Here’s an article submitted by Jitendra Rathod, newsletter contributing editor, that discusses the challenges of the current KYC processes at crypto exchanges and how UKYC can help.

Cryptocurrencies have already hijacked the debate about the Fintech sector because of their unconventional and disruptive approaches to finance, which is also why they have been able to make their mark. Initially, at the inception of cryptocurrencies, the users' anonymity ha ...


We continue to make progress on the alpha version of Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC). Although we’ve made some new decisions about the programming language that has resulted in some delays, we still project its release 1st quarter.


We have expanded the scope of Tokenlab 2.0 features. The result is a  del ...

There have been a few changes to our roadmap since last published. Note that, while we are hesitant to commit to exact release dates, (that rarely works), we have provided the projects in order of anticipated release timeframe.

Gameboard has made significant progress this month.The latest, in a series of exciting updates, is the introduction of GXP, (Gameboard Experience Points), which is the new Gameboard token for its gamified platforms.GXP has been deployed on the Expanse blockchain.

The goal of Gameboard is to build an API that allows you to apply game theory to a non-gaming application. It provides the mechanical functions of bringing points, levels, badges and rewards in a simpler ...

Here is a collection of compelling quotes posted over the last two weeks in our various Discord channels:

Christopher Franko shared, “Expanse has a clear purpose for creating the things we are creating. My purpose is I want to create a whole new infrastructure for the citizens of the world to use to transcend the nation state construct.

I want to create global citizens that all have access to the same ...

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