It is evident that the digital currency markets are going to strengthen in the future in the light of the growing volumes of digital currency transactions and holdings. 2gether, a major fintech company, noted a 22% rise in trading volumes in a week in March itself, which is when the global economic lockdown was only beginning.

It was, however, marked by a dip in the prices of Bitcoin which was attributed to th ...

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In this article, we discuss why a food journal is vital for sufferers and how or to-be-launched Allergy Finder App is a great tool that is made even more intuitive and fun to use with its strong gamification aspect.  

What is Gamification

A very simple definition of gamification would say that it is the application of game design and style in non-gaming contexts. This approach is used to solve problems by engaging the players or pa ...

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Every so often, a revolutionary innovation comes about and changes the way in which our society interacts. In this category can be clubbed together the greatest inventions the world has seen—from the printing press to social networking. Yet another idea that holds the potential to bring about a grand change in the way we live and grow is gamification.

Understanding Gamification 

Gamification can be briefly defined as the application of game-de ...

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Decoding the CEO’s Vision: Can Expanse Ensure Universal Basic Income?

In a 2019 publication of the World Bank titled, “Exploring Universal Basic Income: A Guide to Navigating Concepts, Evidence, and Practices” Ugo Gentilini and other scholars state that, many of the low and middle-income countries like Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria which house 2.1 billion of the world’s population provide social insuranc ...

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