In our last update on EXPEX, we shared a screen sample of the User Interface. The development has proceeded at a swift pace since the past two months and we are happy to announce that it is complete. We have released EXPEX to beta testers and are in the process of doing internal QA on it right now. Bugs and tasks are updated on teamwork. Asim and his team have finished drafting the Terms of Service document and are currently working to update the Privacy Policy document.

Hello Folks! This time around we are featuring Luis Arboleda in our Behind the Tech series. Luis, as you all know, is the Director of Sports Marketing at Sports Agents 502, a premier sports management company in Guatemala. And he has recently collaborated with Expanse to form BSports.

Luis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala. He later did a few post-graduate and Masters courses in Sports Management and Marketing from University of Barcelona, UPF Barcelona School of Mana ...

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by Omar Alvarez

Since the past year, you have all highly appreciated the sleek cover designs that accompany our newsletters. Behind these amazing designs and thoughtful messages is our very own Creative Director, Omar Alvarez. Omar completed two fruitful years at Expanse on October 3rd and everyone in the community who has ever come in contact with him will vouch for his enthusiasm and commitment to Expanse’s philosophy. He lives the Expanse dream in everything he does.

Jitendra Rathod, newsletter contributing editor, provides insights into how blockchain is transforming the real estate industry and shares some real world use cases. 

When Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin using the blockchain technology, little did he (she/it/they) imagine that a Pandora’s box was being opened. From the box came out tens of hundreds of cryptocurrencies (altcoins), dubious forms of fundraising, regulatory issues, heartbreaks and heartache, and a deep sense of mistrust ...

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