Roadmap - Expanse


Nuestra hoja de ruta de expansión describe nuestros objetivos e iniciativas estratégicas. No hay falta de entusiasmo entre los miembros del equipo Expanse, que están llenos de ideas creativas e imaginativas para proyectos que solo hacen la vida mejor. Sujeto a cambios a medida que evolucionan las prioridades, nuestro talentoso equipo de desarrollo ha planeado aproximadamente 18 meses de avance en la nueva hoja de ruta.

Expanse Whitepaper 2.0

Read our newly updated whitepaper.

Mist Wallet Redesign

Store your tokens in our upgraded Mist wallet with a myriad of new features.

Download the dApp to learn everything you need to know about your destination.

Content Creation Strategy

Benefit from rich content delivery across a variety of platforms.


Mine EXP on Twitch.

VoteLock 2.0

Use our second generation, Blockchain-based voting system

Borderless Identity Management

Protect your identity securely and immutably on the blockchain.


Exchange EXP for USD from one of our multi-location branded terminals.


Transact instantly and seamlessly across the street or across the globe.


Apply for grants for your favorite cause or for your own betterment.

StreamCoins MVP

Use our enhanced approach to mine EXP on Twitch.

Forum Redesign

Join our newly enhanced mining forum for networeking and collaboration.

Hybrid PoW/PoS

Implement a combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake processes.


Create your own Private Smart Contracts using EVMD.


Implement Atomic Swappable smart contracts on the Expanse Blockchain.


Contemplate the utility of incorporating a Universal Basic Income concept so anyone can prosper.

Our Roadmap

Expanse Live Stream

Earn EXP through participation in discussions with Expanse team members.

Discord Tip Bot

Earn EXP through community participation.

Website Refresh

Visit our new site at

Tokenlab™ MVP

Leverage our fully automated token-creation and management dApp for your ICO.

Gander MVP 2

Use the Expanse Blockchain Explorer platform with a sophisticated new design.

Exp.Life MVP

Earn rewards for experiencing your life goals and aspirations.

Stats Redesign

Track your EXP mining results using our enhanced statistics mechanisms.

JAN - 2019

Blockchain Connect Conference

San Francisco, USA

March - 2019

Cryptocurrency World Expo

Zug, Switzerland

Mallorca Blockchain Days

Mallorca, Spain

May - 2019

Collision Conference

Toronto, CA