Secure your Expanse with OPOLO.IO

We are very happy to announce that The Opolo Wallet now accepts Expanse, this amazing hardware wallet works with 120+ Coins/Blockchains, has 6+ Certified EAL Secure Chip, with 200K+Tokens on 2 Crypto Exchanges. 

We will be announcing discounts specially for our community. 

Amazing Opolo Functionalities

  • Genuine Device Check: The OPOLO hardware wallet comes with a unique, private key that is known only to OPOLO and it can be used for genuine device verification. Don’t worry about dupes!
  • USB Communication: The USB communication between the OPOLO wallet and the desktop or mobile app is encrypted with one of the most secure encryption algorithms in use today i.e. AES CBC with 256 bit key length.
  • Coin Exchange: The OPOLO wallet app has two third-party coin exchange options integrated, so you can get the best conversion rates possible. Keep more of your money!
  • Anti Theft Protection: For the ultimate security and protection of your crypto assets, the OPOLO wallet gets bricked and deletes the wallet data if there are 7 or more password failures.
  • PCB Potting: OPOLO wallet PCBs are potted so that no-one can tamper with the device circuit and the chips, providing the most extreme protection available against any hardware-based attacks. Carry with confidence!
  • Seamless User Experience: A 3.2-inch touch panel with a TFT LCD gives the most intuitive user experience on the market today. The touch screen makes it very easy to enter mnemonics, passwords, and passphrases directly onto the secure device.
  • Randomized Keyboard: The keys always appear in a randomized order on the keyboard to protect and secure your password and passphrases. It also helps us to protect the device against a modification of the touch panel chip that gets data from the touch screen. This is an added layer of security you don’t regularly see on wallets.
  • Malware and Virus Free: OPOLO firmware is signed with OPOLO keys and encrypted when installed on the device. This helps us to protect the device from illegal firmware installations. The device will be bricked if any non-signed firmware installation attempt is made.

10 steps to configure Expanse on Metamask

Metamask is the way to integrate your Expanse wallet to Eggswap and one of the most important questions is how to configure it, first you need to add the Extension on Chrome Browser. 

Step 1

Go to the 

Step 2

Click “Get Chrome Extension” to install Metamask.

Step 3

Click “Add to Chrome” in the upper right.

Step 4

Click “Add Extension” to complete the installation.

Step 5

Click on the Metamask logo in the upper right hand corner of your Google chrome browser, then read and agree to the terms and conditions or go to and click on Unlock Wallet

Step 6

Enter a password and click “Create” to create your wallet.

Step 7

You will see a set of 12 “seed words” for your vault. Please save them.

Step 8

Click “I’ve Copied It Somewhere Safe” once your seed words file has been secured. You’ll be taken into your Metamask wallet!

Step 9

Click on the Ethereum mainnet and then Custom RPC and enter this information for Expanse:

Step 10

Add your Expanse wallet, you can create one or add your own in 2 ways by entering your private key or import your key (json file in the keystore folder), click on the circle in the right top corner and click on import. 

How to get an Expanse’s Wallet Address

Many have asked for the best way to get a wallet address on Expanse, one of the most popular forms used to be Coinomi but since Coinomi stopped listing it there have been many questions. (By the way Coinomi started charging huge sums for being on their app, that’s not cool!). So we leave you here a guide on two platforms to obtain your Expanse Wallet Address.

1- The official way – The Mist Wallet

How to get your Expanse wallet address in 3 steps.

Step 1

First, we must download the Wallet from the official Expanse site and select your operating system and version. Download it here

Install it on your computer and wait for it to sync. This may take a while depending on your internet speed.

Step 2 

Press the Add an account button and enter a password that you can remember and confirm that password.

Make sure you backup your key files AND password! You can find your keyfiles folder using the main menu -> Accounts -> Backup -> Accounts. Keep a copy of the “keystore” folder where you can’t lose it!

Step 3

Click on the generated Wallet Address and you can change the name, copy the address and start using it.

2. My Ether wallet

How to get your Expanse wallet Address in a simple anonymous wallet

  1. Enter and click on Create new Wallet purple section
  2. Accept the terms from MEW and be aware that you are responsible for your keys and passwords.
  3. You will have to view the full wizard before you start.
  4. You will find 3 types of creating a wallet
    1. Download the app
    2. By keystore file: 
      1. You have to enter a password you can remember 
      2. Press Download the Keystore, save the file on your computer.
      3. Then press access my wallet button. 
      4. You will get 4 options to do it Mew Wallet, hardware wallet, Mew CX or Software
      5. Click on Software and then select the UTC file and enter the password you enter before.
      6. On the right side change the network to Expanse. 
      7. Then you can use the address to send your Expanse. 
    3. By Mnemonic Phrase
      1. You will get 12 words write them down (you can configure this as 12 or 24 words)
      2. You can also add an extra word for security, please write these 12 words without them you will not be able to access the wallet and you will lose your EXP.
      3. You will have to reenter some words to verify your wallet. 
      4. Every time you want to access your wallet you will have to enter these 12 words.
      5. Click on Software and then select the UTC file and enter the password you enter before.
      6. On the right side change the network to Expanse. 
      7. Then you can use the address to send your Expanse.

3. How to buy Expanse using Dove Wallet
  1. Enter
  2. Fill the form information 
  3. Check your email with the confirmation and click on confirm. 
  4. Click on the Wallet link on the header menu (besides the logo)
  5. On the right side go down and look for BTC press on Deposit
  6. Now get some Expanse by clicking on this link
  7. There are other options like Bittrex or visit for more exchanges. 

EXPANSE 时讯 Vol. 3, No. 23 – 12/15/2018


  • Tokenlab试验开始
  • Expanse添加到Guarda Wallet
  • PIRL将在EXPEX上上市
  • 背后的技术- Farina Ashfaq
  • Islamabad Office Goes Hollywood
  • Gameboard得到了新的办公空间
  • Slips更新
  • 中国社区更新

Tokenlab Beta-Test Begins



Expanse Added to Guarda Wallet

Guarda (@GuardaWallet)对自己的移动加密钱包的扩展表示欢迎。Guarda是来解决日常多任务问题的。您现在可以将所有货币存储在一个轻量级应用程序中,并且能够立即访问它们。



PIRL to List on EXPEX

希望在EXPEX DEX上列出的项目的应用程序源源不断地涌入。对于接受的前10个实用程序标记,清单是免费的。






Listing application

Behind the Tech – Farina Ashfaq


在本期的《科技背后》节目中,我们请来了伊斯兰堡办公室的负责人Farina Ashfaq。



Farina在大学期间从哥哥Asim那里第一次听说了区块链tech, Asim是一位建筑师,也是一位高级开发人员。坦白地说,我觉得这很有意思。我要感谢我的哥哥把我带进这个领域。

法里纳加入浩瀚已经快一年了。她的职责包括担任Tokenlab的前端开发人员。她还担任过Gander的前端开发人员和Luna Wallet的全栈开发人员。她最近被提升为Tokenlab的项目经理。












作为上市定位的一部分,Gameboard的首席财务官安德烈斯加西亚(Andres Garcia)决定在危地马拉建立一个新办公室。(Gameboard已经在佛罗里达州设立了办事处,负责通过Gameboard Corp公司在美国开发的项目。Gameboard Corp是一家根据佛罗里达州法律成立的公司。)

经过彻底的搜索,研究小组在危地马拉城的teccampus Tecnologico找到了一个被称为“硅谷拉丁裔”的地方。TEC是危地马拉城的技术创新中心,旨在重建加州硅谷的创新和成功平台。

但是,过渡时期行政委员会有其适应危地马拉和拉丁美洲现实的概念。TEC提供了一个完整的生态系统——办公室、图书馆、联合办公空间、活动场所。它位于危地马拉城第4区北纬4级。Cuatro Grados一直是这个城市中吸引新想法和新趋势的地方。



我们很高兴地告诉您,Gameboard office是应一些大型本地公司的要求,于明年1月正式进驻TEC园区的。(请留意下期通讯中有关这方面更令人兴奋的消息)。


Slips Update





  • 更好的头部区域与更强大的行动呼吁,针对我们的两个主要用户组。
  • 解释滑块是如何工作的,它是什么。
  • 主页上的博客新闻突出了关于团队内容策略的信息。
  • 主页上还有一个最“受欢迎”状态的用户的功能,它鼓励人们使用自己的个人资料。







Join our Discord

Expanse Discord is live and kicking! Discord is a great communication platform, better than Slack. Join our growing community on Discord and you can also speak directly with the Expanse team or others in the Expanse community. Sign up for Discord today!. Thank you.

The Expanse Ambassador Program is designed to provide support and guidance for those of you who would like to help us spread the word about Expanse by hosting local meet-ups—wherever you are in the world.

Getting involved is easy. Simply download and complete the Ambassador Program application at this link:

The Expanse team are available to answer your questions and will also assist you by:

  • Providing Expanse-branded apparel for the meet-up host (the ambassador).
  • Guiding you through the process of selecting a location.
  • Supplying Expanse giveaways for drawings or contests.
  • Assisting with presentation materials.
  • Providing a small allowance for food and libations for your meet-up guests.

Expanse is thrilled to have you in the Expanse Army. Be sure to join Discord if you are not already part of it at this link: – and grateful to all who would like to join the Ambassador Program!



欢迎阅读2018年第二版“Expanse时事通讯”。该出版物是每月1日和15日发布的双月刊,以分享我们社区内发生的事件。 请记住,突发新闻可以随时出现,但是Expanse Newsletter对进度,新闻和我们当前的重点进行了很好的概述。


我们的社区有一些非常令人兴奋的消息:Expanse被2018年的碰撞所接受! 因此,我们将在4月30日至5月3日举行的这个着名会议上,在我们自己的私人展位上展示Expanse。 这真的是我们发光的时候,所以如果可以的话,请加入我们吧。 如果您想去,请务必立即开始预订,因为同时还将举办爵士音乐节,酒店空间非常有限。

新奥尔良的碰撞技术会议将拥有远远超出区块链的各种技术公司,因此这意味着Expanse项目将展示我们如何为他们提供有效的基于区块链的解决方案的无数新机会。 我们的主要合作伙伴之一,Gameboard,我们在2017年碰撞中遇到了,现在我们正在密切合作,以至于他们在我们的团队中占有一席之地。

事实上,到目前为止,我们参加过的最重要的会议,以及我们参加过很多次会议的是2017年的碰撞 – 当我们被接受作为Alpha Start-Up出席时。 现在,Expanse更加强大,并且在碰撞会议上给人们留下了更好的印象。 大部分团队也将在那里,现在我们有很多东西要展示我们的品牌更新和成就。 在向全世界展示Expanse的同时,这是一个与我们见面的好地方。



我们的团队一直忙于开发具有强大而独特功能的新钱包,以及符合Expanse颜色和设计的酷炫外观。 这个钱包的一些新功能是你可以在钱包内交易并购买代币,几乎就像一个可以在未来扩展的分散式内置交换。 除此之外,还有很多功能,比如使用QR码轻松将钱包移动到不同的机器上。 以下是Asim所说的主要钱包。 “是的,我在桌面计算机上有10个EXP帐户。 现在我要导入我的笔记本电脑; 旧方式,我逐个导入所有帐户,使用新钱包,只需扫描QR码,我就可以将所有帐户从桌面转移到笔记本电脑。“

下面是正在开发的钱包的一些截图,现在它正处于抛光阶段; 几乎准备就绪,你可以看到:

他还提供了可以通过钱包访问的新Block Explorer的镜头,所以这些是:



通过paypayments技术在cryptosportsworld.world添加了Expanse,所以你现在可以用EXP来体育运动。 当然,假设这在您的位置是合法的,并且在世界各地不同。 只需访问该网站并注册,然后按照说明操作,即可下注!


Coinomi on itunes with Expanse

我们为Apple用户提供了一些非常令人兴奋的消息,Coinomi已添加到Apple iTunes中,这意味着您现在可以在所有Apple移动设备上存储EXP! 只需在此地址转到iTunes并下载钱包,安装并按照他们在安装应用程序后提供的所有说明进行操作。 如果你喜欢在Apple设备上使用EXP,请务必给Coinomi一个很好的评论。 如果您愿意,请在评论中提及Expanse,以帮助您了解EXP的曝光率,采用率和价值。 这样的小事情比你想象的更有帮助。



Expanse是棒球队唯一的加密! 是的,这是一个适合孩子而不是大联盟的团队,但它非常具有成本效益,它可以帮助人们,并且在普通的加密世界之外给予Expanse一些现实世界的曝光。 最后,Christopher Franko喜欢帮助和慈善事业,这是他真正想要做的事情。 以下是Expanse团队孩子们玩棒球的几张照片:


Expanse在讲西班牙语的地区发展迅速,我们很快就会在更多地点将其推向高速档。 Omar of Expanse现在正在举办西班牙的Expanse Stream采矿日,所以如果你说西班牙语,或者不这样做,并且只是想要我的流,也许只是学习一点,那很好。 了解更多信息的最佳方法是加入我们的Discord频道并询问。 每个人都很乐意提供帮助。 我们还有专门的西班牙语频道,方便那些说西班牙语的人快速找到帮助和我们的社区。







我们最近推出了Expanse Discord,Discord是一个很像Slack的通信系统,但Discord具有更好的安全性,对用户来说更安全。 因此,由于更高的安全性,我们已经从Slack切换到社区的Discord。 若要与Expanse团队或Expanse社区中的其他人直接对话,我们建议您注册Discord。 谢谢。


扩展大使计划旨在为那些希望通过举办本地聚会 – 无论您身在何处 – 帮助我们传播有关Expanse的信息的人提供支持和指导。

参与很容易。 只需通过以下链接下载并完成大使计划申请:

然后通过电子邮件发送给Scott Williams,Scott @。



Expanse很高兴能有你在Expanse Army。 如果您还没有加入Discord,请务必通过以下链接加入Discord: – 并感谢所有想加入大使计划的人!