Slips Partnership Announcement - Expanse

Slips Partnership Announcement

Expanse and Slips Have Formed a Strategic Alliance to Build Out the Slips Platform with Expanse Integration

Slips and Expanse signed a new agreement to work together to leverage the Expanse products and blockchain for the Slips social platform. Expanse will provide project management and developer resources to facilitate the integration and to possibly expedite the Slips launch timing.

As you may know, Slips was one of the first EXP.Grant recipients, receiving funding in the initial phases of their project. They have made great strides and continue to refine their go-to-market strategy.

“Given our already established working relationship, as well as the depth of the Expanse product suite, joining forces was a natural evolution,” said Christopher Franko, Expanse CEO. “We’ve brought on a project manager and developer dedicated to this joint initiative.”

Some of the possible integration points we are exploring include:

  • Launch Slips on the Expanse blockchain
  • Use Tokenlab to mint tokens for Slips. 
  • Use the Tokenlab Airdrop module to distribute Slips tokens.
  • Integrate Slips into the Luna wallet to facilitate trades via EXPEX.

As you may know, Slips and Expanse hosted an AMA yesterday, which includes some discussion about the partnership scope. You can listen here:


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