Developer Update

It’s been an eventful two weeks since the last newsletter:

  • Tokenab launched on 1/23.
  • EXP and LAB Listed on Graviex Exchange.
  • Beaxy Exchange recommitted to listing EXP, with the announcement coming next week in regard to which listing tier EXP is in.

Over the next few weeks, we will launch another version of Tokenlab, incorporating the feedback from community members and Tokenlab users. The Admin Panel is almost ready to go, and Chris is working on Universal Know Your Customer (UKYC) utility. Last but not least, EXPEX is also set to launch first quarter.

Expanse Launches Tokenlab for Token Creation and Management

Tokenlab Provides Tools for Blockchain Project Development

WASHINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, January 23, 2019 / — The Expanse.TechTM Project today announced the launch of Tokenlab, a blockchain-based platform that provides tools for token and smart contract creation and management. Expanse is building an ecosystem to support the entire lifecycle of a blockchain-based project, from idea through exchange listing.

Using Tokenlab’s self-service features, it takes only about 20 minutes and six easy steps to mint a token. Fees for using the service are paid in the native tokens EXP (Expanse) and LAB (Tokenlab).

“We are putting an ecosystem into place to help blockchain entrepreneurs build their businesses,” said Christopher Franko, Expanse CEO and Founder. “Tokenlab operates behind the scenes to work the magic required to create the smart contracts and deploy them on the Expanse blockchain. You no longer have to be a developer to start a blockchain-based business.”

New to the Tokenlab strategy is a marketplace comprised of dApps created to help developers build their businesses. It’s comprised of useful utilities, including Airdrop, KYC and Crowd Sale management tools. The dApps are accessible via the self-service administration panel. They can also be licensed and launched on other platforms. dApps are added as they are completed.

“Along-side the rest of the industry, Expanse cautiously adjusted to market events and regulatory changes in 2018, fine-tuning the Tokenlab strategy along the way,” said Franko. “Tokenlab is big and impactful. We are proud of how it has taken shape and anxious to demonstrate to our supporters, especially those that participated in our crowd sale, that our commitment has not wavered, and the potential is unlimited.”

To learn more about Tokenlab, visit our website,

About Expanse

With a four-year history of consistent growth and stability, the Expanse.Tech blockchain uses cutting-edge technology with real-world utility to expand and grow, while rewarding its community, investors and partners. To learn more about Expanse, go to, join our Discord team chat at or visit us on Facebook at You can also follow us on Instagram at

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Compelling Quotes

From a community member:The price is not going to go up “just because it has been higher before” it is, as you basically quoted me, going to go up because Tokenlab is launching. And it is not based on the launch itself, but the resulting influx of users. This is groundbreaking. A platform where you can create Tokens and List them on an exchange. And for little or no initial investment. It costs hundreds or even thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to create an Ethereum Token (see Rocket/Rocket FUEL on BitcoinTalk, which is basically Tokenlab but costs $30,000 to use). EXP is about to be hot, I saw PeerCoin, LiteCoin, FeatherCoin, DOGE, etc as they happened, I was there to see the beginning and growth of each. EXP is about to explode.”

From a Tokenlab Beta-tester: “My token successfully minted!.From start to finish took about 22 minutes……Using a 2009 iMac,Safari Version 11.1.2….I will also try to mint a token with Google Chrome. Well done, Team!”

From a Tokenlab beta-tester: “I love the interface, looks great. Good job, Asim.”

Posted by Founder, Christopher Franko, “I’m also working on updating Expanse to a unique version of ETH hash to protect us from 51% attacks.”

Posted by Christopher Franko, “So the other night I couldn’t sleep. And i started thinking about what tokenlab can allow.  When we get the process for launching batches of interconnected contracts we can pretty much make anything.”

Behind the Tech – Bitjohn

Greetings, dear friends. This time around, we are featuring a very active member of the Expanse family, Mr. John Molina, popularly known as “Bitjohn.”

John graduated in Digital Graphic Design and Multimedia in 1998. It was the time his country, Colombia, like many Latin American countries, was experiencing a transition from traditional design to the era of digital design powered by the boom in desktop computers. John realized the importance of this trend and later focused his energies to also learn web programing, while working in digital design companies.

After finishing his studies, he found that there was great demand for graphic designers, but companies required a combination of designers and programmers. This prompted him to start learning programming.

From the very beginning, I realized that learning new technologies was not going to be possible in traditional centers of learning, like Universities, since the rate at which technology was progressing was way faster than what Universities were able to cope with and come up with new courses and programs.” John started attending seminars and training groups with other engineers in his city and participated in chats with experts and specialists from other countries to learn programming skills.

Today, John is a Senior Front-End and Back-End Developer, with proven skills in web design. He works for several companies in the United States and Spain.

John remembers his earliest days working in digital technology companies. He says that digital technology at the time was progressing with leaps and bounds and within only months, there were advances and updates in software/hardware they had to be constantly informed of for their clients. It was a fascinating time for us. I believe I belong to an exciting generation who has seen the coming of technology that is the precursor of all that we see today. The transition we experienced still raise fond memories,” says John of the time he witnessed during the beginning of the new millennium. “Earlier, everything was based on a desktop computer; later I had to keep myself up-to-date with mobile technology and now with tablets and Smart Watches! Everything has turned smart,” says John with a chuckle.  

Technology allowed entrepreneurs and developers to break geographical barriers and work for clients across the globe. “I saw this happen to my city, too. Many software companies started during those times and have now consolidated their markets across the United States, Canada and Europe.”

When asked what when and how he entered the crypto field, John says, “I’ve been in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies since just over two years, but I’ve been reading about Bitcoin since 2010, like many other crypto enthusiasts. I made several faucets that allowed me to have my first digital coins.” At the end of 2017, John started mining ETH on his MacBook using the popular Minergate App. He signed up for the chat and had the opportunity to meet and chat with other miners who helped him in optimizing his mining activities.

Within a few months of his tryst with active mining, John set up his first rig assembled with two GPU’s to mine several alt-coins like XMR. “It was fun but I didn’t see it as a serious way to make money; the minimum payouts seemed to take an eternity!”

On being asked about his earliest experience with Expanse, John fondly remembers the day when he met a moderator in the Minergate community who wouldn’t stop talking about the Expanse project and how interesting it was. “He always told us that Expanse had a low difficulty of mining. I was already finding ETH harder and more complicated to mine. So I thought ‘let’s see what this Expanse is all about!’ ”

John performed some tests together with other miners and started mining Expanse. They were able to mine some EXPs so later they entered the community on Telegram, and then on Slack and finally on Discord.

John says he was surprised to find the open and transparent nature of the entire Expanse community. “It was fantastic how we could talk directly with Chris (Christopher Franko) and other Expanse team members. They kept us constantly informed of the progress of the various Expanse projects. The discussions were extremely informative and insightful. It was like traveling inside the brains of some of the brightest minds in the crypto and tech world!”

Today, as you all know, John is an active member on the Expanse Discord channel as a collaborator for, what he feels is, an “amazing community.” He is particularly active on the Spanish channel, where he offers help to new users who want to know more about the Expanse projects or to fellow miners who are interested in EXP.

John is also in charge of the “ProMineros” community that aims to promote and perform Expanse Collaborative Mining. He is in constant communication with Omar so that this ‘Collab Mining’ can be done effectively.

On being asked what is it about Expanse that excites him the most, John is quick to answer, “The Expanse Army community is the one that I am excited about the most. I have seen firsthand how many of them are constantly following the progress of each project, how they collaborate and how they make sure that everything goes well with seamless collaboration.”

John has high hopes for Expanse in this new year. “I’m looking forward to the launch of Tokenlab as I’m sure the entire community is! I am also excited to see how “Gameboard” progresses and the “Guardian Nodes” that Expanse is developing.”

Lately, John has been receiving a lot of complaints and negativity from members, mostly newcomers, about the low price of the EXP cryptocurrency. He is constantly barraged with questions on when the team is planning to launch new projects. “All I say to them is to have patience and, more importantly, to have faith. I have seen closely the involvement and dedication of the Expanse team as well as active collaborators. I am sure they will adhere to their developmental plans and roll out exciting new projects very soon.”

As far as the price of EXP is concerned, I tell people that it is not just about Expanse, the entire crypto space is undergoing an important transition. This is a phase of consolidation and the coming months will show which projects survive. Expanse is not just an idea on a paper; it is a living, breathing ecosystem of tools, developers and some really stunning ideas.”

John says that he loves reading Expanse Newsletters as they provide clear, succinct information about new developments and gives a sneak peek into things to come. For other queries, the Discord channel is a great place to ask questions and get quick answers.

When asked about his outlook for the future, John says, “In five years, I think cryptos will have greater stability in price and in terms of blockchain projects, we will have many of them. In ten years, many of the big companies will be rolling on the blockchain technology. I am experiencing a feeling of déjà vu, if you understand what I’m saying. I have experienced this kind of tech transition before and it is so exciting that I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

John says that he loves being a part of the Expanse community. “I take this opportunity to thank the entire Expanse team for their dedication during these turbulent times of worldwide instability and the indecisive regulatory landscape. The confidence they have in themselves and the work they are doing rubs off on the entire community and fills them with hope. We expect many good things from Expanse in 2019,” he says, signing off.

Slips Update

The good news – SLIPS is ready! Check out The team has burnt the midnight oil to create an awesome platform we are all proud of.

Next step? To be able to function as a full-fledged gaming site, they need a gaming license. Now, in the last newsletter, as also in Husain’s Medium post, we had informed you that the process of acquiring a gaming license is a time-consuming and costly affair. From setting up a company in a gaming regulations-friendly country (Malta, preferably) to hiring legal assistance and paying fees for a license, it is a tough way ahead.
However, the team has found a clever, albeit temporary, workaround that would still allow you to play and bet on SLIPS. They have created a shop which they call the WarChest. They have just finished working on the design for the WarChest.

This is SLIPS’ brand new shop that will be bolted onto SLIPS and lets you spend all your EXP and Slips Lite balances to buy cool stuff like clothing, hardware, games, etc.

We hear that it was Christopher’s idea. While the team works its way around the gaming license problem, they needed a sink for people who buy and bet on the SLIPS platform with EXP (you can’t yet withdraw it) so this shop concept was created.

There are some items in the store you can purchase with crypto and mark up. There will be other items that will be bought by SLIPS and offered to players in very limited stock (e.g., gift cards). Gaming fans will love things like crates, which give you a random probability of items. So hopefully this little feature will give SLIPS a way to go “live” and test the product out without running a full gambling shop.

There is obviously a lot of work to be done – building the CMS, APIs and the front end, etc,. – but the design, as always, looks great! Check out and do not hesitate to ask questions on the SLIPS Discord channel. We hope SLIPS gets all the regulatory licenses and starts a full-fledged gaming platform soon.   

Expanse Opens New Office in China

Our Expanse team in China, under the leadership of Alex Zhao, (@alex_China), has formalized their collaboration by joining together to work out of a communal office. The office is located in Lucheng Business Building A-7-17, Handan City, Hebei Province, China.

In addition to marketing activities designed to get the word out about Expanse, Alex and his team are interviewing technology companies who have approached them about developing dApps on the Expanse blockchain.
Alex has extended his personal invitation to all digital currency enthusiasts to stop by the Expanse office for a visit whenever you are in the neighborhood.

Blockfolio Signal Adds Expanse

Blockfolio Signal is a communications platform built exclusively for token teams to engage and and connect with their communities.Given the committed community Expanse has built, we were offered the opportunity to partner with Blockfolio to take advantage of the unique communication capabilities they have built.The Expanse leadership team will have the ability to instantly send “Signals” to our supporters with alerts about important happenings.

Signals from Expanse are important push notifications from the leadership team only. The signals are routed to everyone who follows Expanse on Blockfolio. You can join for free at Expanse will send Signals to amplify only the most time-sensitive and important special alerts. Watch for Expanse to be added to the Blockfolio dashboard this week.

EXPEX Update

As you know, EXPEX, our decentralized exchange for peer-to-peer trading, has been through beta-testing.The feedback from the testers was very positive, with just a few outstanding user interface items left to be addressed. With Tokenlab about to launch, it is more important than ever that we deliver EXPEX so that the newly-minted tokens can be listed on it.

Subsequent to the beta-test, the decision was made to have EXPEX reside within the Luna Wallet. This will require some additional programming, but it will allow for more frictionless trading.

At the same time, our founder, Christopher, is creating another Tokenlab component, UKYC, which will be made available.on the Module Marketplace. Universal Know Your Customer provides user identity verification for your products or for members of your organizations―anywhere validating identity is required.

Here’s how it works: Tokenlab UKYC creates a profile for each user that signs up and completes the KYC requirements. Once approved, the profile is assigned a “badge” in the form of a barcode. This badge can then be used wherever KYC is required. There is no need to complete the cumbersome KYC process ever again. Simply scan your badge anywhere the UKYC symbol appears. Companies everywhere will leverage our UKYC badge system for a nominal fee. Watch for the release of UKYC late in the first quarter.

Tokenlab, A to Z

Down on the Farm – A Tokenlab Story

Michael is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a self-taught programmer. (He likes to say he knows just enough to be dangerous.) By day he works on his family’s farm. When he has time at night, he frequents the crypto forums to gain as much knowledge as he can and to keep up with new developments in the space.

Most of his evenings are spent doing paperwork for the farm. Believe it or not, it’s a complicated business to track, with his biggest challenges arising around taking his produce to market. For each food category, he must track the timing and path from harvest to table, with stops at graineries and farmer’s markets along the way.

Michael has an entrepreneurial mindset, and it did not take long for him to realize that there is a point where the two worlds collide: Blockchain technology is the perfect tech to leverage to track and verify his harvest from the fields all the way to the table, ensuring as little waste and product loss as possible.

He found a developer that agreed to take his current processes, using spreadsheets and various miscellaneous planning software programs, and develop a real supply chain management utility dApp  to track and validate his products throughout the stops required in the go-to-market process. Not only will it simplify his life, it can be marketed to others in the industry..

He knows from his exposure to the cryptocurrency markets that he wants to tokenize his new dApp.That’s where the ecosystem around Tokenlab comes in.The first step is to mint a token for his BIG idea using the Token Wizard. It provides the tools he needs to easily and inexpensively mint his own token to run on the Expanse blockchain. Not only that, the Tokenlab Module Marketplace is a one-stop-shop he can access to find other utility software dApps to help him market his new software and run his business.

Should he need to raise money to pay his developer and package his product,Tokenlab provides the administration capability for crowdfunding, as well. And he can list his token on EXPEX, the decentralized exchange, for frictionless peer-to-peer trading (launching 1st ‘qtr 2019)..

Michael can now go to to mint his token.Tokenlab asks him to enter the following information:

  • Token Name (Farm-to-Market Tracker)
  • Abbreviation (FXP)
  • Number to Mint, (Set by him)
  • Protocol (ERC20),
  • Address for his LUNA Wallet (to send the new tokens to)

Finally, to begin the minting process, Michael is prompted to send 1000 LAB and 1000 EXP to the address provided. After about 20 minutes, the smart contracts are created, the process is complete and the FXP tokens appear in his Luna Wallet.

Michael can hardly believe it! The mysterious and magical part of the process required to bring his BIG idea to market, creating his own utility token, was super easy and inexpensive through the use of the Tokenlab ecosystem powered by Expanse. (Available January 23 at

Note from the editor: This story is partially based on real facts. Do you have a story about your BIG idea and how Tokenlab can/will help bring it to fruition? Send it to me, [email protected]

Happy New Year from Expanse

Happy New Year from Expanse

2018 In Review

By all accounts, 2018 was a transitional year for Expanse―a year of repositioning and getting our feet planted firmly on the ground. We solidified our leadership team and grew our global footprint, establishing teams and office space in five countries.

Along-side the entire industry, we cautiously adjusted to market events and regulatory changes, fine-tuning our strategy along the way. What a year it was for cryptocurrency!

Despite all the fear, loss in value and uncertainty that circled around us, we continued to operate somewhat in the shadows, building our ecosystem with the support of our very devoted community.

Among our 2018 accomplishments are the additions of many new valued partners, including exchanges, wallet-providers and projects coming on board to launch on the Expanse blockchain. We are most proud of:

  • Our EXP.Grants program, where we funded start-ups with great potential. That program brought us both Slips and Gameboard, which are both nearly complete.
  • A new newsletter approach with regular columns profiling both our community and staff members.
  • Somos Expanse, our digital crypto news magazine for our Spanish-speaking community.
  • EXPEX, our own DEX which is near launch.
  • An airdrop of PEX, the underlying token for EXPEX.
  • A new, more robust version of Gander.
  • The new Luna Wallet, which is destined for great things with many enhancements conceived and underway.
  • A new Tokenlab prototype with a focus on token and smart contract creation and building a marketplace with an entire ecosystem of utility tokens that are in place to help developers build their businesses. The first phase of Tokenlab will launch publicly in January.

We could not have accomplished these things without the ongoing support of our community. For this, I thank all of you.

2019 Preview

I predict that 2019 will be a coming-out party of sorts for Expanse. Tokenlab is big and impactful. We are proud of how it has taken shape and anxious to demonstrate to our supporters, especially those that participated in our crowd sale, that our commitment has not wavered and the potential is unlimited.

In addition to continuing to enhance all the 2018 projects, our focus in 2019 will be on growing our ecosystem through partnerships with developers of utility tokens for the Tokenlab marketplace. Having been in existence for over four years now, we believe the Expanse blockchain is more stable and scalable than anything else out there. Developers can count on us for support in creating their tokens, listing them on EXPEX and launching them on Expanse―it’s the whole package.

In 2019, you will see a much more visible Expanse. We aim to make news and be news. Our attendance at conferences will increase and our media foothold will take shape due to new partnerships and innovations. Let’s continue to do great things together!

With Respect and Gratitude,

Note: Although my reputation as a futurist is not yet firmly cemented, my team talked me into responding to some typical Q&As, as most CEOs tend to do at year-end. Here’s my take:

Q1. What are your predictions for Bitcoin in 2019?

I think bitcoin is going to have a solid year for 2019. I believe one of the ETF applications will be approved, BAKKT will get some new money in and the layer 2 protocols, like the lighting network, will see huge growth, increasing the scalability of BTC, which is good for the industry all around. Basically, I think bitcoin will mature even more than it already has.

Q2. What are you most proud of for Expanse in 2018?

Making it through such a tragic year for the industry. Even though the markets are doom and gloom, we have managed to push through the fog and still release incredible, empowering software. Not only that, but we have matured as a team so much and really honed down our process. Regardless of all the roadblocks and bumps in the road 2018 threw at us, we just buckled down and emerged on the other side stronger than ever before. The EXP Grants brought us Slips and Gameboard, Tokenlab met its end of the year deadline for version 1.0, Luna and Gander are more beautiful than ever, and we have a solid plan for growth and development.

Q3.  Where do you see Expanse one year from now?

Bigger than ever before because 2018 gave us a stronger team, a more crystallized vision, and new tools like EXP Grants, TokenLab, EXPEX and Luna Wallet. In 2019 we will focus our efforts on welding those tools to the best of our ability.

Q4. Four years ago when founded, you described Expanse as a way for one to create the life they want to live. How does that sync up with where we are today?

When people say they want to create the life they want to live in, it means something different to everyone. That’s why we focus on creating tools for people. When people have economic and social sovereignty, anything is possible. In 2019 we are taking Expanse back to its roots, but this time with a much clearer vision of what it is we want to do. We will expand Tokenlab to be more than just launching tokens, Luna will become the ultimate Swiss army knife of personal freedom, and the EXP Grants system will bring new and exciting ideas to Expanse.

Q5. Literally within days, we will be launching a smart contract/token creation service (Tokenlab) complete with guaranteed listing on a DEX (EXPEX) and a platform to sit on (Expanse) that is fast and scalable. How does that stack up against the competition?

Most of the competition is focusing on tokenized securities. This is something we had planned to work on as well, but then as we developed we saw there was a need for more than just another platform for ICOs. There was a need for a full-fledged smart contract marketplace. A peer to peer store where people can sell (or give away) copies of their contracts on any network and we would help them launch it. Think of iTunes, but for smart contracts.