uniquely accurate Bitcoin price model. PlanB: Amazon “normal” compared to BTC Uploading a chart showing BTC risk-return […]

Bitcoin (BTC) has shed 6% in a week thanks mainly to Chinese New Year and uncertainty over coronavirus, commentators are suggesting. Analyzing Bitcoin price data along with Chinese stocks’ performance on Jan. 24, social media resource Light said a slump in performance had spread to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360 Stocks correlation shows […]

Earlier this week, the Chamber of Digital Commerce went ahead and filed an amicus brief for the ongoing court hearing taking place between Telegram — one of the world’s most widely used encrypted messenger services — and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In its most basic sense, an amicus brief is a legal […]

CME Group launched new Bitcoin options on Jan. 14, which was revealed by the company’s global head of equity products Tim McCourt. The introduction of crypto options by a derivatives heavyweight in CME will further uplift the institutional infrastructure supporting the asset class. Over the long term, investors generally anticipate improvements in the infrastructure surrounding […]

Bitcoin (BTC) bulls are attempting to start the weekend on the good foot by pushing the price to $8,500 and above. Bitcoin daily price chart. Source: Coin360 In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin price bounced off the 200-day moving average (DMA) at $8,200 and, as suggested earlier, an oversold bounce on the shorter time frame […]

United States cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will soon hold a million Bitcoins (BTC) in its cold wallets in a controversial first for the industry. According to data from news and information resource Longhash released on Jan. 23, Coinbase’s cold wallets contained around 970,000 BTC ($8 billion) as of Jan. 1. Coinbase weeks away from 1 million […]

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