Five years ago

When the founders of expanse got together to plan out launching the network we knew that it would be tough. I mean, it was just three of us, a small team with huge ideas. We were ambitious but didn’t have much money, but we recognized there was a need in the market that we could fill so we launched EXP anyways. Armed with nothing but our ideas and experience in the Industry we designed our networks parameters around incentives.

We have created a platform to record all your meals, symptoms and allergic reactions in a very simple way. Keep an orderly diary of your allergic reactions. In addition, you can help others by registering products and their content. 

Here are some of the most important functionalities for the app:

  • Easy to use: We want to provide a unique and simple experience, which is very easy for the user to register, consul ...

A message from its creator SpeedRunner:

First of all, I wanna say Thanks to everyone, who download and use ExpFacuet, we try to fix any bugs and add new features as fast as we can.

How to use ExpFacuet?

1. First of all, you need to download app from Google Play

Alex club token on Expanse

Recently on the Expanse Telegram our User Alex shared his experience with Expanse here is the conversation we had (you can look for it on July 17th 2020):

  • Omar: Welcome to all of our new users to Expanse. 

Alex: IMHO, as a user of our token based on Expanse, we like our currency for its efficiency and low cost of Tx. Compared to ETH wher ...

50 million Americans are allergic to something. Yes, allergy is that common. Be it pollen, food or animal dander, there are plenty of such allergens around us causing different types of allergies that include allergic rhinitis, asthma, food allergies, insect venom allergy, drug allergies, latex allergies, eczema, allergic conjunctivitis, chemical sensitivity, and so. However, among all the types of allergies known, food allergy is one of the ...

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