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Overcoming the Exchange Listing Challenge – What We learned Along the Way

First, the big news: Tokenlab™ (LAB) is now listed on BOA Exchange: https://boaexchange.com/market/LAB_BTC

In the current environment where ICOs run rampant and new projects are evolving by the minute, one of the biggest challenges for any project is the foreboding process of finding an exchange to list your token.

What to Look for In an Exchange

Stability. Security. Credibility. Affordability. It really comes down to those four things. In an ideal world, it should be pretty easy to develop an exchange scorecard based on these factors. Not any more. New exchanges are popping up every day and there are lurid stories of start-up exchanges running off with the proceeds. Plus, given that exchange listing can dictate the viability of the token, and thus the project itself, most exchanges are charging a premium. In some cases, in the time that passes between notification of acceptance of your token and testing the wallet, the price has risen dramatically. Not fair, but the exchange is in the driver’s seat. It happened to us. Buyer beware.

How Do Exchanges Decide Which Tokens to List?

All of the characteristics you would expect come into play when exchanges evaluate a token for listing:The reputation of the project principles and the influence of investors and promoters have always been key factors. Another major consideration is volume if the token is already listed somewhere else.These common-sense factors aside, they are all meaningless if a token is not compliant with regulatory stipulations as set forth by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in the U.S. Exchanges are now routinely audited to ensure that their listed tokens pass the Howie test. Most exchanges are only interested in listing utility tokens. We won’t go into detail about regulatory compliance here, since there are volumes of articles and references provided by experts available to guide you.

Back to the Big News

Tokenlab (LAB) and Expanse (EXP) are now listed on BOA Exchange. In addition to all of the selection criteria outlined above, we credit this development to persistence, patience and a little bit of luck. And sometimes it just comes down to who you know.


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